Apple Paying $330K Per Day For Facetime Patent Infringement

| February 28, 2013 | 17 Replies

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Back in November of last year, a jury in Texas came to the conclusion that Apple was infringing on some patents that are owned by VirnetX. Which is a firm that owns a few patents relative to Apple services like Facetime and iMessage. Royalties for these patents amounted to $368 million. Tuesday evening, that ruling was upheld and the four patents in question were reaffirmed and infringed. These patents relate to creating a virtual private network between two devices (VPN).

Today, the Judge also ruled that until some sort of patent licensing agreement has been reached between Apple and VirnetX, Apple would have to pay $330,000 per day to VirnetX. So far no injunctions were issued but the Judge did appoint a 45 day period in which the two companies need to reach an agreement before a final ruling will be enforced.

Just by doing some simple math, if Apple doesn’t find a way to settle this dispute with VirnetX in the allotted 45 days, Apple would owe the firm about $14.58 million. It’s also very likely that Apple will be paying more than this before this is over.

As an Android news site, you know we have to poke fun at Apple. They are suing every manufacturer on earth for stupid patents like rounded corners and scrolling a certain type of way. Now they get sued for using a VPN patent along with a few others and now they have to pay $330K per day to VirnetX? You’ve gotta admit that’s pretty funny, right?

With normal companies, you’d expect an agreement to be reached in less than 45 days, but who knows with Apple. But they did settle with HTC late last year, so anything’s possible. Personally I think they should be paying over a million per day to VirnetX. Call it a type of revenge for Samsung, HTC and the other manufacturers they’ve sued over the years.

So what do you guys think? Is this kinda like karma coming back to bite Apple? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Imran

    It’s definitely karma! Finally some revenge!

  • Serena

    How do you like dem apples?

  • Natalli James

    I went and gave Samsung my money after the lawsuit. Screw you Apple, enjoy the taste of Karma…. all in your mouth…. oh yeahh!

  • William Peterson

    Maybe we will see another 30% drop in stock over the next 5 months or less. Not once have they mentioned what they have in store to “wow” their stock holders and that’s because they don’t have anything. Maybe a 4.8″ screen that will show one more row of icons And a full month on calendar mode.

  • kathan

    need more news like this one

  • Scott Sedgwick

    They’ll have to cover those costs somehow. Only 2 ways: either up the Apple tax, or sue even more people. My bet? Both!

  • Joshua Kiley

    VirnetX is a patent troll, they have weak patents and don’t produce anything… they sue a lot of companies and that’s how they make money. This isn’t a good thing! This is the kind of thing that is fucking the tech industry. Destroy VirnetX and all patent trolls!

    • Glen Yerkey

      good for them. Patent troll the villians!

    • Apple can suck my ….

      You own an iPhone don’t you?!?

    • Candra Adi Putra

      oh … so apple is patent god? tell me more plz!!!

    • Abhishek

      @google-7cda214ef816395d176b4297b718c895:disqus , iPhone owner spotted!

      • Joshua Kiley

        @31a6dc66746ef09a459ba2d3fa0694be:disqus @6eff8900078fc83fd3fbab5fd54c64dd:disqus @google-47531b720e01d71f1d1b68d17f73a196:disqus
        No, I don’t own an iPhone, I’m just no an idiot. Yes Apple is also a Troll, but telling the world trolling is okay sometimes isn’t going to cut it; either it’s good all the time or it’s bad all the time. Think of the broader implication of letting Trolls win, no matter if they troll other trolls or troll good people, all trolls hurt the tech world.

        I own an HTC Desire HD running the IceColdSandwich ROM, I have an ASUS notebook running Ubuntu 12.10. I owned an iPod once, in 2005, and I didn’t like it so I sold it.

        “Tolling is sometimes okay” isn’t going to cut it. Not in a legal sense… either you condemn all trolling, or don’t go bitching when the government doesn’t take action against the broken patent system.

  • robetho

    i think this isn’t karma, it’s a journey of life

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  • carl martin

    They can pick the money off the tree out the garden ! Good enough for them.

  • That Guy

    You’re right. They’ll still charge twice for their locked down hardware as anybody else will, and there will always be idiots who don’t know any better lining up outside the Apple store precisely because they don’t understand anything about technology, and just want something that “works.” :D

  • sinfernal

    Finally they get a taste of their own medicine.
    Lets hope they get a dose of much needed common sense and stop suing everyone for so called “innovations” only because a certain ex-CEO decided to go “thermonuclear” on competition !