USwitch: Samsung GS3 Dominating UK Sales Rankers In December

| January 3, 2013 | 2 Replies

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The end of the year brings many things. The holidays, gifts, family, food, fun, and of course… end of the year sales numbers. Samsung has had a good run the last couple years with the Galaxy S II and the Galaxy S III. December’s end of month numbers were no different. It’s no surprise that Samsung would claim Number one for the Christmas season sales, but what is shocking is that they have 6 out of all top ten smart phones on the list in the UK!! With the Galaxy S III and Galaxy S II taking the top two positions. That is astounding to say the least. Thanks to for this information, who is always keen on a good top ten for our viewing pleasure.

Here’s the top ten list in full so you can see for yourselves. Try not to let your jaw drop after reading it.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB blue
  2. Samsung Galaxy S II
  3. Samsung Galaxy Ace
  4. LG Nexus 4
  5. Apple iPhone 4s 16GB
  6. Apple iPhone 5 16GB
  7. Nokia Lumia 800
  8. Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  9. Samsung Galaxy S III mini
  10. Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

Samsung must feel pretty good about this right now. The Galaxy S III has hit number one for the second month in a row. This certainly is no small task given its competition and it just goes to show that Android and Samsung are clearly more popular than some would have you believe. Especially in the UK. Having multiple devices reach the list that are almost a year or two old is also something worth shouting about. And you can bet we’ll be shouting about this one.

However, it’s a tad bit baffling to see the Nexus 4 below the top three but perhaps this is because of the low availability from the play store. The note 2 seemed promising enough for the top 5, it seems its high price and larger than life display have obviously kept it from winning over the hearts and hands of the average UK consumer. Alas, the rankings were a solid win and here’s to hoping Samsung and Android can keep the momentum going well into 2013.

What are your guy’s thoughts on this list? Were any of you just as surprised as I was to see some of the older phones on here? As high as were no less?

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  • APai

    Nokia Lumia 800 at number 7 is jaw dropping for me actually!

  • Peter ‘Firefox’ Fox

    Does the play store even count in this list surely it’s based on figures from mobile service providers? Same for buying direct from apple? I am intrigued to know how how these are actually compiled