Report Indicates Possible Early February Launch for HTC’s M7 in London

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htc-m7-render1Hey look, it’s more rumors surrouding the M7! Yes, that’s right folks there is more information swirling around concerning the launch of HTC’s upcoming smartphone, the M7. We’ve heard – and seen – a lot about the M7 and it’s beginning to look like HTC have a real problem when it comes to keeping this sort of stuff under wraps. How hard can it be, HTC? Yesterday we had news of what looked like leaked parts from the device and now, there is more info concerning the device’s launch.

In the past, HTC have debuted their flagship device(s) at MWC in Barcelona and more often than not, they’ve been the start of the show. There are reports doing the rounds that HTC are actually looking to unveil the device before this date in London. Digitimes are reporting that those in the supply chain believe HTC will be unveiling the device early next month and that the M7 could be on sale as early as the middle of March. Would it make any sense for HTC to do this outside of MWC? Well, yes and no. MWC has been a big event for HTC in the past and last year they came away looking stronger than anyone else but, Huawei and others also had a good showing. If Huawei et al are looking to outdo HTC at MWC then, it’d make sense for HTC to not even be there at all, on the other hand though, all the press will be looking forward to MWC and if HTC try and outdo the event before it gets started they could suffer a sort of press backlash. Holding an event so close to a big industry show like the Mobile World Congress doesn’t sound like one of their smartest ideas now, does it?

The M7 is definitely shaping up to be the Taiwanese company’s next flagship device and on the specs front there is supposed to be a 4.7-inch SoLux 1080p full HD screen with 468ppi, 13-megapixel rear camera, 4G LTE support, and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Yesterday’s parts leak however, would suggest a screen around 5-inches considering how close they were when compared to parts from the Droid DNA so, only time will tell on this one.

[Source: Digitimes]

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    True that the One series was launched at MWC in 2012, but in 2011 the Sensation had a separate event too. This year M7 will be unveiled on Feb 19th in London.