Pricing and ‘Possible’ Release Date for the Asus Qube Surfaces

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When the Asus Qube was released you were all really excited, but had no idea how much it would cost, or when you would be able to purchase such a great piece of technology. News has dropped today with not only a possible release date, but a price as well.

First, we will start off with price. Even though many have been hoping for a price range of under $100, I’m saddened to have to tell you it’s not what you had been hoping for.  Before you get too sad though, it’s not a bad price. The Verge was told by an ‘official’ Asus member that the Qube will be at a decent price of $150. That’s not bad at all considering what you’re getting.

The same source of the price also said the Qube would be available in the first quarter of the year. Wow, that is good news to hear! We now have a price and estimate of release.

The Asus Qube is something of interest since it offers the motion-sensing especially when it comes gaming. This should be an exciting feature for many. The Qube will offer:

  • 50 GB of WebStorage cloud space
  • Access to 100,000 Movies/TV Shows with Netflix and Amazon Instant Video
  • Amazing Qube Interface
  • Motion-sensing control support
  • Asus Mobile Remote App

The rest of the Qube specs like hardware and ‘insides’ is yet to be released, and am interested to see what its packing. There are speculations out that hopefully the Qube will outlast the Nexus Q and be available longer. I truly hope that is the case since my first reaction to the device was, “Wow, it’s a Nexus Q situation all over again.” Yet, the Qube is going to offer a lot more than the Nexus Q did since it was strictly for music and music streaming.

As for Google TV, it hasn’t been quite adopted yet, so maybe 2013 will be the year for it to reign.  The Qube will have some competition of course, as Netgear just announced the NeoTV Prime, and there is also the Vizio Co-star. However these competitors are lacking one thing the Qube is not, and that is the motion-sensor, which could in the end send it above its competition.

How many of our readers plan on purchasing the Asus Qube? Is there anyone who thinks this type of hardware is a waste of time and money? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Source: Android Authority


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  • Joaquin Melendez

    Wait so is it or is it like Google TV? Cause if it is I wouldn’t mind picking one up

    • Bobby Rose

      Yes, it should be the fastest and highest quality Google TV box available.

  • Bobby Rose

    I am going to buy one immediately, I would pre-order it if I could. I just sold both of my Logitech Revue units on Ebay today. The Google TV / Cable Box interface has basically stopped working (I supposed due to Logitech servers or ???) but it’s gone. The rest of the apps ran so slow, slower after each update, that it was unusable. The YouTube app never ran correctly. I loved the Revue when it first came out, but every time they pushed another update it got slower and slower… and I’m done. I love ASUS quality generally and I’m assuming this box will be pretty awesome compared to the competition. I tried the NetGear box could not BELIEVE this thing is actually for sale, it was the buggiest thing I’ve ever seen. I returned it about 2 hours after purchase, awful. I will be glad to pay $150 for the Asus, I would pay $300 if that’s what it took to get a quality Google TV box. Another clincher for me is the QWERTY keyboard on the remote; using Google TV without a full keyboard is not good.

  • jcannonball

    So where is it? We are nearing April and its nowhere to be found.

  • Ricky Smith

    I been waiting for it to come out since they announced it back around CES 2013