Foxconn Could Have Landed an Order from Amazon to Produce 5 Million Smartphones

December 17, 2012 - Written By Tom Dawson

For some time now we’ve been hearing rumors that Amazon are looking to enter the smartphone space using their own build of Android. Just like they have done with their Kindle Fire Tablets. If you were to look back, an Amazon smartphone might have sounded pretty ridiculous but, when you consider that they’ve been selling the Kindle Fire for some time now, along with a whole host of digital content, a smartphone from them doesn’t sound too much like a bad idea. Over the last year or so it’s become more and more apparent that a lot of what we do with our devices is consuming content, such as music, movies, books – that sort of stuff and now Amazon are one of the biggest companies to offer such content, a smartphone from the company would certainly have what it takes to compete with the iPhone and Android on the content side of things.

There’s a rumor coming from the Taiwanese Economic News that Foxconn have won a contract to supply the online giant with 5 Million smartphones. That’s one hell of an order – especially for a first order. 5 Million might not sound like a lot when you look at sales of the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S III but for a first order of something that hasn’t been tried by the company before is a pretty big deal. Whether or not it’s true is something we’ll have to wait and see about but, can you imagine if Amazon were to show a prototype smartphone at CES next year? That would create pretty big waves in the industry and if they can get the price right then there should be a lot of people interested in the device. Speaking of price, the bill of materials is said to be anywhere between $100 to $200, which isn’t a lot and when you remember that Amazon seem pretty happy to sell the Kindle Fire for little more than cost, a smartphone from the eCommerce giant could turn some heads indeed.

An Amazon smartphone would more than likely go on sale in America and parts of Western Europe, I doubt that they’ll want to launch a phone in a region that they aren’t selling any of their services. Perhaps the scariest thing of this is that there might be a phone on shelves next year that features ads on lockscreens. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. If anything, it’s pretty exciting to see what Amazon will be doing with this and whether or not they do enter the smartphone space – it would be a logical step for them but, is the market too crowded already?

[Via: Android Authority]