Samsung Smartphone User? Get Free Swag on Facebook!

| December 28, 2012 | 13 Replies


Samsung is running a special on their Facebook page right now, and they’re offering up free flip covers and TecTiles for anyone who happens to own a Samsung device. Why? Doesn’t matter really, there’s free stuff to obtain!

Simply head over to the Samsung Facebook page and register your device. You’ll need to enable the Facebook app, which you can set to only show up to you if you prefer not to share with your friends, and then register your phone and wait for the confirmation e-mail. After you open the e-mail you can fill in your details for receiving the freebies. Samsung is calling them “care packages” and they’re offering them up while supplies last. If you’re interested you should probably hurry over, because free things like this rarely last long.

The care package includes a free official Flip Cover, available in pink, blue, orange or guacamole), and six programmable NFC TecTiles. In addition to the free care package, registered users also get a 50-percent discount off one item in the Official Samsung Store! Getting half-off a spare battery or bluetooth headset is a pretty great deal, especially when you’re getting that money off for no apparent reason.

Not familiar with the TecTiles? They’re a neat way to leave virtual notes for yourself. You can place a pre-programmed TecTile on your nightstand, and each night when you set your phone on it, the TecTile will make sure your alarm is set correctly. You can put them on your business card, programmed to share your contact information, or even put one in your car that automatically sends a text message to let someone know you are in the car and can’t talk or are headed home from work. There’s a lot of innovative uses for these little stickers, and the focus on NFC is just more proof that this type of technology is expected to play an ever-increasing role in our real-world life. With the recent news about Hyundai implementing NFC TecTile technology in future vehicles, and Samsung pushing them through these free care packages, it looks like TecTiles may prove to be more than a passing fad.

Source: Samsung Official Facebook

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  • Josh Carroll

    Looks like the link isn’t working anymore.

    • Alexander Maxham

      Just tried it and it worked fine for me.

  • Angus McIntyre

    US only?

  • scootle

    odd… no email with offer codes from them yet… maybe their system is slow?

    • Alexander Maxham

      I haven’t gotten my email yet either. But it’s only been about 5-10 minutes. Could just be overwhelmed.

      • scootle

        Yeah, no idea… still nothing here and it’s been a little while. Will check again later, I suppose.

        • mikeGsays

          I still haven’t received any email, re-registered 10 mins ago, and still nothing…. What gives?

  • Toshi

    Not such deal in UK it seems, my imei num was invalid

    • Alexander Maxham

      This is the Samsung USA page, so most likely it’s US only.

      • Toshi

        *sad face*, hope they extend it to the UK, doubt it though, thanks for the reply

  • Steven Critchfield

    Doesn’t require facebook at all. Only need to go to Samsungs website and register device. Just registered mine and my GF’s Note 2, both of us received the care package offer. Also the code for the discount didn’t change from mine to hers. Looks like it is good till Feb 11, and for up to 10 products per address. Looks like I’ll be getting a few more accessories like the allcast for home.

  • Matt Wolff

    I only got the 50% off email and free shipping on orders over $50. Did not receive the free care package :/

    Owner of Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus since launch date

  • chaiguy72

    According to the Facebook promo, this offer is only good for NoteII and SIII owners. Other devices aren’t NFC compatible.