Motorola’s X Phone to Be a “Real Breakthrough” in Software and Bringing Google Services Together

| February 13, 2013 | 15 Replies

motorola-x-phone1-595x407If there’s one thing that excited us more than anything, it’s word of more stock Android devices. We all know and love the Nexus line, and the Nexus 4 is a stunning device but, the X Phone that is apparently coming straight out of Motorola as the first true product of the acquisition of Motorola Mobility has most of us pretty excited. I know that I’m holding out on the X Phone, whether or not it’s real, I’m waiting until Google I/O before I do anything about my next phone purchase. We’ve heard some crazy things about this device in the past, and with each and every piece of speculation, our expectation grows. What we really want however, is something a little more concrete, something a little more believable.

While we don’t have any firm details of the device, Smarthouse has heard from the Chief Technology Officer for Telstra – the Australian carrier – that the device is a “real breakthrough”. That’s something we already knew really, if Google were going to do something with the $12.4 Billion spent on the Mobility arm of Moto, they’re going to want to do something pretty special with it, or at least we’d hope so. Nexus phones are one thing but, while they might have some design cues from Google, they’re certainly not Google’s devices. Now that they have Motorola Mobility at their disposal they can start to work on something truly their own.

Sources have told the Australian website that the X Phone should be expected to “put pressure on Samsung and Apple”. Apparently, the head of marketing from Australia for Motorola Mobility, Barry Smyth has moved to the US to head up marketing for the new device. The most exciting part of the first-hand recount is the following quote:

“Google has been working on this device for a long time. It has software features and capabilities that are not available on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or Apple iPhone. The software is really powerful and it pulls together Google services like no other manufacturer has done in the past,”

We all know that stock Android is ahead of older builds on devices from Samsung, HTC and the like but, the idea that the X Phone would introduce radically different software would also suggest that we’re headed for a radically new version of Android. Could this be Key Lime Pie, in which we’re introduced to a whole new build of Android? Google Now already does a pretty good job of bringing everything together but, from the sounds of it, the X Phone is going to be a complete top-down solution. Having Google services heavily ingrained into a smartphone could be a real selling-point for Google, especially if they’re going to solidify messaging and everything else into one coherent and cohesive solution.

If anything, it’s beginning to sound like Google are building the X Phone to be a shining example of what Android can really do, the Nexus phones of the past have come with some serious hardware and software but they’ve always been more of a parts-bin solution. LG sold Google the Optimus G with a different chassis, plain and simple. The X Phone is going to be far more than that, it’s going to be a Google phone through and through and I hope that this is just an example of how Google are going to push Android going forward. This is some exciting stuff, if Google really are working as hard as it’s reported on this project then this year’s I/O should be a whole lot of fun.

Are you excited?

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  • Richard Yarrell

    I will just say this…I hear your mouth moving but don’t see any results. Better software and features solution than Samsung boy that would be so hard. Gotta see this for myself it’s very doubtful in my book. Let’s see if Motorola can touch Samsung we all know Samsung products have made Motorola useless for years. Google definitely needs to help them if they want to compete.

    • corona10

      Richard, Samsung is not the authority on what Android is, or can evolve toward. And Motorola is owned by Google now. So whatever this device is, ITS Android. Samsung is not the only oem. They may be the biggest but it doesnt mean they have a lock on innovation. Samsung hasnt made any oem useless. Thats just an opinion. And I’ll say it again Google owns Motorola. Its their company. This device is/ will be Google/Android and all that it can be without oem crap slapped on to it. Samsung is not the only oem that can add usefull software innovations to increase functionality. I understand you love your Note2 or whatever you have, but its not the best device for everyone. There are other options besides Samsung devices and I think this device will show everyone that.

      • Richard Yarrell

        As i stated before MOTOROLA is nothing special when it comes to android. Give it up whatever they decide to do with the Motorola X phone i wish them well but trust me it’s only one device. Motorola must come stronger to make up for all their crappy devices these past three years. Your only fooling yourself yeah ok Google owns Moto you act like that’s the end all to be all which we all know it’s nothing big here. Market share proves where Motorola is compared to Samsung. The world we live in the land of public opinion when i leave out my house and walk the streets of new york city i don’t see to many Motorola devices. What i see are iphones, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2′s, old Htc incredibles, old Htc Evo’s. Don’t hate on Samsung cause they are android and Motorola isn’t Samsung earned that spot live with it.

        • squiddy20

          “but trust me it’s only one device” As if the Note 2 isn’t also “only one device”… Idiot.

