AH Tech Talk: Samsung: Windows 8 Isn’t Selling, Surface a Bust

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Here at Android Headlines, it’s pretty obvious that we’re big on Android and that we know a lot about our green friend but, we’re not just salivating Android fanboys. We’ve got our eye on all tech and while we’d love to write about the latest and greatest when it comes to a lot of tech, we want to be true to our audience.

Every now and then though, something comes along that makes a bit of a splash in the tech Ocean and from here on, we’re going to bring you our take on things. Don’t worry – we’re not turning Engadget on you, or anything – we’re going to throw an Android slant on things and hopefully not put you all to sleep. We’re all tech-lovers here at Android Headlines and we’re willing to bet that a lot of you are out there as well. So, we hope you enjoy the first of our “Tech Talks” and we hope to encourage healthy discussion in the comments!


This is another subject that we don’t normally talk about here at Android Headlines, but since we are all tech geeks it’s still something of interest. Samsung’s head of their memory chip business, Jun Dong-soo, told reporters that Windows 8 has indeed failed to boost demand for PC’s, even compared to comparing Windows 8 to Vista which was just a huge mess on Microsoft’s side.

“The global PC industry is steadily shrinking despite the launch of Windows 8,” he said. “I think the Windows 8 system is no better than the previous Windows Vista platform.”

Jun also talked about how badly Microsoft’s first tablet, the Surface, has done. While it has “sold out” there haven’t been any sales numbers which means they’ve probably sold worse than the Nexus 4 did in the first 20 minutes it became available back in November. When you look at the surface, it’s something you’d expect to be about half the price of what Microsoft is asking for it. Especially the one with full Windows, the Windows RT version is basically a waste of resources, especially since  there aren’t many apps available for Windows 8.


I’ve actually had Windows 8 installed on my desktop, which I use everyday to write and do other Android Headlines work, and I haven’t had much of a problem at all. But I can’t imagine using a Windows RT tablet, or other device. Browsing through their store is kinda humiliating to Microsoft. There are barely any apps. I’d say that Chrome OS  has Windows RT beat in every department.

Samsung has also decided to pull their Windows RT-based ATIV tablet off both German and American markets. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see other manufacturers doing the same. Windows RT tablets are just to overpriced. If they had the same tablet running Android, it’d be a lot cheaper. Who agrees?


So Microsoft is dying a slow death, but somehow I think they’ll come back. We should see Windows 9 coming out in about 2 years, hopefully it’ll be like Windows 7 was and a be a huge improvement over Windows 8. How many of you have any Windows 8 or Windows RT devices? What do you think of them?

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  • Christopher Clark

    The speed of technology moves at a blood thinning blur and Microsoft have fallen way behind mainly due to their ignorance and naivety that they would always be the industry giant they once were. When home PC sales started slowing down, they thought that since 99% of businesses ran on Windows XP that they would be set for eternity. Fast-forward 5 years and those businesses have refused to leave Windows XP for future Windows releases because they have been either unstable or difficult to adjust to. Windows Vista was a nightmare. Windows 7 in my opinion is their best OS to date but they turned around and tried to be hip and innovative with Windows 8 and shot themselves in the foot once again. It’s clear and obvious that Microsoft has no future in the mobile market. Windows phone 7 came out waaaaay too late to compete with Android and Apple. Their tablets and smartphones just can’t compete with the masses that have grown tired of one choice and have adopted Android and IOS. Windows 8 is a big clusterf**k that has confused and distanced even the most die-hard Microsoft users. The only clinging lifeline that they have left is still Windows XP, mainly because corporations and business continue to use it despite the threats of it being eventually killed off. If Microsoft did kill off Windows XP and force companies to move to a newer version of Windows, these companies may move to another OS completely, resulting in a fast and painless suicide for MS. So basically you have a company that is cursed by its very own greed and is stuck with a 10 year old OS that nobody wants to leave. This is a major reason for their lack of innovation in the past 5-10 years in my honest opinion. They were huge when they were the only OS in town. Now that there are far better choices, Microsoft is finding itself SOL.

    • Marsg

      The funny thing is that a lot of developers voiced their dislike for the new windows 8 metro ui before it hit the market but they din’t listen. Also they din’t need to make the desktop OS look the same as the mobile for it to be integrated.

      • http://www.allthatgamingstuff.com/ JasonGW

        Yes, but a lot of developers expressed their hatred of Windows 95 and the Start Menu, too. Many others hated Windows XP and it’s “candy” UI. I think we all know how both of those turned out :P

        • http://twitter.com/DomoXRage jack daniels

          True, but the problem with windows 8 is the same as vista, the consumers dont like it. Developers didnt like the candy UI of xp, but consumers did. Removing the start button just made consumers go “Huh?” and navigating on a laptop or desktop very confusing.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001125400861 Isn’t Man

    วินโดว์ 8 / RT / Surface มีใตรใช้มั่ง ?

    My latest Windows is 7, and I don’t event think to move to 8 or RT or even to spend my time learning it. I use Chrome as my main browser ,and trying to Google Drive handling my document. My left of MS is only 7 and MS Word!

