Playing Poker on Your Android Device

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If you’re reading this, you probably have a smartphone, in fact it’s more than likely an Android smartphone. It’s a fact that 1 in 10 people own a smartphone and over half of those people who own a smartphone are using Android. That means that you are on the internet even more than you realize. In fact, I can’t think of tasks I do daily that doesn’t require internet connectivity. That leaves a lot of room for games like playing Poker, which normally you’d play with a deck of cards. But now all you need is your phone.

It isn’t just Android either, there are Poker apps available for iPhone and iPad as well, because Poker companies have been making them for several years. But there is a catch, since most of them are free there is not multi-player functionality. So basically Android’s mobile Poker industry still has quite bit to go for their users. Android Poker is becoming almost a whole new category in the games section of the Play Store. There are two ways that users can start playing Poker on their device, download an app for Android, or play poker from the browser. In most cases the app will provide a better experience. You can also check out Tim Glock’s mobile poker page for more mobile Poker apps.

Of course, playing Poker on your mobile device will not give you the same experience as playing on your computer or with a group of friends. But if you’re a hardcore Poker addict these will definitely help you out. The mobile game developers have been working pretty hard to develop Android mobile Poker apps that give players the ultimate mobile gaming experience, along with multi-tabling and other features which are generally enjoyed at online poker rooms.

Mobile poker for Android is already available at Red Kings poker, 888 Poker, Terminal Poker, and Switch Poker. In fact Switch Poker has the best Android Poker app right now and it’s designed exclusively for Android. Making it easy for users to play Poker on their Android devices.

How many of you play Poker? What app(s) do you use? Let us know in the comments below.

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