          “Don’t hate on Samsung cause they are android” If it weren’t for Google giving Android to all OEMs for free (including Samsung), there would be no “pimp slapping” Galaxy Note 2, S3, S4, etc you ignorant little fanboy. You’ve clearly got a screwed up sense of reality.

          So you have nothing better to do than “walk the streets of new york city”, comment on how “pimp slapping” whatever phone you own is and how “boss” whatever carrier you’re currently on is? Wow, I feel sad for you…

    • Tom Dawson


      I understand your love for everything and anything “Samsung” but, I’d appreciate it if you could put forward your biased views with some clarity and forward thinking.

      There is absolutely no way that Samsung – or any OEM for that matter – will be able to implement Google services better than…Google. Which is exactly what my article was talking about. You know what, I really dislike TouchWiz and Sense but, I don’t go around bashing every phone that has a skin now do I?

      Samsung can only offer a basic implementation of Google services, seeing as they can only do whatever else will, and include the apps. In my article above, I spoke about Google services, nothing else.

      • Richard Yarrell

        Mr. Tom Dawson my love for Samsung is pretty practical and have had other manufacturer devices Htc Evo 4g, Evo 3d, Lg Revolution so i have been around the block and back. I was very clear and direct with what I said and always have been toward Motorola. You act like they are the savior of android or all of a sudden people will only purchase Motorola devices all of a sudden. Let me help you out on something just like Lg the jury is out on Motorola too none of their devices were anything special till the Razr, ,Razr Maxx, and Razr Maxx Hd. How you think those people feel these last three years with all those crappy Motorola devices with all thatcrappy bloatware guess those folks feel so great about Motorola too. Give it a rest my friend what ever they Google decides to place inside of the Motorola X phone from a software standpoint and features standpoint won’t be something so drastically better than Samsung devices who are they fooling. Both the Motorola X phone, and Galaxy Note 3 as well as the Nexus 5 all will have android 5.0 Key Lime Pie so what makes the Motorola X phone so special?????…..Nothing..Samsung is and always will be great from a software and features solution standpoint and they earned their standing on the android platform. Where android sits today surely isn’t because of Motorola that’s for sure. I implore you to open your mind and be more realistic about these things most of us have been in this game for a while my direction and standing in the android community is well known.

        • squiddy20

          “none of their devices were anything special till the Razr, ,Razr Maxx, and Razr Maxx Hd.” You’re clearly forgetting the OG Droid, the original Razr (from 2004), and a myriad of other Motorola phones.

          “How you think those people feel these last three years with all those crappy Motorola devices with all thatcrappy bloatware” 1. You talk as if Samsung doesn’t throw it’s own bloatware on all of it’s phones… 2. Since Android 4.0 all bloatware can be disabled from via the Apps section of Settings, without root. You constantly claim how you’re “in the know when it comes to technology”, and yet you still apparently don’t know this well known fact.

          “I implore you to open your mind and be more realistic about these things” This, coming from the idiot who claimed the processor in the HTC Sensation was inferior to the one found in your “legendary” Evo 3D, but when proof showing otherwise was shoved in your ignorant, grubby little face, told us we were lying and making things up… Someone clearly needs to take a dose of their own medicine…

          “my direction and standing in the android community is well known.” Yep, well known for being banned. Banned from Android Central about 2 years ago, banned again about 13 weeks ago from their forums, banned from Phandroid 4 (yes four) separate times, banned from Android Police before they migrated to Disqus, and constantly rated well below -15 over at Android and Me… Need I really say more?

    • squiddy20

      “Better software and features solution than Samsung boy that would be so hard” No it wouldn’t. All you have to do is turn down all the bloat/crapware that Samsung throws on their phones hoping that some of the features will stick….

      • Richard Yarrell

        You sound just as clueless as all these other guys. That’s expected from you mr. Squiddy20 the Galaxy Nexus 3g sprint man. Can’t help but laugh you shouldn’t even be in this discussion you don’t purchase enough devices to talk.

        • squiddy20

          Says the “clueless” idiot how seriously told me rooting was for “2plus year old devices” and that the Galaxy Nexus would be Verizon’s flagship phone. Yeah, you’re so knowledgable :rollseyes

  • randy ranga

    as a Google fan, I cant be more excited.

  • Alexander Maxham

    X Phone will crush the Galaxy S4! Mostly because of stock Android, and the latest version of Android.

  • munchcolo

    If priced reasonably, I will be in line, day one. I love new toys. I hope they do a better job of releasing them as compared to the debacle with the Nexus 4.

  • vins

    I believe in Google , whatever they make i’m gonna buy it until and unless they maintain the competetive price as they did for nex 4 and nex 7