Samsung Announces Galaxy S II Plus; Jelly Bean From Launch

| January 10, 2013 | 27 Replies

s2plusIf there’s one thing that we can rely on Samsung doing it’s flooding the market with numerous different models spanning every screen size you could imagine and even revamping older models. This time around, Samsung is revamping 2011′s Galaxy S II with its “plus” moniker and as you might expect there are a few improvements to be had upon the original. It’s undergone a little bit of a face lift and looks slightly different from the original S II a lot of you out there know and love.

The specs are pretty much the same however, and ring up something like this:

  • 4.3″ WVGA (800 x 480) Super AMOLED Display
  • 1.2 Ghz Dual-Core CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8 Megapixel rear-facing camera with 2 Megapixel front-facing camera
  • There’s no word on battery size but, the original had a 1650 mAh
  • Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean onboard


Of all the devices that Samsung have released in the past year, this to me, seems like the most bizarre of the lot. After all, there’s nothing to suggest that people want to buy the Galaxy S II when the S III is proving so popular – having sold over 30 Million units – we all want the latest and greatest and selling something that is obviously “last-gen” might not be the best idea Samsung could have had. However, there is still a little life left in even the original S II so, perhaps a revamp like this might not be the worst idea.

Realistically, the Galaxy S II is still a capable device in this climate and while you’re not going to see anywhere the same sort of performance as the Galaxy S III it’ll be more than capable for everyday use. For those out there that have adopted a Nexus 7 or some other tablet then maybe they don’t need a super-powerful expensive smartphone as well. Something like this from Samsung should do the trick when it comes to price and allow users a better-priced device without having to sacrifice.

We want to know just who out there is still using an orginal Galaxy S II and whether or not you have some kind of need to get rid of it, let us know in the comments!

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  • Karan Rajpal

    Samsung just milks their cows , however old they are. Handsets like these just fill up stock shelves and end up with consumers who know little, and are just looking at screen size and the money they need to pay for it.

    I picked up a Samsung Galaxy S ‘Plus’ very late last year. Guess what, Samsung chose not to offer the newer versions of Android on a set less than a year old. Typical Samsung behaviour that makes us salivate for even a Nexus 4, hard as it may be to come by.

    • Jeremy Nelson

      This ships with Android 4.1 so I’m not sure what your point is.

      • Marius Oprisan

        His point is that Samsung launches new phones with latest firmware, that have same specs as 1 – 2 year old phones, instead of providing firmware updates for their older devices. It’s not just Samsung, most companies do that in order to sell their new devices. I’m still using my SII and waiting for official JB and one of the reasons JB for SII is still not out might be this SII Plus ;)

        • Kevin Donaldson

          you are probably right those bastards when I bought my s2 how was I supposed to know that it s 2 + was coming out and that I would end up getting screwed out of jelly bean

  • Juan Amaya

    I def wouldn’t buy the s2 at this moment when the suits already out. I have an s2 and I’m waiting on my jb update and one they do it will be like I have a new phone again. I also have an n7 that I absolutely love and wouldn’t trade it for anything! Is def the best Android tablet in

    • Kevin Donaldson

      Same deal as me’,,,when do we get jelly beanI have a nexus 7 as well,I can’t wait to get jelly bean on my galaxy s2

  • Jeremy Nelson

    So it’s an SII with Android 4.1. I thought there would have been even just a few spec increases.

    They should have nerfed this phone and spent their time working on 4.1 for the real SII’s.


    Could be to capture budget market share ahead of Apple releasing a cheaper iPhone.

  • Laurie Ash

    if this version supports Orange Signal Boost then I will buy it. the new s3 doesn’t.

  • Aaron MacIntyre

    I don’t get it. It’s the same phone? I figured improve stats, like the S2x (sort of), but this is the same damn phone except with jelly bean, something the dev community has had for a long time. I’m so confused.

  • David Germain

    I love my S2 just wish O2/Samsung would put JB on it. my contract is up at the end of march. and i can honestly say that no phone out at the moment is worth the cost of the upgrade over my S2.
    I am looking at installing a new ROM so i can get JB, just finding one i don’t have to jump though to many hoops to get is an issue.
    And it seems all the ‘+’ get you is JB OS :S

    • Aaron MacIntyre

      Xda is the place to look.

      • Kevin Donaldson

        I just have the original Galaxy s2 is there a way to put jelly bean on it

  • digi_fort

    Love My Phone Still Using It .. In India …. Thanks To the Awesome Developer Support. However Releasing A beefed Up Model Of A Year Old Phone Is Still A weird Decision. I Still love My Phone None The Less

    • Aaron MacIntyre

      But it’s not even beefed up. It’s the exact same stats of the original. Unless it has a different chip set.

  • joe

    living in sweden, still using my s2 and it is still awesome and amazing! as long as it is not slow and laggy and supports the app i want then i am happy and am not in need of change.

  • Vipul Jain

    Now this was all i needed to get more confused -_-
    On one hand S2, a 2 year old phone with excessive Dev support.
    On the other S2+, a latest phone with same specs but Dev support from scratch (that too, maybe) :/

    • Aaron MacIntyre

      Not to mention the s2 skyrocket, the S2X, the s2 Hercules… talk about beating a number to death.

  • blueseeker

    what? my S2 with resurrection remix is still better than a stock S3

    • Blackdoom

      I agree 100%%

  • Chris

    I still have an S II and is still a great phone, however the battery life on it has decreased, but I’d definitely not go for the press, or even an s3. Since getting jb on my Nexus 7 I’d be getting a nexus 4 next.

  • Errol May

    I still love my sgs2 i run Rootbox v3.4 and have a Nexus7 great combination, maybe look at samsung s1V

  • Rowena

    I’m happy with my sII at the moment, though it’s battery throughout the day isn’t the best, I’ll keep waiting for the jb update instead of changing to an sII+ or an sIII.

  • Dave

    I’m using a 20 month old galaxy s2, and I really don’t see the point in the plus model. As far as I’m concerned there are only 3 phones I would upgrade to, that’s the galaxy s3, the nexus 4 or as an outside chance the HTC 1X+

  • stardaz

    Ok u wanted to no well i am still useing my galaxy s2 and i have no need to up grade it works great and i can do any thing with it lots of apps out there

  • kevin

    I have an s2 just not the plus version after reading this a check for updates how come I don’t get jelly beanWTF

  • Shaun Nicholson

    I’m running NeatRom Lite on my s2. For those who don’t know it’s a custom rom based on the jelly bean leak. I’m very happy with it, it even runs multi window from the note 2 flawlessly