Straight Talk’s Unlimited Data, Not So Unlimited Anymore [Updated]

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Many of you out there are using Straight Talk, Net10, or a number of other MVNO’s that operate on AT&T or T-Mobile’s network. Well today we have some interesting information for you. It appears that users on Straight Talk using an AT&T SIM card will no longer have unlimited data as of March 1st. Instead, it’ll be capped at 1.5GB and then throttled down to EDGE or 2G speeds. But we kinda knew AT&T would do this since Straight Talk’s market share is going through the roof. Especially with the Nexus 4 being so cheap unlocked. Straight Talk has been taking customers away from AT&T’s prepaid GoPhone service.

Now this doesn’t affect T-Mobile SIM cards for Straight Talk, just AT&T ones. Here’s the full statement from Net10 as well as Tracfone. Tracfone owns Straight Talk and Net10.

From Net10:

Effective March 1, 2013 Unlimited data service is not available on the Unlimited Plan for AT&T SIM cards. AT&T SIM cards on an Unlimited Plan will be capped at 1.5 GB of data per month. This will apply even if you buy and redeem an unlimited service card that does not contain this limitation on its face. This limitation does not apply to phones using our non-AT&T SIM cards.

Here is the official statement from Tracfone:

Effective March 1, 2013, your NET10 Wireless Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP™) AT&T-compatible SIM will be limited to 1.5GB of high speed data usage per 30 day period on the Unlimited plan. Any redemption made prior to March 1st will not be affected by this policy.

The NET10 30-Day Unlimited Airtime Card that you add to your phone will indicate unlimited data; however with an ATT compatible SIM (A- dark blue or B- light blue) you will only receive 1.5GB of data for that 30 day period. You can choose the T-Mobile (TMO) compatible SIM (C-pink) that was included in your package if you prefer to receive Unlimited* 4GƗ data. Please visit our website for instructions on determining if you have TMO compatible service in your area, activating the TMO SIM and transferring your telephone number.

In the event that you cannot locate your TMO SIM, NET10 Wireless will provide a onetime free replacement TMO SIM in TMO compatible areas. Please go to or call 888-805-5895

Please visit our site to learn how you can save data usage by accessing Wi-Fi sites and closing applications not in use that consume data.

*Tethering is prohibited. Other restrictions and limitations apply. See Terms and Conditions of Service.

One thing all avid smartphone users should know, is getting educated on your monthly data usage can help avoid costly & unintended overages or running out of data before the end of your service month. In this age of smartphones with ever-increasing capacities & apps that run processes in the background and have constant-on connections to the internet, it’s a good idea to step back now and then and take note of what can be done to best manage your data usage.

A good place to start is to know what kinds of activities use up the most data & which apps are used in those activities.

Top data users:
  • Watching streaming video or downloading video files
  • Automatic picture uploads & sync
  • Listening to streaming audio
  • Automatic update for apps
  • Voice assistants
  • Emails with large attachments

YouTube, Hulu, Netflix and other streaming video apps will rapidly eat into your data allotment. Facebook, Google+ Dropbox and other such apps now have the ability to automatically save your pictures to the cloud when you take them. Voice assistants like Siri, Google Now & Microsoft’s Tell Me use your data connection every time you ask them a question. These are actions that are easily missed and are not too difficult to remedy.

So users of Straight Talk, how do you feel about this? It primarily looks like it’s an AT&T issue and not Straight Talk. But it’ll be interesting to see how many Straight Talk users switch from AT&T to T-Mobile SIM cards. Let us know in the comments below what you think about all of this.

Source: Wontek

Update: Straight Talk’s representatives have reached out to us to let us know that the 1.5GB limit WILL NOT affect Straight Talk but rather just Net 10 customers.

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  • Josh Flowers

    dang. T-Mo’s coverage sucks where I am, the ATT SIM was the only StraightTalk option. 1.5GB is adequate (at times), but hopefully the trick to bypass it will still be viable.

    • How IE

      What is the trick to bypass the limit on a net10 ATT Sim on Galaxy S3 ?

  • Marshall Ladd

    On the plus side though, we at least know where the throttle is instead of some magic number in the sky.

    • Keith Thomas

      Yeah, I’ve never had a problem myself since I don’t use that much data but I’ve read about some angry users that were throttled. Then trying to deal with customer service just makes it worse.

  • Christopher Heidt

    Anyone know what I would have to do to switch sStraight Talk sims? I just got the AT&T micro sim, and in light of this news, perhaps it might be a good idea and get the T-Mobile sim and cut it down… Anyone switched ST sims yet please let me know.

    • Ajm Maldnodano

      Yes Its fairly simple. Just buy the TMobile Sim card and go online to straight talk and transfer the number. But i would finish out your month since you’ll have to buy another tine card

    • Keith Thomas

      You can call them and they will send you a T-mobile sim, its a one time deal for free. It’s the same process as buying a new one, but they will just send it to you for free.

    • Brian Hooks

      chris before you do that, what phone are you using? if it’s an iphone you would be better off using the att sim because you will only get edge speeds with a iphone using the t-mobile sim. that’s how they get you…its only 2g edge speed on iphone!

      • Alexander Maxham

        That’s not true, anymore, T-Mobile has refarmed their 1900mhz spectrum so iPhones and other AT&T phones can use their HSPA+ network.

