Custom ROM Spotlight: Rootbox For the Nexus 4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus, and More

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Here at Android Headlines, we try to cover a bit of everything as it pertains to Android. So that includes custom ROMs. I’ve already done quite a few reviews of different ROMs for the Nexus 7 and the Galaxy S3. Now today, we are beginning a new feature called “Custom ROM Spotlight”. Each week we’ll be featuring a different ROM. It could be a popular one like Paranoid Android, or it could be one that is only available for the Galaxy Note 2. But if you have an ROM that you’d like to see featured, feel free to leave a comment below.

Today, we’re checking out Rootbox. This is a newer ROM that’s available for the Nexus 4 along with a few other devices, as listed below. Rootbox is a purely AOSP-based ROM. Meaning you’ll be getting stock Android along with a few extras and tweaks, but there is no bloatware in this one. Each release is fairly stable as Rootbox doesn’t do nightlies like CyanogenMod does. It brings features of AOKP, CyanogenMod, and Paranoid Android all into one ROM.


  • Based on JB 4.2.1- Built from RootBox Sources
  • AOKP Features
  • CM Profiles
  • Per App DPI
  • Per App Tablet UI
  • Per App Language
  • OTA Updates – Goo Manager
  • Navigation Bar Colour
  • Camera: Save to external memory
  • Phone: Advance Phone Settings (Vibrate on Answer, Every 45 Seconds, On Hangup and On Call Waiting)
  • Phone: Noise Suppression
  • MMS: Message rate alerts (Modify SMS message limit for alert)
  • MMS: Fully Customizable MMS Theme
  • MMS: Soft Keyboard Type (Emoji, Enter to Send, Enter for a New Line)
  • Home button call answer (Accessibility Option)
  • Variable size pattern lockscreen

How to Install

  1. Download Rootbox for your device, and the latest GAPPS, and place it on the internal storage
  2. Reboot into recovery
  3. Wipe Data and dalvik cache
  4. Flash
  5. Flash JB GAPPS
  6. Reboot

Supported Devices

  • Galaxy Nexus – Maguro
  • Nexus 4 – Mako
  • Nexus 7 – Grouper
  • Galaxy S3 – I9300
  • Galaxy S3 – I747
  • Galaxy S3 – T999
  • Galaxy S3 – I535
  • Galaxy S2 – I9100
  • Galaxy S2 – I9100G
  • Galaxy Note 2 – N7100 (coming soon)
  • Galaxy Note 2  - L900 (coming soon)
  • Galaxy Note 2 – I605 (coming soon)

You can check out Rootbox’s website for more information and all of the download links, which were posted in this post. Also feel free to donate to the developers since they do the most of this on their spare time. It’s great to be able to support them.

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  • charlie m.

    Review the custom rom “Macksrom allstar 2.5″ for galaxy note 2 sph l900. Its for andriod 4.1.2

    • Alexander Maxham

      None of us own the Galaxy Note 2, as far as I know. Most of us own a Nexus or the S3.

  • Adam

    How about actually reviewing the rom?

    • Alexander Maxham

      We aren’t the kinda site that reviews ROMs after 24 hours……doesn’t give us enough time to get an actual idea of how well or not so well the ROM works.

      • Adam

        My apologies then, I didn’t realize this rom was so new. How about reviewing cm10.1 or aokp for moto/omap devices (razr, bionic, etc)?

        • Alexander Maxham

          I did CyanogenMod and AOKP already. But no one on the team has a Motorola device. So it’s kinda hard to review it for Motorola devices. But it’s more or less the same as on the Nexus 4, Galaxy S3, etc.

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