    ใช้อยู่ต้อนนี้ก็ Window 7 , ไม่เคยคิดจะไป Window 8 หรือ RT , งานเอกสารก็ใช้ Google Drive บราวเซอร์ส่วนใหญ่ก็ Google Chrome ยังต้องใช้ของ MS ตอนนี้ก็ Window 7 กับ MS Word

    • http://www.allthatgamingstuff.com/ JasonGW

      Not me, I’m tired of Google prying through my private files. I’ve dumped all google services except Reader and Voice. I’ve replaced my MacBook Pro’s OS with Windows 8, moved from iPhone to Windows Phone 8 (Nokia Lumia 920), and my next PC will be a Windows 8 based tablet. Perhaps the Surface Pro (if a good deal comes along–my fiancée already has one, but I’m holding off, though it’s easily the best mobile device I’ve ever used), perhaps the Pro 2, perhaps something from someone else.
      As for Samsung, they have no one but themselves to blame for their poor sales. They’ve built an overpriced, lackluster tablet with a boring, uninspired design and not a single compelling feature to differentiate it from the competition. Their whining is useless, and means very little in the grand scale of this industry’s evolution.

      • PeterH

        I agree, Microsoft did not tell Samsung to sell their RT tablet at that price. Android is free Windows is $100 probaly less for Samsung. I am sure the price of making a windows tablet is roughly the same as an Android, so why is a windows tablet double?

        If you over price your product, it won’t sell.

        • David

          I have a Surface RT and Ia am amazed by the misinformation expressed about it. It’s a great tablet and hybrid. It’s a real workhorse for me. Plenty of apps that I need. With MS Office and SkyDrive I can work anywhere. Based on my good experience with it, I upgraded all my home computers to Windows 8 and switched to a Windows Phone. My kids love the apps on Windows 8. We still have three Android tablets and two iPhones. They are all good for some purpose. Mostly we use the other devices for kids games or steaming music or video while exercising. The Windows devices are our go to resources for most things and definitely for any serious activity.

          • http://www.Mikereviews.co.uk/ Mike Brown

            I think the misinformation comes from early product adoption combined with high expectations. It’s a very new product, and it will take a few months, maybe a year for the dust to settle.

            after the Devs find their feet with “Metro”, I imagine a healthy app ecosystem will emerge.

        • quinncy hinton

          So I got the Samsung ATIV 500 T. The device is beautiful but the 11inch form factor Is not optimal to be considered mobile plus the charging port broke day 1. It ran full windows 8 but very slowly so performance was not that good but acceptable. Switching from metro to desktop is a pain as it doesn’t flow well .  They are also missing a ton of apps however the apps that are available are better looking and designed than any I have seen on android and ios. I would of kept it if the charger didn’t break but when I returned it I decided the NOTE 10.1 is going to be my device.  One day it will be comparable to android or ios. For now even Chrome OS is better

      • http://www.Mikereviews.co.uk/ Mike Brown

        I don’t understand why you think Google is prying through your files? I currently love using Google products, I don’t find them invasive, I certainly don’t feel like my data is being “pried” through.

        I just dont see why you feel the way you do, could you elaborate?

        • http://www.allthatgamingstuff.com/ JasonGW

          Simple: because Google DOES pry through your files, as well as your emails. They do this in order to more directly target ads to you. This isn’t a secret, they publicly acknowledge it.

          Consequently, I’ve moved away from most google services, I encourage clients to do the same, and I’m actively migrating clients from Android and IOS to Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 tablets wherever possible.

  • Justin Gilbert

    Windows 8 is fine. Good product but if you have a strong Windows 7 machine there is no point to get it… other then boot times and it is stable. Dual screen desktop on Windows8 with glass touch pad is nice.
    RT is a goofy product and less then strong name choice, but give Windows 8 a chance its nice.

  • Richard Marchetti

    I have a Samsung laptop with Windows 8. It’s a low end one, but it has the Intel core I3. I haven’t had many problems with it, The biggest problem I’ve had has been the tiles on the start page don’t open and run at times without closing them and reopening them. I will say I don’t use my laptop for much but surfing the web and writing simple bills. Maybe I don’t mind it much because my desktop runs Vista and I’m use to that

  • Andre

    I like how you compared Metor to AOL..I keep telling all my family and friends, that Windows 8 back a “live” Tile from AOL’s UI is not innovation. There is so much wasted dead space on the metro screen. It’s like watching a STD movie on and HD TV with all the dark matter around it :-) .

  • kinthiri

    Why do I get the feeling a significant number of comments on this thread are paid shills for MS & Win8?

    Have you people actually used RT? Have you looked at the feedback right across the web from people of all industries and persuasions? Windows 8 as a whole is a complete disaster. It is the Windows ME of the 64bit generation.

    What bothers most people almost universally is the UI and UX. The technology underneath might be great, but the experience and interface the user gets is how 90% of people will judge the platform. For example, I have a powerful desktop computer I use for gaming. Why do I want to feel like I’m supposed to be using a tablet instead? Why do I want to be forced to use a touch screen instead of my 30″ monitor to get the “full experience” I’m supposed to desire?

    Microsoft needs to learn that one platform does not work for all devices. I’d never run Android on my desktop, so why is Microsoft trying to make me run a tablet OS on my desktop?

    They had it right with Windows 7. They should have iterated on that instead of changing the whole platform in a desperate “me too” effort to keep up with Android and iOS. Go back to their strengths and stop trying to catch up to the competition. They’re too late and too far behind to even make a dent. Stop trying to be everything and focus on the core. Its really that simple.