Could These be Photos of The Galaxy Tab 3?

| January 28, 2013 | 3 Replies

Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-3-jpgHere at Android Headlines we try our best to cover all the news and rumors we can so that you’re kept informed but, often there are rumors that don’t have too much evidence to go on and, common sense is the only thing we can rely on. Today though, there’s been more news and speculation surrounding more Galaxy Tab models from Samsung. We already know that the Galaxy Note 8.0 is all but confirmed but what of the other Galaxy Tab models that seem to making the rounds in the rumor mill? Well, it looks like there is finally some solid evidence suggesting the Galaxy Tab 3 is a very real entity and should be heading to MWC next month.

PhoneArena have been tipped off with a pair of images that look like retail packaging for the Galaxy Tab 3. It’s beginning to look like Samsung is heading towards their usual strategy of releasing many different tablet models. With the Galaxy Note 8.0 and the Galaxy Tab 3 that’s two tablets heading for an MWC reveal but, they’re just the ones we know about. If Samsung are going to release a third iteration of their affordable Galaxy Tab at 7-inches but there is also word of a Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 in the works as well.

Nevertheless, there are a pair of images that look like a Galaxy Tab 2 nestled in some retail packaging. Of course, it’s a little strange to think of a device that hasn’t even been announced to be ready to hit the shelves but, Samsung did announce and launch the Galaxy Tab 2 around this time of year and announcing a product then launching says a lot about your position in the market.


So, does this look real or fake? Well, it’s always hard to tell and this sort of thing should always be taken with a big helping of salt but if I were to bet on it, I would say that these images are faked somehow. The layout of apps on the front of the box is definitely not something you’d see in a Samsung tablet – there’s no TouchWiz. I have no doubt that Samsung are going to release Galaxy Tab 3 models in both 7.0″ and 10.1″ but, I don’t think these images have much to do with the Galaxy Tab 2 7.

[Source: PhoneArena]

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  • Nathan Harbin

    Looks like a fake to me. Samsung, unless they have sent TW the way of the buffalo, would not put stock Android on the box. This one I am not 100% on, but i’m pretty sure in landscape on that device there would be 4 rows of icons and they would not be that big in either touchwiz or stock. Pretty sure Samsung wouldn’t ship the tab with the pptv app, but again I can’t speak for Samsung. Lastly, with the best resolution I have in my house, the box still looks to say 10.1 to me. Oh, and they have never put the product number with the GalaxyTab logo on any box that I can find across the internet, but i bet the is just so the faker could say but look it has “this” # on it, or so maybe news sites would take it as such. I think it’s safe to say, Tom is right to call this one out.

  • Ben Stinson

    Looks like a KIRF knock-off to me, icons look ‘too big’, packaging looks a bit ropey… shows icons of standard music icon rather than Samsung’s own music app etc. Think this one firmly goes in the FAKE pile!

  • Kieran Sampson

    Looks like an unbranded tablet you could buy on ebay. Not convinced at all.