Galaxy S4 Fake: The Worst Blurry Cam Image Ever Produced

February 27, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Well we already know it’s coming in about two weeks. But that’s not going to stop the leaks of the Galaxy S4. Today, got a hold of some blurry and dark images taken of the Galaxy S4. Although it doesn’t tell us to much about it. But we can tell that the design is a bit different this time around, or at least the corners aren’t as round as before.


In the image above you’ll notice that whoever is taking the picture can’t hold their hands still since it’s super blurry. But it looks like the model number is the GT-I9500, which lines up with the Galaxy S3, S2, and original Galaxy S. The Galaxy S3 was the I9300, and Galaxy S2 was the I9100 for the International versions.

Now given that these are indeed leaks, we are definitely going to hold them to a grain of salt. Especially since they look very fake. Especially since each one is dark and extra blurry. We are used to blurry camera pictures from leaks for other flagship devices. But these look pretty bad. Almost like another hoax like the ones we saw around the Nexus 4 announcement last fall.


Although we’ve said these do look like some pretty bad faked images of the Galaxy S4. We’re going to have to say that our grandma could produce better ones than these. How many of you do think that these images are real? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear your thoughts about why you think they are real. There is a chance that Samsung is doing some controlled leaks since the Galaxy S4 event is only 2 weeks away. It would be a good idea, so they can build as much hype around the event as possible.

So what do you think? Fake or real? All of us here at Android Headlines are pretty much in agreement that they are fake, but we want to know what you think about them.