Google’s Glass Hackathons Will Not Bring What Many are hoping

January 26, 2013 - Written By Christina Gardner

The last few weeks I’ve been seeing more and more about Google’s newest technology Google Glass in my news feeds, not to mention many pictures posted as well of Google developers playing with Google Glass including Ingress specialist Brandon Badger.

Google will be conducting two “Hackatons” specifically for Google Glass. Any developer that gets the opportunity to attend is going to have some “pretty restricting NDAs.”

One hackaton will take place in New York, and the other will be in San Francisco. Invitations were sent out by Google to developers that signed up for “Glass Explorer Program” and pre-ordered the device, which is at a huge price of $1500.

Not everyone on the waiting list may be invited to attend the events, but it is not clear what Google will do in this aspect. However, those who do get to attend and test out Google Glass are going to have very RESTRICT “non-disclosure agreements.” Sounds like Google wants this event to be held pretty tight and very little getting out to the media. Some of restrictions involved are:

  • Developers get to take the devices home, but are not allowed to let anyone other than themselves use it.
  • Any images or video taken with Glass is considered “Google’s property.”
  • Google Plus accounts will be made “special,” and will be where all “media recorded with Glass” will be uploaded.
  • Developers cannot use Glass during activities like driving, playing sports, or working down the street.
  • Developers cannot talk to any media about Google Glass, show images/videos and this goes for anyone else beside the media for that matter, unless they have Google’s consent.

Wow, Google is making sure that everything happening during these Hackatons are kept top secret and should anyone leak something out they will be held under some very strict regulations that could get you in a world of trouble if not followed. I have to ask, why is Google letting developers take Google Glass home if they can barely do any playing with it? I mean you’ll have to lock your doors, close your curtains, and make sure there is no way images/video can go anywhere beside the special Google Plus account made.

What does the Android Community think of the special restrictions for the upcoming Hackathons? Do you have an idea on why Google is making it so “closed door?”

Source: Android Authority