Samsung Working on a Fix for the Galaxy S3 Mainboard Failure

| January 2, 2013 | 9 Replies


Back before we took the holiday season off, we heard about many Galaxy S3′s were dying due to a mainboard failure. Many users were reporting that their device was dying at random after owning the device for several months. Samsung has been able to narrow the problem down to the 16GB version only and it seems to come from the devices main circuit board.

Due to the problem being a hardware problem, most users thought it would require a revision to Samsung’s Galaxy S3 actual build. But today Samsung addressed the issue and says a fix will arrive in the form of a firmware update. Tweakers has reported that Samsung is prepared to deliver the update in the very near future.

Most of the Galaxy S3 users won’t have to worry about their phone getting bricked over night with no explanation and those with at-risk handsets will be getting a firmware fix very soon. Let’s hope it’s out within a week.

Is this making anyone weary of buying another Samsung device? First there was the Exynos-gate which mostly only affected International Galaxy S3′s and all Note 2′s, now we have this random mainboard failure for the Galaxy S3. And surprisingly this is the number one smartphone manufacturer in the world. I sure hope Samsung gets this together and keeps it from happening in their future devices like the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 2.

Have you had a Galaxy S3 which has randomly died due to this mainboard failure? I can’t say I have, and I hope my Galaxy S3 doesn’t die randomly anytime soon. Let us know how many Galaxy S3′s you’ve gone through due to this mainboard failure because of Samsung in the comments below.

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  • Harry Skelton

    I haven’t had it die on me, but have had it reboot on my with I/O intensive programs. Such applications that try to use the GPS, Data, Compass, and other I/O all at the same time and at high resolution. (Can you say #Ingress??) I turned down the speed of my CPU and that helped but……just waiting for the other digital foot to fall….

    • Nig Duv

      My S3 32GB died on me after eleven months. Main board was replaced by Agents at ni charge and now working perfectly. Hope it does not happen again when it is out of Warranty

  • Bashar Al-Ba’noon

    I did, i took my phone to samsung workshop in kuwait city and they replaced the motherboard for free.

  • Sam Castillo

    I had my 16gig s3 die on me. Came home after using it as a Sat nav turned it off after getting out of the car. When I turned it on again I got no reaction. At all. Tried new battery, charger, cables and tied my fingers in knots trying to hard reset. Sent it back to Samsung who kindly replaced it, without question, with a 32gb model.

    Yeah it went wrong, but they put it right, loving my s3 even more now.

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  • Leviaxxan

    Yes, my SIII died randomly and won’t power on. The big question here though is how do you install a new firmware on a phone that doesn’t power up?

  • Senseialan

    My first S3 (32Mb) died within the first month. I got a replacement from Verizon for free and it is still going strong.

  • amr

    My galaxy note2 died and I asked for repeiring then they tooked the price of a new mother board , that is so bad about samsung

  • ReanB

    Hi.Im on my second s3 32gig that has also died.Have not sent it in as my first one had to be repaired outside the warranty!Firware update does not help.Nothing helps besides replacing hardware or going to the dark side and consider,dare I say it,Iphone!