Did Google Just Leak their Own Google Now Widget?

February 11, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Well now this is interesting. We’ve been seeing leaks all over the place lately. Which is expected with Mobile World Congress coming up. But what you are looking at above, might look a bit familiar. It looks a lot like the best feature in Android 4.1, Google Now. But this appears to be a widget. Now we all know that we are due to get a new version of Android in May at Google I/O.

This image showed up on a Google Support page, which is in the source link below, and it has very little documentation. Which, of course you really don’t need any documentation for this. It appears that you’ll be able to place the widget on your home screen just like any other widget and tapping on it will open up Google Now. So could this be the start of Google Now taking over your home screen? We’ve heard talk of that coming soon. And personally, I’d love my home screen to be Google Now. Throw in some of my top used or favorite apps, and it’ll be innovative and more revolutionary than anything Apple has made in the past few years.


So far there is no word as to when we’ll be seeing this update. It could be part of the next version of Android. Probably Android 5.0 – Key Lime Pie, or if it’ll be part of an update from the Google Play Store. But where it’s popping up on the support site, it’s coming very soon. It would make more sense, and a lot of people happier, if this update does come from the Play Store. Since many phones are just now getting updates to Android 4.1, and will be several versions of Android behind, unfortunately. But that’s all the details we have for now, once we learn more we’ll be sure to let you know.

Who’d love to have a Google Now widget on their home screen? I know I certainly would. I’ve found it to be less useful if I have to open it for the weather, and tracking packages, etc. A widget would make a very nice addition. What do you think?