Sponsored App Review: Chest Workout

February 6, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson

The internet is a powerful tool for gathering information on pretty much anything and with YouTube now offering content from all manner of outlets, there’s a lot of video content out there as well. Smartphones and tablets are great for finding information and getting help with things but, often times we trivialize their usefulness with cat videos and idling time away on Facebook or Google+. That’s great and, it’s a lot of fun to do that but, there are a great many ways to use the internet for good. Being fit is something a lot of us struggle with – especially if you work at a desk all day or spend a lot of time sat down, getting active can be a challenge. With the right encouragement and information in your hands, you can turn the tables and get fit. Read on to see how Chest Workout, from passion4profession.net can help you get fit – or stay fit.

Description: Chest Workout is yet another tool from the folks at Passion4Profession which has over 50,000,000 views around the world. It’s an application that will give you access to their excellent chest workouts, which help you keep in shape, or better yet, get in shape. Nobody can guarantee great results from something like this but, with willpower and determination you can determine your own success. Those two things however, will only get you so far but, with the right tools – which is on offer with Chest Workout – you can go farther than you first thought. Read on to see how to get grips with Chest Workout and more importantly, how to better yourself.

How it Works: To get started with Chest Workout, you’ll need to download the app from the Play Store. Once you start the app, you’ll be shown your schedule and what needs to be done or what you’ve already done. You start off at level 1 and you need to tick off progress to make it to levels 2 and 3.

2013-02-04 21.03.01

It’s easy to get to grips with the app, as you can see there are a number of menu items across the bottom of the display. To see what exercises are available, just head to that part of the app. You’ll see that there are a number of exercises, these are videos that you can either watch on YouTube or download them to watch whenever and wherever, just hit the “Edit” button and select which exercises to download:

2013-02-04 21.03.36

Once you select which exercises you want to take with you, they’ll start downloading:

2013-02-04 21.03.49

There’s no excuse not to try the app, as it’s such a joy to use and the exercises are well thought out and explained thouroughly. The videos downloaded will then play in Android’s Video Player wherever you might be, no matter what connection you’re on:

2013-02-04 21.04.17

The content speaks for itself and the videos themselves will show you exactly what your muscles are doing. It’s easy to digest and great for beginners and veterans alike. In the menu items you’ll have noted that there is a “training” section listed. In this section, you’ll find full workouts that will take you through detailed exercise after exercise, to maximize efficiency.2013-02-04 21.04.30

These workouts are what make the whole package so comprehensive, and definitely worth experiencing for yourself, after all I’m not the judge of how much value you’re going to get out of it, am I? Once you’re finished with level 1, you’ll want to progress to level 2 which does incur a cost but, it’s really not a lot of money and once you experience the workouts yourself, I’m sure you’ll agree that they’re worth paying for.

Opinion: I’m not exactly the most fit of people, I’m not what you’d consider lazy but, I could definitely stand to become more active and, I would love to lose a few pounds. Exercise for me has come from impromptu Basketball games, and the occasional run every now and then so, keeping to a schedule is obviously not my thing. With the built in calendar that has you ticking off workouts every week to progress to the next level, you’re encouraged to stick at it. For someone like me who is at a desk pretty much all day, being eased in to the process was very welcome indeed, and I didn’t find it too tough. Chest Workout offers concise information needed to workout properly, which is important, no matter how experienced you are.


  • Speed (4/5) – There were no slowdowns or issues and it worked great on a number of my devices.
  • Features (5/5) – Chest Workout could be considered a simple window into a YouTube channel but, the high level of polish and refinement here suggests a lot more. It’s a well-rounded and complete fitness app. Downloading content for offline use is perhaps the best part of the app.
  • Theme (4/5) – The color scheme is good and it’s easy to navigate, making it quick and easy to use.
  • Overall (5/5) – I’m very impressed with Chest Workout and the standout feature for me is not only the quality of the content but, the ability to download it to watch whenever and wherever.


  • Professional content that’s portrayed in an easy-to-follow manner.
  • Easy to use theme helps people get the information they want and need.
  • Ability to download workout videos is excellent, especially for WiFi-only tablets and those areas you fall out of coverage.
  • Weekly schedule is easy to keep to and encourages users to keep at it.
  • Stages are broken up into different levels, which makes the learning curve easier to overcome.


  • Could perhaps be billed as a simple window to their YouTube channel.
  • Each level requires a payment to advance – albeit a very small fee.

Conclusion: If you’re looking for a way to exercise that fits around your schedule then Chest Workout is a great app to try. There’s no need to find the time to head to the gym and it starts off at just 3 times a week. The videos are concise, easy to follow and most importantly, they are accurate. A lot of the time, we make excuses that we can’t find the time to exercise or that we don’t know where to start but, with Passion4Profession’s excellent bank of videos and expertise, this will have you started in no time. It’s not just great for beginners either, veterans will know how important it is to workout properly and correctly. Many of them will find it hard to find fault with what’s on offer here. Head to the link below to start your new workout!