Nexus Users Reporting WiFi Problems On Android 4.2

| February 8, 2013 | 38 Replies


Over the years, Android has become a very stable operating system, but like everything, it still has its fair share of bugs. Android 4.2 launched way back in December and users reported several annoying bugs such as lockscreen widget issues and fluidity problems, but a problem that has gone relatively unnoticed pertains to the WiFi connections.

In a thread on Android code website, users of Nexus devices are reporting random WiFi connection drops. This appears to affect devices such as the Nexus 10, Nexus 7, and Nexus 4. The odd thing here, however, is that the thread was originally created way back on November 20, 2012. For some reason, the thread of complaints was closed on February 1st, but users continued to comment hoping for some sort of fix, or at least a response from Google. Unfortunately, none of that has happened yet.

Users report that their WiFI connections are dropping in the middle of tasks such as web browsing, while others claim it their connection only drops while streaming audio with the display turned off. Some users have discovered workarounds, but none of them are an official fix. Some ideas being tossed around include using an app such as WiFi Manager or WiFi Fixer. Others claim that turning NFC off also fixes the issue. But you shouldn’t have to turn one feature off to get another to work properly. It should just work.

“Nexus 7 constantly dropping WiFi connection. I have 4 other mobile devices that are stable on same WiFi connection. Very frustrating,” one user writes. You can see the bug in action below.[youtube][/youtube]

The fact that Google has yet to even acknowledge this bug is very concerning. Sure it isn’t affecting everyone, but does appear to be an annoyance for at least the 400+ people commenting in the thread. The issue, labeled 40065 on the Android code website, has been affecting people for over 3 months. Come on, Google. Fix it already.

It’s worth noting that not everyone was bitten by this bug. Both my Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 connected to WiFi seamlessly, but it’s obvious that some weren’t so lucky. Have you experienced any issues with WiFi on your Nexus device running Android 4.2? Let us know down in the comments!

Source: Android Code

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  • Burl House

    Dropped Wifi connections are the only issue I have with my one month old Nexus 7, and it’s quite frequent. Frustrating when 7 other devices are connected without incident.

  • spacekobra

    I experience this bug on my galaxy nexus. Its pretty annoying. Team Cyanogen seemed to have it under control. Though an official fix would be great.

  • Steven Rolston

    It’s not constant but it is annoying on a…. Nexus 7

  • Darkvil

    never had any problem on the nexus 4 the wifi runs perfect, at home and public wifi.

  • rescuerick

    Both my Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 are connected to WiFi just fine, home and away!…

  • Ylar

    The wifi runs just fine on both my Nexus 4 and Nexus 10.

  • Tristan

    Never had an issue with either Nexus 4 or 7 at home or work either

  • hteepee

    Just read these comments and yes my Nexus7 randomly drops Wi-Fi connection while Samsung S3 doesn’t – quite annoying – a fix would be good (please)!

  • Sami Saadeh

    I think the problem occurred only when there are so many devices connected to the same router, because I only expereince it once in my uni

  • Gaurav Singhal

    Yes, i have the same issue of wi-fi signal drops on nexus 4, boom..all of a sudden signal goes off. Berry frustrating

  • marc williamson

    I am in the UK and 3 of us in the same office have issues with all of us using Galaxy Nexus phones and 2 using Nexus 7 tablets. We get a constant restart loop when we either enter or leave the basement where we connect to a WiFi router. I changed the router for a newer model but still have this issue. The phones and tablets overheat due to the constant restarting. If WiFi is turned off on the phone or tablet it does not happen but we need WiFi in an area with no 3g signal. GOOGLE FIX THIS ASAP! I called Google support who said they were aware of the problem the guy said n update fix would be out in 1 week, that was 2 months ago and still nothing! We had no issues before the 4.1.2 update and have all carried out factory resets and still have the issue even with stock apps.

  • Brian Hotstone

    Happens with my N7 about every second day. Lose my connection then when I check settings it indicates “Not in range” and can only teconnect by restarting the wi-fi router. The router screen does not indicate any problem exists.

    As well as the N7 there are two other users with wi-fi connections in the house (an iPad and HP laptop) and these lose their connections once the N7 kicks in. We had no wi-fi problems until the arrival of the N7.

  • Alex

    My nexus 7, no problem. My nexus 4, connects to the Wi-Fi and remains connected but no data is transferred, whilst other android devices are working fine. Frustrating.

  • Bill de Iturrondo

    I had a lot of wifi problems with my Nexus 4. In researching, I traced it to a common variable. DLink routers keept showing up in the posts. I tried with two different DLink routers that I owned and the problem persisted (even after firmware upgrades). I finally got a new Netgear router (N600) and this fixed the problem. It was frustrating, but I figured I was due for a new router anyway.

