The Results Are In: Which Manufacturer and Carrier are the Fastest To Roll Out Android Updates?

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One of the biggest complaints in the Android community, other than battery life, is the wait for official updates from their manufacturer or carrier. Just look at how many devices official have Android 4.1. Other than the CDMA Galaxy Nexus’ there’s the Galaxy S3, HTC One X (in most places), and that’s about it. And Android 4.1 hit AOSP in July. That’s about 5 months now, and still only available on a handful of devices. Heck some devices are still waiting on Ice Cream Sandwich, like the HTC Thunderbolt. So which manufacturer is the fastest?

The manufacturer with the slowest updates? None other than LG. It took LG an average of 11.8 months to push an update. Followed by Motorola at 8.6 months and leaving many devices without an update including the Droid 3, Atrix 4G and Photon 4G. Samsung came in second with an average 8.6 months, before they were able to push Android 4.1 to their Galaxy S3 in 4.5 months, now their average is 6.9 months. And at the top is HTC? Yes the struggling manufacturer has an average of 4.8 months to push out an update. Of course they probably got some big help from the HTC G1/Dream and the Nexus One.




Now onto the carriers. Who’s the fastest? We all know it’s not Verizon. The fastest is T-Mobile with an average of 5.8 months and Sprint coming in second at 6.5 months. Third of course is AT&T at 7.8 months. And in last, with no surprise, is Verizon at 8 months. Although I think the average is a bit higher for Verizon.


verizon updates

Not to many surprises there. Although I’d say the biggest surprise is that HTC has the quickest updates. I’m sure owners of the HTC One X and One S would beg to differ. But by now you should know that if you want timely updates, you’ll want to grab a Nexus devices. Since those devices get updates within days of code being pushed to AOSP, unless of course you have a CDMA Nexus. So what are your thoughts on this data? Share them in the comments below.


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  • yarrellray

    Looks like my favorite carrier tmobile and my favorite manufacturer Samsung are doing very well by android. Verizon and Motorola suck monkey balls

  • $▲M™

    What this article fails to mention is WHY these updates are so slow. With the advancement of Android in both quality and improvements to the UI the skins the handset makers insist on overlaying is nothing short of a degrading of the android experience. Add to that the ridiculous carrier bloatware all but ruins a naturally amazing OS. Google need to start flexing their muscles like Microsoft has done with WP8 and demanding that vendors and carriers start putting aosp on their devices with the option of downloading and installing the skins (Sense, Touchwiz) if the user wants it.

    It can only mean a more cohesive end user experience and a less fragmented OS deployment. Nexus devices tend to sell well despite not having the best specs purely because they have pure Android and faster updates. Surely this would appeal to both vendors and carriers? Time to ditch the skins and fully embrace Android as it was meant to be!

    • APai

      yeah, about time google make sure the manufacturers create at least one nexus phone – that way first movers and those who care about updates regularly can buy those.