Galaxy S IV Video Leaks Detail Floating Touch and SmartPause

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You would think that on today, of all days, Samsung could keep a tight ship, right? Wrong. Some more details of the Galaxy S IV have leaked and this time around the leaks are detailing software features that we’re sure will play a big part in the overall experience on the device. We heard that Samsung would be implementing some more eye-tracking software as well as an implementation of floating touch. Thanks to a few videos, we now have some example of how these technologies might be used in the upcoming smartphone.

The floating touch implementation seems to be very similar to the feature that’s included in the Galaxy Note II, but without the need of the S-Pen here. In the video below, it’s hard to make out, but a hover is used to show a little more information. Samsung might have some other uses for this around the UI and hopefully it serves a little more purpose than that.

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SmartPause is a feature that perhaps makes a little more sense and has some more immediate uses. It’s also essentially what LG announced yesterday. With SmartPause you can have a video playing and then just look away from the display and the video will pause. In the video it’s shown to work with Samsung’s gallery app but, we’d assume they have something for YouTube as well. After all, your cat videos can get interrupted.

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As well as the above features, there is also a sneak peek at the new lockscreen, which appears to have undergone a redesign from the Nature UX in the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II. It seems to sort of shine instead of come with a water rippling effect. It looks nice but, there doesn’t appear to be any added functionality to it, as HTC have done with Sense 5.

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The event is at 7 PM ET tonight so, there isn’t too much longer to wait and see if these features are legitimate and if Samsung have something else up their sleeves. If anything, it’s beginning to look like the Galaxy S IV launch might be marred by leak after leak just like the HTC One’s launch.

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