Deal: Get a MOGA Gamepad and Modern Combat 4 for Free! Today Only [Update]


Today there’s a pretty awesome deal out from MOGA. You know those gamepads we’ve seen everywhere? Okay not quite everywhere. But it’s basically a controller to play games on your phone or tablet, as shown above. Normally these things cost around $50. But not today. Today its free. Along with Gameloft’s brand new Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. All you’ve gotta do is pay for shipping and handling. So it can’t be to bad, right?

I know what you’re all thinking. What’s the catch? There is no catch. There is no fine print. Well there is a slight catch. Right now PowerA’s site is getting hammered. So getting one of these is as hard as getting a Nexus 4, unfortunately. So how do you get this gamepad for free?

Here’s how:

  • Go to PowerA site
  • Add the Gamepad to your cart
  • Once you’re at checkout, enter ‘secretsanta’ for the coupon code then checkout.
  • That’s it, you just have to pay for shipping

So no complaints here about the deal, especially where you’re getting Modern Combat 4 for free as well. It’s a pretty good steal. All you’ll need to do while you wait for it to ship is get a few AAA batteries so you can play with your new toy when it arrives.

As we said before, their site is getting hammered like Google Play on a Nexus launch. So be patient while trying to order yours. Hopefully they don’t run out as quickly as the Nexus 4 did.

If you were able to order one, let us know in the comments below how much shipping and handling put you back.

Update: PowerA had to take their site down due to traffic. But they have said that the deal is still on and they will be extending it.

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