Some Galaxy S III Users Are Reporting Dead Phone – Potential Mainboard Problem

| December 21, 2012 | 9 Replies

Screen-backWhen we talk about devices “dying” on us, it’s often through some type of user caused damage or, perhaps a component prone to failure, does so. For instance, a lot of the time batteries give in before their time – just ask any one that had an iPhone 3G – or a port on the phone goes bad. Something like that. Something is a little different about this latest scare though, as there are reports from around the web that Galaxy S III units are dying – for no apparent reason. The main suspicion is that the device’s mainboard is said to be failing long before it ever should. Here’s a quote from one user: “Tl;Dr – S3 mainboards dying for no reason, Samsung replacing mainboards for free, but no new hardware revision so it might just happen again“. It could well be something to do with the NAND memory on the board failing – which would prevent the device from even booting.

So, it looks like Samsung’s boards aren’t up to scratch when it comes to longevity, which is a real shame. However, Samsung must be aware of the problem, otherwise they wouldn’t be replacing the boards for free. It looks as though the Korean company is replacing the boards for free whether or not you’ve tampered with root and ROMs – something I believe all manufacturers should do if it’s a hardware fault. I’ve never experienced something this myself but, the WiFi and Bluetooth antenna stopped working on my One X, HTC were of no help at all and claimed a “3 week waiting period”. 3 weeks without a phone, I don’t think so. My carrier was more obliging and I had a replacement, free of charge within 48 hours. Let’s just hope that Samsung are a little more helpful in this, shall we?

My Dad has the Galaxy S III and has done for a few months, his phone is still very much alive and kicking and I hope it will be for some time. The same goes for everyone else I know with a GS3. What about you? Have you had this happen to you, yourself or do you know someone who has had it happened to them?

[Sources: XDA; Reddit]

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  • Senseialan

    My 32gb S3 died after a month. Verizon sent me a new/refurbished S3. It’s doing good so far…

  • Terry Lee

    My Sprint S3 is still going great, rooted with stock rom.

  • Jose Hernandez

    My Pebble Blue 16GB S3 on T-Mobile is going strong. Have had it for about 6 months. (since they came out.)

  • Gandalf

    Just happened to me a few weeks ago. Battery went dead on my SGS3 one night, then it wouldn’t react to anything, not even charging after removing and inserting the battery. Got my mainboard changed, just got it back today.

  • Sheila C. Barber

    Thank God no problems with my VSGSIII. I’ve only had it two months though. Very scary! Especially in light of us Samsung people fighting with Apple people for ANY little flaw!

  • Joel Ratuita

    Just happened to me 2 months ago. when i woke up and the phone is dead. Samsung said its an issue with S3 main boards. They replaced it and got the phone after a week. After that, i sold my s3 and reverted back to One X. That is my issue with the build and quality of Samsung.

  • felines3

    This happened to me last week. Phone dead after being charged overnight. Called and after
    convincing the person at verizon that yes indeed, my phone was dead, they
    did a remote reset to fix it and claimed they had never heard of
    this before…..

  • Nathan Benson

    This happened on my international SIII.Phone charged overnight and was dead in the morning. Carrier “replaced broken part” and am up and running again. Scary.

  • Neil Bartlett

    I got mine back on Christmas Eve, after dying almost exactly 6 months in. It killed an SD card a while back, which someone else had, too. They didn’t say how they fixed it, but I’m hoping it is permanent.