Sony Confirms Flagship Devices coming in 2013; Possibly CES or Mobile World Congress

| November 15, 2012 | 4 Replies

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen quite a few Sony phones being leaked out. Including the Odin and Yuga, which looked to be some pretty nice looking devices. So far, Sony hasn’t been all that popular in the Android world. It’s time Sony made a name for itself, especially with HTC and Motorola having huge financial issues as of late, we can’t let Samsung take all our money right? According to at least one Sony executive, it looks like we’ll be seeing these devices at either CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in January or Mobile World Congress in February.

Sony’s Mobile Sales and Marketing CVP Dennis van Schie spoke with Germany’s Financial Times and informed them that the company is planning a new flagship model to compete with the big dogs like the Apple iPhone 5, and the Samsung Galaxy S3. Now Dennis may be a little behind in targeting to compete with the Galaxy S3 since we are already hearing rumors of the Galaxy S4 not to mention the Galaxy S3 is already about 4-6 months old, and these Sony phones probably won’t be launched until March or April of next year. But at least Sony fans will have something to look forward to.

Now we’ve seen a few Sony devices lately, the Odin and the Yuga, in addition to a lower-end device code named the C3602. We are assuming that van Schie is referring to the Yuga which is said to have:

  • 5″ 1080p display (Perhaps Super LCD3 like on the Droid DNA?)
  • quad-core S4 processor (probably the S4 Pro that’s in the Nexus 4)

The Yuga is looking like it’s going to be Sony’s phone that will outshine the new Droid DNA just announced a few days ago by HTC and Verizon. With the recent Xperia S experiment by Jean-Baptiste Queru of Android Open Source Project, I expect that Sony might be able to do updates much faster now as well.

Who’d like to see a new Sony device? How about the Sony Yuga with its 5″ 1080p display? Let us know in the comments what you think about a flagship Sony device.

SourceFinancial Times Deutschland (Google Translate)

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  • ericpeacock79

    It would be nice for Samsung to have some serious competition to keep the market and innovation level healthy.

  • rick beacham

    Sony should dump android altogether and put there real flag ship device from Sony computer entertainment the Cell Broadband Engine and xbm media browser. Android is lagging nothing innovative about it. Sony could bring quality apps and bring there customers in from their gaming market. come on Sony what are waiting for? ????? Microsoft can do the same xbox and direct x would eat iphone and android for breakfast…

    come on guys stop using arm technology and do something new.. . stop copying apple Already and innovate.

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