Confirmed: Samsung Will Announce Galaxy S4 March 14th

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Last week we heard from some sources that there would be a big event going down in New York City on March 14th. Well that’s just been confirmed again. Samsung will be unveiling their next generation Galaxy S phone in New York City on March 14th, the Galaxy S4. Comments made to Edaily at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Samsung Mobile’s Chief JK Shin did indeed say that the Galaxy S4 would be unveiled on March 14th. So you can’t get much more confirmation than that. Now, Samsung has sent out press invites for the event as well:


We’ve heard recent rumors that the Galaxy S4 was to be delayed, and that they were not going to be using AMOLED displays and Exynos processors. Well I guess at least the delay part of that rumor has since been debunked. We’re still betting that we’ll see these specs:

  • 4.99-5″ 1080p Display
  • Exynos 5440 processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • Android 4.2 – Jelly Bean

We’ve seen these specs leaked most recently, when we heard that the Galaxy S4 would be released in March. So it looks like despite the Galaxy S4 not being at Mobile World Congress this year, Samsung has stolen the show in Barcelona, at least so far they have. Usually it’s Apple stealing these kinds of shows by putting out invites to an invite in the middle of the show and putting all the attention on them. This announcement is also right on time for the Galaxy S4. Last year the Galaxy S3 was announced in May in London, the Galaxy S2 was announced at Mobile World Congress in 2011, and the original Galaxy S was announced at CTIA’s Mobile Trade show in 2010. So as you can see, Samsung usually announces the next Galaxy S sometime between March and May.

Let’s just hope that Samsung doesn’t do an event like Sony’s PS4 event. Talk about the device for hours, then don’t even show it off, talk about pricing or even a release date. We’re already sure it’ll be heading to all the major US carriers this summer. Hopefully we’ll get some carrier confirmation on March 14th. Make sure you stay tuned to Android Headlines for complete Galaxy S4 coverage!


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  • Bhushan Vaidya

    You cannot compare S4 reveal with PS4. S4 will be released within a month-max after the announcement whereas the PS4 has a fall release date.

    Sony just showed enough to get us excited. I’m glad they focused only on the h/w tech and games. They are holding back key features, IP’s sure for E3. They made a very powerful impression that the console is made by game creators for the game creators. They at-least convinced me that the system is powerful. Sony Rep justified that the controller was more important to demo the Sharing and Gaikai features, than the console. The console would be just a box, that’s it.

    I’m sure it will look great, but I can wait for it :)

    Thanks for confirming the S4 release date :D

    • Alexander Maxham

      It was meant to be a joke :D

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  • Richard Yarrell

    The Galaxy S4 will arrive earlier this year than normal to the states. The fact that New York City is it’s choice for the unpacked event here in Manhattan it wouldn’t surprise me to see another BIG SURPRISE from Samsung. How about an immediate carrier announcement like arriving on tmobile first on April 15th. Now that would shake up the world.

  • Chris Williams

    this will be a great phone!! but im still waiting on the Note 3!! ;)