Samsung’s S-Translator Knows 9 Languages; Gives Galaxy S IV Owners Near Global Communication

March 14, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson

We’ve all had that problem when we go on holiday or go travelling where we know a little of the native tongue but, not enough to solve the problem at hand. Having a gigantic phrasebook stuffed into your backpack is one option but Samsung are presenting us with a more elegant solution in the form of the Galaxy S IV. As always, Samsung announced a whole host of features to go with the Galaxy S IV and their new S-Translator feature is perhaps the most useful for those that travel a lot.

S-Translator can understand 9 languages and while that might not sound like a lot, it more than makes up for it by having some serious power in there to help you on your travels. Samsung have loaded up the Galaxy S IV with the following languages:  Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and English. If you were watching the press event live, you might have Samsung’s kooky presentation to show off the new feature but, essentially it’ll recognize speech, translate what it hears, speak text out in a language of choice and more.

For instance, you could talk to the Galaxy S IV in English and have it speak aloud in German, or vice versa. You could quickly tap something in and have it speak aloud to a passer by. Not just that but, the built in “optical reader” can translate printed text between the above languages. As someone who speaks a few languages, I can see this being great for those that like to travel, being able to quickly and easily get information from the local people is more powerful than anything Google can conjure up. There’s also around 3,000 phrases that Samsung has deemed useful included in the app as well, which should cover most of the basics and then some.

Far too often we see smartphone manufacturers offering features that we might not ever use and for once, Samsung is offering a feature that has genuine purpose and if it works as slick as it did on stage with Samsung it could be all you need when travelling throughout foreign lands.