Beginning This Month, All T-Mobile Stores To Begin Carrying the Nexus 4

January 2, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

So who’s still looking for a Nexus 4? Well there’s some good news for those of you on T-Mobile. It appears that starting this month all T-Mobile stores will have the device. They also mention that the Google Play Store will continue to carry the Nexus 4. Last time I checked they were sold out. So hopefully that means we’ll see the Nexus 4 come back to Google Play soon.

“The Google Nexus 4 will launch in all T-Mobile retail locations in January. The Play Store will continue to carry the Nexus 4.”

Since T-Mobile is getting ready to launch the Nexus 4 in all of their retail stores, we would think that they have at least some supply in their stores. I’m sure everyone heading to a T-Mobile store wants to walk out with their Nexus 4 and not have to wait a week for it to come in. Although I expect that the stores will only have a few Nexus 4s at a time, but if they don’t, that’s even more good news. Hopefully the low stock on the Nexus 4 will disappear pretty quickly now that the holidays are over.

We heard earlier today that some Nexus 4s are shipping without the “glittery” back, so it’ll be interesting to see if these have that glittery back or not. If you do grab one from T-Mobile, let us know if yours has a plain backing or if its glittery like the others.

There was also no firm date provided, but there is less than 30 days left in January, so it’s gotta be coming to their shelves soon, right? So who’s waiting for T-Mobile to get the Nexus 4 in so they can grab one? Let us know in the comments below.