Are You Experiencing Extreme Battery Drain Problems on your Nexus 7 3G?

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It was brought to our attention by a reader, that the 3G version of the Nexus 7 is currently suffering from an extreme battery drain problem. In fact, some users are reporting that they are seeing up to 8% battery drain per hour, on standby. Now that to me is a huge problem. That means your tablet might be dead before your phone is. This issue has been reported to Google, but so far they haven’t done anything about it. It was first reported on January 20th. Which means Google had time to fix this in the Android 4.2.2 update, or even get it working for Android 4.2.3 and get that pushed out.

Another user has chimed in on the thread, that selecting their network operator instead of leaving it as automatic has reduced the battery drain that the wakelock causes. Of course, this is only a temporary fix, and we still need Google to do something about it. The wakelock in question here is baseband_xmm_power. It appears that instead of going into deep sleep, hence the wakelock, it’s sticking to the 51MHz state. Which isn’t to bad, but it’s still using much more battery than if it were in deep sleep.

Many users are getting frustrated because Google has not stated anything about fixing it, or even a solution to fix it. The wakelock was present in Android 4.2.1, and continues to be present in Android 4.2.2. You probably remember all the issues that were part of Android 4.2 on the Nexus 4, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10 when it first came out. Well since then most of the issues have been solved, but there are still a few left, including this one.

How many of you own the Nexus 7 3G? And how many of you have noticed this wakelock issue on your device? Anyone else noticing other bugs in Android 4.2.2? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • A Guy

    I’ve got one. Battery life doesn’t seem that bad. But I do get more battery drain when not being used than I would expect. It is definitely dead if I haven’t used it in a few days, where I would think the battery could just drain a bit. . Since I usually use it daily though, tough to tell if it is my use or now. How do I check this?

    • Glen Yerkey

      Compare your unplugged time with your screen time.

  • Headstone

    The same issue happened when i upgraded to 4.1.1 on my One S last week. I found up to 10% an hour drain. It on mine had to do with gps running 100% of the time even when turned off. A couple of reboots seems to have corrected this and I now get better life than 4.0.1. I wonder if it is a similar issue.

  • Trevor Lewis

    I have that problem after the ota upgrade to 4.2.2 on my Galaxy Nexus. My battery life plummeted to about 6 hours. I couldn’t identify the cause other than the area of the processor became extremely hot and using elixir 2 the processor usage indicator was red and running on average over 50%, this was something that I had never noticed before. Reading on the Android issues blog where there seemed to be a number of sufferers, I did a factory reset which seemed to improve the battery life. Added to that enabling juice defender app and reducing my usage the battery lasts all day. This was only a few days again when I took this action after at least two weeks of constantly charging the phone. To say that I am pissed off is an understatement!!

  • ewichern

    My previous comment appears to have gone poof, so here’s attempt #2.

    I’m not experiencing any battery life problems with 4.2.2. I have a Nexus7 3G, with an active AT&T account. My battery usage while idle/standby is approx. 1% per hour, and I do not toggle the 3G connection off. Sometimes I’ll turn off WiFi if I know I’ll be away from any hotspots for awhile, but in general I just let the N7 manage my radios. I also leave GPS *on* and allow Google to automatically track my location for Google Now, maps, searches, etc. Still 1-1.1%/hour in standby.

    I am relatively conscientious about what apps I install and their background processes. Facebook in particular has consistently been a huge battery drain for me and every time I try the official Facebook app it quickly gets uninstalled. However, it is not the only culprit. Anything that leaves a background process running 24/7, even when the app is not in use (and notifications are turned off) is usually on the fast track to deletion. This maintenance has had the biggest impact on my battery life. I use BetterBatteryStats to check battery usage if I notice any abberations and usually that lets me fix the problem myself right away.

  • Emmanuel Marshall

    i am v annoyed because even after the last OS update there is still no AU english locale option for the nexus 7 3g. Google; ur selling your device in the australian market, there is noexcusefor not providing an aussie locale! v angry.

    • Emmanuel Marshall

      btw the reason this is a problem is because we use kilometers in australia. the 2 available en locales both mandate miles.

  • Mike

    I have exactly the same problem. N7 32G 3G. Google looks like don’t care about all of us. How can they selling such a problematic device to users?

    I hope those online media can help us by publicize it.

    Poor N7 3G user

    • ewichern

      Some of us have N7-3G devices with excellent battery longevity. Perhaps your battery problems aren’t google’s fault?

  • Thania

    Its awful!

  • Jeremy

    pathetic battery, instead of 300 + hours in standby I am lucky to get 10. I think the Nexus 7 is being mis-sold, surely some laws are being broken here? Google needs to change its claims or fix this issue. My tablet is next to useless as it is.

  • Andy

    awful :(( I want my money back ! 11% drain within 2 hrs instand by !! .. will by minipad as soon as they provide hires display

  • Razza

    I have the Nexus 7 3G 32Gb model with this issue. If I charge, reboot and don’t use it, it will go into deep sleep for around 24 hours, and then decide to run at 51Mhz until the battery drains (approx another 24 hours). The offending process starts up by itself without me using the device (apart from looking at Cpuspy to check processor state).

    I leave WIFI and Google location service running and let the device manage these services. disabling Location service makes no difference.

    A little disappointing. I am currently manually rebooting every night….we shouldnt have to treat the Nexus like a Micro$oft device

  • Justin

    I just received my Nexus 7 last week and the battery is draining significantly overnight even when i leave it in airplane mode. CPU shows drain is coming from the 51Mhz state.

  • luigi

    I have a galaxy nexus and it overheats alot in the camera part.

  • Max

    I will return it back – :( 11% drain within 1h. It is start with stock rom and nothing helps – not custom rom, not custom kernel :(. Better to add $100 and take iPad.

  • abdul

    n7 3g 10% battery drain in 1 hour on stand by

  • oli

    problem occurs also with lg optimus 4x hd

  • Orient

    I really want my money back!
    I keep my Nexus7 3G only standby with flight mode from 0:00 am to 6:00 am,20% battery drain.It’s useless at all.

  • Dankward

    experience a severe batt drain from 4.2.2 too… in 9 hours, on sleep mode, my nexus 7 can drain from 100% to 42% .. totally unacceptable.. and as of yet, unable to find a solution to this problem, short of shutting down the nexus completely after each use.

  • Flawlessul

    I have a Nexus 7 3G and the battery drain is awfull. I’ve noticed that if I don’t swipe away all open apps from multi-task button, the drain is not so big, but if I swipe them all, then Android OS becomes the #1 battery consumer.

  • Seif Lotfy

    The problem still exists and seem like Google is not addressing it with any of there latest releases :/

  • drifter77

    I’ve owned the Nexus 7 3G 32GB for nearly a year now (stock + rooted). On both 4.2.1 and the current 4.3, I’ve been experiencing terrible battery drain overnight. Here’s some of the tweaks I did over time:

    - Disabled Google Currents, Google+, Picasa, Gallery ..etc and other Google related stuff
    - Disabled location services and NFC
    - Installed battery apps (JuiceDefender / BS BatterySaver)
    - Made sure I kill any running apps until I have only 2 apps running (antivirus / toggles)
    - Installed custom kernel that was reviewed as a battery saver
    - Uninstalled unnecessary apps

    Well nothing works so far, I keep getting nearly 10% per hour drain, with no running apps and on stand by. What a waste. My old iPad 2 has better battery life on a bigger screen. Guess I’ll be getting the iPad Mini 2 when it hits the shelves.