  • da_lokman

    Yes. Galaxy nexus. WiFi drops out when screen goes off. But only on occasion. Not a consistent problem. Can be very annoying

  • BobbFtL

    I have a similar issue. I use my Galaxy SIII as a hotspot cor my Nexus 10. I have no problem browsing on the Galaxy, but the 4g drops out randomly when I’m on the tablet. It doesnt default to 3g, it just blanks out for 5 to 10 seconds. Neither Verizon, Google, or Samsung have any ideas.

  • Sheryl Ward

    I have had this problem seriously since Dec. and it seems to be getting worse.

  • Santhosh Guruswamy

    My nexus 7 has the problem. It is frustrating. I just can’t believe company like Google can ignore such a severe bug.

  • Mherb

    Just started to experience this on the note 2, started mid January , shortly after the vzw emergency patch, I know correlation doesn’t mean causation but it is rather frustrating when it was working perfectly just before.

  • xuxinha

    My Nexus 4 doesn’t reconnect to the WiFi once it leaves the zone and then reenters. There are times when it doesn’t pick up WiFi even though I’m next to the router. It takes a restart before it picks up the WiFi.

  • umbrarchist

    I have had my Nexus 7 for several months. The wireless has worked fine to an Asus router and to the wireless connection at my local library. The sound volume nanny that they added is really annoying. And next time I would sooner buy an off brand with a microSD slot than a name brand without one. But mostly the Nexus is way cool for my first Android device.

  • jamie barry

    My galaxy nexus has been doing this for quite some time as does my nexus 7,extremely frustrating when I forget to switch their WiFi connection off when I’m on Xbox live and it kicks me mid game and then needs a router reboot

  • Darren C B

    same prob with my nexus 7, hasppens several times a day,no such probs with my sony xperia

  • Roberto

    I have had my WiFi drop a couple times that I know of. I was playing an offline game and when I finished I went to check my emails and I was offline and the WiFi said looking for IP address or getting IP address. It never found it I tried to turn off WiFi turn back on still wouldn’t find it. Only thing that worked was restarting the nexus 7 and when it came back WiFi was on again.

  • Indydi

    Never a problem on my Nexus 10, and I’ve connected to many different routers. My parents had a lot of trouble with this on their iPad 2, so obviously Google isn’t the only one.

  • BarrieG

    Yep, same issue with nexus 7 and android 4.2.2, all other wireless devices work perfectly, but after android upgrade device constatly needs wifi redetting on device. Come on Google, get this fexed!!!constantly

  • J Brown

    My nexus 7 recently started dropping WiFi. Not sure where to go from this point. I’m considering a refund and purchasing an iPad. Its very frustrating to say the least.

  • W Ranee

    My Nexus 7 will not connect to WiFi hotspots, it has never connected. It indicates that I am connected to the guest account, status connected, signal strength excellent, but cannot access the internet nor my Gmail. Works fine at home, but never at WiFi hotspots. I have had it less than a month. I also have problems with Skype calls, repeated failed attempts.

  • trexton

    My nexus 7 has the problem.

  • tom

    Nexus 7 – wifi shows connected but no internet… happens a lot and to the point I don’t want to use the thing.

  • kunj

    i have nexus 4(us) and my wifi direct not work properly…so give me a right resion to why it’s not work properly……

  • Robert Dawkins

    My nexus 4 has the same issue. I have a nexus 7 that works fine though.

  • Rising

    My Nexus 7 used to work fine until this morning. I cannot connect to my home wifi since then.

  • BumferryHogart

    I’m having this issue. I run a wifi service from home and there are numerous wifi signals available. One is always available (the free service i offer my customers) but my private service constant drops out. If doesn’t affect my laptop but my nexus 4 and sometimes my nexus 7 drop out from the business line. I have tried to change the setting (5kh to 2.5kh and not using auto) which SOMETIMES works as well as turning wifi off and on again. Failing that a full reboot SOMETIMES works but not always.
    It wasn’t until a quick google search I realised that it was affecting so many other people and not me. Bit of shame really.
    Hope Google get their fingers out and sort it out soon.

  • anon

    Galaxy Nexus user here, WiFi dies on me as soon as the display turns off. It’s really annoying for things like Emails and Whatsapp IM’s. It works fine when on mobile data, but that kind of beats the purpose.

  • Groundhog

    I have just bought a N4. I work at home and it crashes my wifi router at least once per day. My son visited a couple of months and his android smart phone had the same effect. In 5 years my router has never crashed. It is pathetic that google has not even acknowledged the problem. I have chucked my nexus in the bin

  • terryroberts

    wifes Samsung Galaxy Nexus continuously reboots take the battery out for 15 minutes and it may come up for about 2 minutes or less before it goes back into a continuous reboot loop

  • Gardengirl

    My Nexus 7 started having connection problems yesterday. Shows weak signal, authenticating goes on and on. I’ve reset router, modem, unplugged, etc. What else can I do?