Android Devices With The Best And Worst Battery Life

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Root Uninstaller Team, the creators of the Battery Stats Plus app, published reports detailing battery statistics over the last three weeks. The charts below show data from over 474 Android phones and tablets which sent over 5,500 battery statistic reports. The app has been installed on devices in countries all over the world. Devices with the best and worst battery stats might not be what you expect.

The average battery lifetime is just over twenty hours with the Samsung Galaxy Tab as the tablet with the best battery with over 60 hours of usage. The LG Optimus Pro comes in just under that and wins as the phone with the best battery life. On the other side are both Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570B and S5570L with less than six hours of battery life.top15d top15wdd


Now for the apps that help kill your battery.  The com.qualcomm.privinit app is the worst offender that uses up about 20 percent of your battery. Interesting is the Smart Settings app that is supposed to optimize your device’s settings and act as a power saver. The app is from the Root Uninstaller team and has about 13 percent of battery usage.


Since the average battery life of any smart device is not even a full day, I’ve included some basic tips on what you can do to help extend that. This is already common sense for most people but I’ve included it just in case anyone might need a reminder.

  • Go into your settings and find your phone’s battery use. It can help break down what is draining your battery the most. The Battery Stats Plus app is free to install and can detect which apps are the offenders.
  • Use wi-fi when possible which can also save on your data. But also make sure that the wi-fi option is off when you aren’t using it, otherwise it will drain your battery constantly looking for hotspots.
  • Always press “Back” when exiting any app. Also make sure apps that are not needed aren’t running in the background.
  • Turn off GPS and Bluetooth unless you need it. Location finder will also drain your battery.
  • Adjust the brightness of the display.
  • Live wallpapers are pretty but can also drain battery.

[Source: RootUninstaller]

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  • Cat MacKinnon

    i don’t know that live wallpapers drain all that much battery power these days. unless you’re staring at your home screen for long periods of time, they should have minimal impact (as long as they’re not coded poorly.) i’d imagine that certain live wallpapers, like those that have embedded clocks, might drain a bit more power if they’re constantly updating in the background though.

    i’ve been running one of Kittehface’s live wallpapers (Clocktower) for about a week now, and i haven’t noticed any extra drain on my battery life. if there’s any, it’s negligible. i also wonder if older versions of Android might have more battery drain issues with live wallpapers…i’m running ICS, so i’m not sure if that has any bearing on it.

    • Crystal Kube

      You raise a good point. I’ve never tested it out, since I prefer a picture of my favorite video game character as wallpaper. But the tip might still be useful if someone is looking to save as much battery life as possible.

  • yarrellray

    Wonder what happened to the Galaxy Note 2???. Guess they didn’t have time to test it. It should come in right after the Galaxy 10.1.

    • Crystal Kube

      I suppose the data is a bit flawed, as it can only include devices the app is actually installed on and that the users send in enough reports. It might be included on a later report though.

  • Nugget

    I’m running Jedi-ROM 6.1.2 on my ATT Galaxy Note 2, and on average I’m getting about 24 hours of battery with heavy usage.

  • Justin Demoude

    No surprise to me D710, the Epic Touch, is among the worst. Even with an extended battery, the Qcell, I’m lucky to get 6 hours before I have to turn it off completely! So I try to keep it off, and get through most of the day that way, recharging around 40-50% in the evening.

  • Anonymous

    I have an att LG nitro hd p930..have these phones had any complaints as far as the phone just rebooting sporadically or shutting down all together where you have to take battery out and put back in? I have had this go on with mine every since I got it….just curious..