Google Glass is Cool but Not Cool Looking, Will That Change?

February 21, 2013 - Written By Michael Savino

Google Glass is the growing project that is supposed to bring augmented reality into the mainstream and make us all into terminator-esque socially distracted people. I already imagine what it would be like to walk down the city street with only my glasses on and I have all the information I need at my beck and call without having to look at a phone or other screen. I can just look up and see my social feeds, emails, text messages, directions and where the nearest hipster coffee shop is (because we all know that Seattle company has become too mainstream for the cool kids). Of course I am being sarcastic but I really do think that Google Glass could turn into something awesome, especially if developers and designers back it. But that is the biggest thing, to make the Glass project into something that everyone is going to want to use Google is going to have to find a way to convince the biggest companies to integrate Glass. If they can get Oakley, Hurley, Nixon, and the big designers like Louis Vuitton to make Google Glasses they can gain some serious ground in the mainstream.


I could see myself using Glass on a regular basis if it wasn’t something everyone had to see openly. Because of the current design of Glass it is relatively recognizable and in that case relatively gaudy. I think the real magic would happen with Glass if it was integrated into everyday products which people are already using on a daily basis. Since people are wearing these products than they would seemingly continue to wear them in the future. This would make Google Glass blend into the world without seeming like I am a robot or absorbed in my own little world. It should work to enhance the world around me not become my world and that is where Google Glass will either thrive or dive. We already have so much stimulus around us that can distract us from what is happening, my hope is that Glass will stop us from staring at our phones, pick up our heads and see check out the people and the world we are living in.  Either way Google knows there is still a lot of work to do and that is why the release date is so far off; until then I will spend my time thinking about how awesome Glass is going to be, until they prove me otherwise that is.