Verizon and HTC to Come Together on Nov 13th; We Wonder What It Could Be…

November 6, 2012 - Written By Tom Dawson

Invites to the press are rolling out letting them know of an event in New York City this time next week for HTC and Verizon to show off their “latest collaboration”. As much as I would like to, they’re no prizes for guessing this one right. For some time now we’ve been hearing of a mysterious 5-inch HTC device headed to Big Red and recently we’ve heard a lot more and seen a lot more as well. With the announcement of the Butterfly J in Japan, packing a 1080p 5-inch screen and a design style not foreign to phones on Verizon in the past, it looks like we’ve already seen the phone. There have been leaks of the design for Verizon as well and it looks just like the phone that Japan are being treated to.

It looks Verizon customers are finally going to be getting the HTC device that they’ve been after ever since the original Droid Incredible hit the network years ago. Verizon was the only carrier that didn’t get to taste something from the One series and instead decided to go with the Droid Incredible 4G which was a device that didn’t do too well and soon faded away. With the Droid DNA however, Verizon looks set to bring in a stellar device just in time for the busy holiday season which should have folks clamoring for an upgrade. Naturally, we’ll have all the news for you next week so, stay tuned.