Ingress: Connecting East Coast Resistance Members

December 7, 2012 - Written By Alexander Maxham

We’ve already talked about the importance of connecting with other players in your area. We have put together a list of pages for Resistance players on the east coast. We will also have many more lists for both resistance and enlightened pages on the East coast, West Coast, Midwest and the Southwest. We’ll also have some for Europe and other parts of the world as more people get their invites to Ingress


Currently there are no Resistance pages for Maine.


Currently there are no Resistance pages for Vermont.

New Hampshire

Currently there are no Resistance pages for New Hampshire


Boston Ingress Resistance

Rhode Island

Ingress Resistance Rhode Island


Resistance CT

New Jersey

Central New Jersey Resistance Ingress


Delware Resistance – NCCo Branch


Currently there are no Resistance pages for Maryland.

District of Columbia

D.C. Resistance

D.C. Metro Area General

New York

Ingress Resistance: NY Division

Nyc resistance

Ingress Resistance: Western NY Division

Ingress Resistance Long Island NY



Ingress Resistance Virginia


Florida Resistance

Gainesville Florida Resistance

Ingress Orlando Resistance

North Carolina

The North Carolina Resistance

Ingress Resistance North Carolina

The Resistance @ NCSU (Unofficial)

South Carolina

South Carolina Resistance

Ingress Resistance South Carolina


The Resistance @ Georgia Tech

Resistance – Athens GA Area – USA

 Ingress Resistance – Atlanta, GA (USA)

Metro Atlanta Ingress Resistance

Last updated: 8pm EST, December 2, 2012

We will try our best to update this weekly or even more often. If you come across some more Google+ pages for these States, throw the names in the comments so we can add them.