Android is Number One: comScore Reports

February 6, 2013 - Written By Nathan Harbin

ComScore has come out with its report for the December 2012 U.S. Smartphone Subscriber Market Share and Android has increased its lead over the other platforms again. This time though Android only gained 0.9% on the competition. A gain of a percentage point is still a gain though and you can bet that we will flaunt it as we know that the Apple kids would, if they ever again had the chance to be the number one mobile OS.

Enough bragging though; here’s the data from ComScore. Android ranked number one as far as mobile operating systems go with 53.4 percent of the market share which is like I mentioned before, up 0.9 percent from the previous report. Apple came is second once again with an increase of 2 percent (36.3 percent market share) from the previous 3-month average. Blackberry (no longer RIM) was down 2 percent to 6.4 percent of the market share while Microsoft Windows Phone and Symbian brought up the rear in this report with 2.9 percent and 0.6 percent of the market share respectively.



ComScore also reported on OEM saturation and total U.S. smartphone ownership in the United States and during the past three months leading up to December of last year, smartphone ownership was up 5 percent to an all-time high of 125.9 million people in the United States now being smartphone owners. Unfortunately, 36.3 percent of these people own an Apple iPhone. That being said, Apple does only produce one phone at a time while Android OS is on devices produced by even more OEMs than will be mentioned in this report. Therefore, Apple’s percentage of this pie is the same as in the platform report. Android and Microsoft OEMs make up the remainder of the market share, and go as follows. Samsung took second overall to Apple with 21 percent of the market share (up 2 percent). HTC took third place in the report claiming just over 10 percent of the market share, with Motorola and LG close behind with 9.1 percent and 7.1 percent of the U.S. market share respectively.



ComScore describes themselves as “global leader in digital measurement and analytics, delivering insights on web, mobile and TV consumer behavior that enable clients to maximize the value of their digital investments.” You can find more information on ComScore, where, and how they do what they do here.

Source: ComScore