Google Working with ASUS for 2nd Generation Nexus 7

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Here’s some big news for you. It looks like Google is set to announce the next generation of the Nexus 7 in May. Google is also working with ASUS for the Nexus 7, who is the manufacturer of the original Nexus 7 which was announced at last year’s Google I/O. It’s worthy to note that the company’s first and second generation Nexus 7s are indeed expected to reach 10 million units in 2013. This is according to sources from the upstream supply chain.

Total Google Nexus 7 shipments will surpass six million units by the end of January with the US$249 model being the best selling model, the sources noted.

Now based on the recently released samples of Google’s upcoming refresh of the Nexus 7, sources are pointing out the prices of the new 7-inch tablet will be the same as the first generation, which was priced at $199-249 for the 8GB and 16GB, then in October Google introduced the 32GB at the $249 price and the 16GB dropped to the $199 price point. It’s also being said that several specifications have been upgraded and among those changes are a full HD display and an industrial design with a thinner display boarder.

The machine will also feature Google’s upgraded Jelly Bean-based Android operating system to enhance integration between the software and the hardware, the sources added.

This does come to the Digitimes which doesn’t have the best track record, but we have no reason to doubt these rumors since the original Nexus 7 has sold very well, and they are keeping this Nexus device in stock more than the Nexus 4 or Nexus 10. The upgrades to the specs? Well of course ASUS and Google are going to upgrade the specs. This isn’t Apple. They aren’t going to release the same Nexus 7 in May with the same specs as the original Nexus 7 launched last June. I’d love to see the Tegra 4 chip put in this device, and also see an unlocked LTE version, but I don’t think that’ll happen.

So having said that, what kind of upgrades or changes do you want to see in the Nexus 7 come May, Google I/O? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Digitimes

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  • jeelee

    “I’m sure Asus is going to opt for Tegra 4, but I wouldn’t mind seeing one of the better processors put in it.

  • Jeffery L

    I would like to see a build quality on par with apple. No more squishy screens and blown speakers right out of the box.

  • Gerard van Reekum

    It’s a low-end device and it should stay like that. The web is gravitating towards Google+ and devices are gravitating towards Chromebooks and Android portables (Nexus tablets and smartphones). As long as Google’s business model holds water, i.e. as long as they manage to sell ads, computing will be cheap, sturdy, light-weight (physically as well as technically) and heavily relying on the cloud. Oh, and tablets will continue to have only front cameras…

    • Merle Reine

      Low end device? You are joking, right? The nexus 7 is a quad core tablet. It is way faster than the ipad at running any app or browser. I use the nexus 7 and my Galaxy S3 in replacement of a laptop and it runs any app that I need with no need for a laptop any more.

      • Gerard van Reekum

        I own a Nexus7 and am happier with it than any other device I’ve ever used. I meant to say it’s in the cheapest price range. I agree you get a whole lot of value for your money.
        You could think how to tune up the N7 a bit more towards making it perfect: better speakers, larger and replaceable battery, better camera, two even perhaps… but that would destroy the attractiveness of much-value-for-little-money. For no good reason, because it’s great as it is. I don’t complain about the position of the volume rocker ;-)

  • spectremANDROID

    A Tegra 4 and cellular connectivity at launch would make me happy.

  • spectremANDROID

    Oh– and some metal in the chassis ore used as an accent somewhere in the design. I totally agree that the Nexus 7 feels very good in the hand. I’d even agree that it feels a tad more premium than it actually is, but there’s no substitute for the structural rigidity that a well placed piece of metal provides.

  • Adam Smith

    A slightly thinner device would be nice, and maybe different speaker placement. Front facing if possible.

  • John Stanley

    I’d like to see a micro-SD card slot. Cloud computing is fine, when you have access… Until I can access everything securly from anywhere on the planet, extea storage

  • Vincifrisco

    This sounds like typical Google announcement. Nexus 7, Chromebook, Nexus 4, and now the new Nexus 7.
    I get rid of the google’s pathetic “attention whore” attitude. They just want the “Look at us, look
    at us! We sold out (the 5,000 units we produced)!” press buzz.

    All their products were average at the moment the presentation, and the time they are available on the stores shelves, they are outdated and outperformed by anything competitors made.
    Just for example: four months after the launch, NO A SINGLE ONE Nexus 10 reached the continental europe.

    Don’t come to me with the “pure Android experience and privilege”; there is no privilege to serve as rat lab for google, looking at how they regularly made better apps improvements for Apple or Microsoft than their own “Android family” itself.

  • Ryan Maximus

    More RAM please!! Everything else is near perfect, from exterior design/aesthetics to hardware specs, just need more RAM. Seriously. Tegra 4, 3gb of RAM should do it, full HD screen..OK, not necessary, but just to keep up…after all, the HTC DNA (phone) has a 1080p screen.

    Oh, and a digitizer made of diamond, as Corning’s Gorilla Glass is never going to be good enough.