21 Days of Android Gifts: Day #3: Andru Phone Charger

December 5, 2012 - Written By Tom Dawson

If we’re honest with ourselves, the battery life on our phones doesn’t last anywhere near as long as we would want it to. RAZR MAXX users, pipe down! So, to that end we normally have a lot of microUSB cables and USB bricks lying around for those times when we run out of juice. I know I have a number of them, one at the office, one in the living room and two in my room – thanks, HTC. Realistically though, if you’re spending a lot of time on your phone then you’re going to run that littler battery down really quickly. With LTE fast becoming the norm more and more of us are watching Netflix and YouTube on the go, keeping those power-hungry screens on for a long time.

If we’ve got to charge our phones throughout the day, then why not do it in style? Now, you can with the Andru phone charger. It’s been around for a while now but, there are a number of different colors you can charge your beloved Android phone through. There’s Andru Dark for those that are keeping things a little sinister and there’s just been a newly announced Andru Chill. The newest member of the family is all white and is just in time for the holidays and should go well with anybody that bought a white Galaxy S III or a white Note II.

Andru has posable arms and adjustable antennae as well as his own stand for when he’s not in use. Perhaps the best bit though is the fact that his eyes light up! His eye’s stay white while he’s on standby and when he’s called into duty he’s eyes will glow blue – signalling a flow of power to your Android phone. I think Andru would make a brilliant gift for any die-hard Android user and especially those on the go – nobody likes to drag their boring, bland power adaptor to the office and back. With Andru, you might be that little bit happier with having to charge your phone all the time. You can buy Andru direct from Power By Gen as well as the usual place…