        • Christopher Heidt

          That’s the reason I couldn’t jump on T-Mobile’s prepaid plan: they use 1700, and my O.Vu runs on the 1900 frequency. So I checked out Straight Talk, and I was originally going to get the T-Mobile sim, but the don’t have it in micro, so I got the AT&T micro, and they go pull this stuff… Bah humbug ;-)

        • Brian Hooks

          you are correct alex, but only in the big cities they have done this. ie vegas do we have a list of cities that have transitioned to the 1900 pcs band so we can use our iphones for 3g?

      • Christopher Heidt

        I have the Optimus Vu

  • LAS

    Since I don’t really use much data it will not be a problem for me. I have it lucky in that I am on wifi at home and at work. I will stick with the AT&T sim for now.

  • Keith Thomas

    Even in Seattle there is great coverage here, H+ over the city and anytime you go inside it drops to EDGE speeds. For some reason their H+ has poor building penetration. With AT&T sim I have H+ inside now.

  • Brian Hooks

    hey Alex, are you sure data is throttled to 2g edge after 1.5gb? i can’t confirm that anywhere on the net10 page….

    • Alexander Maxham

      We’ve actually heard both throttled and capped (meaning no more data until your month starts over). We’ve been contacted by Straight Talk’s PR and we are waiting more details from them.

      • Brian Hooks

        Thank you for the follow up. i’ve been searching around and reading that they will cut off data at 1.5 gb. thats kinda sucks, i mean edge is better then no internet at all….

      • Brian Hooks

        alex, any word if the data with be throttled to 2G EDGE after the 1.5GB of high speed internet is used?

        • Alexander Maxham

          We haven’t heard back from the representative that contacted us, but from what I’ve found out it looks like it only affects Net10 customers for now. Tracfone owns both Straight Talk and Net10 so it’ll probably be happening to Straight Talk soon too.

          It looks like it’s a complete cap, your data is basically disabled after 1.5GB.

  • Dominick Ford

    Yep. I been getting throttled around 1GB since I started up with ST back in September. So here I come GoSmart mobile. Even though its 3G speeds u get 5GB soft cap.

  • Brian Hooks

    i heard they are NOT throttling AT&T phones bought from their site, only the byod sims. if you remember what people were doing before net10 offered sim cards people were using the “Nokia E71 or Nokia 6790″ sim swap method…..think this will work again?

  • DHAYES08

    Greed it is.! I am in my first month of service with the nexus 4 on ST with AT&T. Just tonight I ordered another Nexus 4 for my wife. Through all the research I have been doing for the past 3 months I knew this was coming. AT&T is loosing market share and they can turn around and do this. This explains why you can no longer by AT&T MicroSIM’s. Truly sad. TMO sucks in our area.

    • Edie

      You can still buy AT&T micro sims. They are back up on Straight Talk’s site right now. At least if you live in a area not covered by T-Mobile.

      • Brian Hooks

        umm no didnt work at all…..

  • J. Nick Enders

    I’m actually leaving AT&T this month to go to straight talk or one of the other pre-pay plains becouse of crap like this.

  • Greenlee

    This isn’t new only the cap changed. T-mobile FTW

  • Christopher Heidt

    DEBUNKED (at least for Straight Talk, that is)! I just spoke with a Straight Talk representative, and she confirmed what the article actually says: that this trottling at 1.5GB is ONLY for Net10 AT&T-sim BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) customers… this does NOT affect Straight Talk customers at all. When I first read the above article, I was wondering why it only mentioned Net10, but I figured Android Headlines had done some homework and found something that the memo from Net10 didn’t say… I’m kinda disappointed in you guys, AH: shoddy work on this one… Please make sure of ALL of the facts on future articles.

    • Alexander Maxham

      Really? We were told Straight Talk and Net10, now they changed it, that’s shoddy? Seems more like Net10 is being Shoddy here. We’ve also seen reports on XDA of ST customers getting texts about this 1.5GB cap.

      • Christopher Heidt

        Sorry man, I didn’t mean to accuse you of bad reporting; I was kind of upset that AH, which I’ve never had a reason to doubt, would report what seemed to be an unverified story, at least partially. I have no doubts that Tracfone/Net10/Straight Talk could be attempting to be not-quite-honest, though if this is their business plan (throttling at 1.5GB), why not just be forthcoming about it?! All I know is that the lady said that this is only for Net10 BYOP customers, although why would there be the reports at XDA… Curiouser and curiouser…

      • Joel

        I got more than a txt. with no warning they shut my internet off!

  • william clark

    straight talk also has the 1.5 gb cap….they just shut of my 3g yesterday….i really think they need a dictionary so they can look up the definition of unlimited!!!! will not be using straight talk ever again….

    • Joel

      same here

  • tiger lily

    for the high data usage… that simply change your phone number.. but then you can only change your phone number 4x in a year… but then this would be appropriate to those who was not able to read the terms and conditions on 6 and 7.. changing phone number is the most immediate way to get back on internet… and be mindful of or internet data usage….. so as not to be tagged again as “HIGH DATA USAGE”…

  • Joel

    Well it is affecting straight talk they just shut my internet off and Im switchin to a new carrier because of it! How can you sell something as unlimited when there is a limit?

  • Joel

    bullsh$$ mine is completely shut off

  • dustin willis

    They cut of my data on att byop at 500 mb in a month from i heart radio. But only in 2g areas. Still have data in 4g areas. anyone know why i would sill have data in 4g but not 2g?