HTC’s CEO Peter Chou Optimistic About 2013; Will They Make a Comeback?

| January 4, 2013 | 3 Replies

peter-chou-phonesWe all know that 2012 was not particularly a good year for HTC and going into 2013 they’ll need to make a strong start to create a comeback throughout the year. Runors are already swirling around a new flagship device from the company, dubbed the “M7″ and with the Droid DNA they’ve once again proven that they can make stunning hardware and deliver in a somewhat timely fashion. However, quality hardware and availability have never been a problems for the Taiwanese company, they’ve been in the mobile business long enough now to know how to get things done. It’s getting the word out that seems to be the problem for HTC.

When compared with Samsung, the One X and the rest of the One Series had little to no advertising. The Korean company had been killing it throughout 2012 with ads that not only made us smile but made the iPhone look really pretty stupid. Samsung’s ads based around the tagline of “the next big thing is already here” were very popular and they certainly made a mockery of iPhone users through the use of meme.

HTC’s head honcho, Peter Chou recently sat down with the Wall Street Journal to talk about the problems faced in 2012 and how the outlook looked for 2013. When asked he had the following to say:

The worst for HTC has probably passed. 2013 will not be too bad. Our competitors were too strong and very resourceful, pouring in lots of money into marketing. We haven’t done enough on the marketing front. Although we don’t have as much money to counter [Samsung and Apple], the most important thing is to have unique products that appeal to consumers.

So, Chou is definitely aware that their brand wasn’t out there in the mind of the consumer like Samsung and Apple were. Throwing money at the problem will help but, with HTC’s intent to rely solely on their quality hardware to sell doesn’t sound like good idea. It’s all fine and well making great products but getting the word out is often more important than anything. The iPhone isn’t what a lot of people think is the best smartphone but they sell so well thanks to brilliant marketing, Samsung have learnt that and now it’s up to HTC to show off their devices, too.

Through better marketing do you think HTC will make a comeback in 2013?

[Source: WSJ]

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    masih kalah pamor dengan samsung

  • clell

    If they can launch the M7 successfully on all the major US carriers within weeks of each other they will. And if they get the devices promoted the way they should be. And not rely on the carriers to do it I think they’ll do better. The One Series was really a flop only because they didnt get the flagship One x on any US carriers except AT&T, and its still only exclusive to that carrier. It never really had a prayer against iphone and Galaxy S3. Mainly because it was barely advertized by AT&T and they were the only carrier they offered it. So guess what happened, noone knew about it and didnt buy it. If they repeat that way of doing things…nothing will change. No matter how great their devices are. If they’re not available the masses they can’t buy them.


    For the love of God lets hope so! Loved the original EVO campaign and it was the IT android phone! Then HTC released a bunch of crap and botched the HTC One X/EVO 4G LTE marketing and was eaten alive by the Samsung marketing/advertising team with its “next biggest thing” campaign.

    Hopefully they will release a lot less devices and concentrate on one unified flagship product that is available across all carriers. Carrier exclusives and multiple variants, hurt HTC big time.

    I’m still not sure what the difference is between the various ONE products, outside one being a mid range and one being budget, and the X/X+ being top end. But don’t really know the difference between the One X, XL and X+ and if an android geek like me has issues with that, the average customer wont understand. Then there is specific product lines for Verizon (Droid) and Sprint (EVO). It’s too much and too confusing for the average consumer.

    HTC introduced the One X and the EVO 4G LTE with the EVO clearly being a better product, then to save face, you release the HTC One X+ which is the equivalent to the EVO, but alienate the original ONE X customer.

    On top of the above, the marketing for the above devices was weak at best and non existent, considering the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the EVO 4G LTE/One X/X+ are damn near identical from a spec perspective, but does the average consumer know? When is the last time anyone has seen a HTC One X/EVO 4G LTE commercial? I haven’t seen one since June, July maybe August.