Samsung to Replace Mali GPU with PowerVR for Exynos 5 Octa?

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In what seems like a disappointing turn of events, Anandtech is reporting that the recently announced Samsung Exynos 5 Octa might do away with the Mali GPU it has been using for the past 2 generations of Galaxy S devices (with the exception of the original one), and switch back to Imagination’s PowerVR GPU’s.

The rumor says it will use the same PowerVR SGX554MP3 that the iPhone 5 is using, but it will be overclocked to 533 Mhz, which is almost twice as much as the clock speed of the GPU cores inside the iPhone 5. A GPU’s performance grows linearly when you increase the clock speed or the number of cores, so we can expect about twice the graphics performance of the iPhone 5. This may be why Samsung said it will have twice the GPU performance of “anything out there”. But then, they clearly meant only the iPhone, because the iPad 4′s A6X GPU is already more than twice as fast.

And this is why I have a problem with this switch. By the time Samsung switches to this GPU in their phones, it will already be obsolete. If they wanted to switch to PowerVR then they should’ve made the move worth it and actually try to surpass Apple in GPU performance. Instead they are adopting a last-gen GPU, that will not only be behind in graphics performance, but will also lack many features that even Mali T604 had, like OpenGL ES 3.0 and full OpenCL support (PowerVR 5x has partial support). In the mean time, Apple will more than likely switch to PowerVR Series 6 next year, probably starting with the spring refresh.

So Apple will now be ahead not only in performance, but also in features, which is something they could’ve at least had on Apple with the new Mali GPU’s. The new Mali T624, Mali T628 and Mali T678 should also be a lot more integrated with the big.Little architecture, and offer higher performance for GPGPU compute, which I think will be a rising trend in the near future, thanks to “applications” like real-time HDR, speech recognition, AR, Photo Spheres, and physics in games. Samsung’s move at this point to PowerVR, and to an old one, too, is certainly puzzling.


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  • XvidiaJr

    Hey SAMSUNG! I wont buy your future devices if you dont put that Mali T658 with your Exynos5 Octa CPU! Please dont be stupid and ruin our BIG expectations for your upcoming S4 and Note 3!

  • Dr

    If true that would be a very big mistake by samsung !!!

  • Glen Price

    Anandtech sure are skillful generators of online hype! Another sensational rumor being spread by the blogs! Interesting to see soo many gullible falling for it! Lol!

  • Richard Yarrell

    Baseless rumor to say the least. Nobody awaiting Samsung’s latest and greatest products in 2013 the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 should worry about this happening. Others would wish them to do that i would assume so they can be placed of their number one perch. Don’t bank on what Anandtech deal directly with Samsung tomorrow/Samsung Usa twitter page for factual product announcements not blog sites. Samsung is very open and direct about their products and production of future related activities.

    • squiddy20

      “Baseless rumor to say the least.” Says the idiot who believed every single rumor about the release date of the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. -_-

      • Richard Yarrell

        Look at the asswipe who purchased his 3g Galaxy Nexus on dopey Sprint. One thing is for sure the useless device you have matches your personality and your crappy carrier. All three of you make a great couple.

        • squiddy20

          Wow. More childish insults. I’m so hurt by your words. /s

          So what if I have a Galaxy Nexus? You did too, you stupid hypocrite. You were saying for the months before it’s release on Verizon how you’d be getting it “day one” when the *rumors* were saying it would be available sometime in October (that was when we “knew” it’d be named the Nexus Prime). Then again for the multiple days in November that came and went with no release. Then again for the first couple days of December until it was finally released. You don’t think for yourself at all, just parrot off what everyone else says.