Sponsored App Review: Carsales.com.au

March 19, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson

When you’re looking for your next car, it can be pretty difficult – especially when there are a lot of ways to do so. eBay is now a big factor in deciding which car to buy, with private sellers as well. Knowing where to turn is a problem these days, with the internet helping everyone being able to sell a car pretty easily. Read on to see why the Carsales.com.au Android app for smartphones and tablets might be the biggest help in finding your new car in Australia.

Description: With over 200,000 cars listed in one of the country’s biggest classified websites, you know that there’s going to be something you want. If you’ve not used Carsales.com.au before, head over to their website to find out what they can offer you. You can keep tabs on a car by saving it and you can quickly send them to friends to get their opinion on cars you’re looking at. Even if you’re not in it to buy, but to sell this app can be a great help as well – you can get a quick valuation of your own wheels and sell the car. Here are just a few things that Carsales.com.au can offer you on Android:

  • Search new and used cars
  • Save your favourite cars and searches
  • Login with carsales.com.au membership account
  • Showroom lets you build and price your own car
  • Read up on all the latest news & reviews
  • Find out how much your wheels are worth with a quick valuation for your car

How it Works: To start finding your next car with Carsales.com.au, you’ll have to first download the app from the Play Store, once you have to app installed you’ll see the main menu, with some immediate controls like “search for cars” or “sell your car”:


Searching for a car is easy, just type in a brand name, like “Alfa Romeo” and then select from other criteria such as model, price, and even location – handy if you don’t want to travel too far. Think of this as Google for car classifieds:


When you’ve made your search, you’ll be greeted with a list of results, which will show you the image up first and then you can hit “Full Details” to find out more about a car you like the look of:


Opening up the full details of a car will allow you to see more about the car, and quickly send the seller an enquiry:


Of course, you can do all of this and more with the tablet version of the app, which takes advantage of the larger screen and offers you more information at a glance:

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Opinion: Finding your new car isn’t the easiest of things to deal with and whenever there’s a little extra help to be given it’s always a good idea to take it. Often times, these sort of apps are just a gateway to a website, with Carsales.com.au there’s more to it. For one, there’s a dedicated tablet app, that’s pretty rare for this sort of thing. There are a lot of places you could turn to find your next car but, with 200,000 cars and counting this is one of the better places to turn to and if there are this many people already selling their cars through Carsales.com.au, then it could be a good place for you to sell yours through as well.


  • Speed (4/5) – Everything seemed to run fine and there were no issues when using the app.
  • Features (5/5) – Finding your next car is perhaps best done when on the move and with this app, you can do it with ease.
  • Theme (4/5) – It’s a good-looking app and comes with a tablet-optimized version of the app as well, which is great for those with larger-screen devices.
  • Overall (4/5) – Obviously, there’s a time and a place for this sort of app but, if you’re looking for your next car in Australia, there’s no reason whatsoever to not give this a go.


  • Good-looking interface makes it easy to get around the app.
  • Being able to save your searches helps you keep track of cars that you’ve been considering or might well be buying.
  • Sending friends info on a potential choice is great for petrolheads.
  • Tablet-app will make a lot of people very happy.


  • The theme is good-looking but could do with some attention.
  • a car search by photo would be really handy when on the move.

Conclusion: For a lot of people, this sort of thing can be really stressful, even more so when you don’t have hours and hours to spend on the laptop looking for something nearby. With the Android app from Carsales.com.au you can simply and easily search using GPS or through a variety of criteria to find something that will suit your needs and hopefully not cost too much either. We’ve been waiting for companies like this to embrace mobile technology and here, they’ve done so in style. Being able to find a new car on the go might sound a little trivial but, you might see a car that takes your eye and you can immediately save the search and then do more research when you’re more comfortable. When there’s this many cars at your fingertips, you must be mad if you can’t find something you like the look of.