Samsung Has 3 Million Reasons Why The Galaxy Note II Rocks

November 2, 2012 - Written By Mike Stenger

When the original Galaxy Note came out, a lot of people made fun of it. For one, it was massive. Featuring a 5.3 inch display, it’s not exactly a phone for everybody. Secondly, it came with a stylus. That brought back memories to the PDA days, a time when functionality was very limited.

However, Samsung has proved that the idea of a “phablet” was not only a winning concept, but is also a wild success in round two. The Galaxy Note II was released on just a few carriers towards the end of October in the states and elsewhere a bit earlier, and already has sold three million units.

Not shipped, but sold. When you take into consideration that the original Note sold over 10 million units, it’s looking like the Galaxy Note II will have no problem at all going above and beyond that.

This is a big win for Samsung and as the Note II comes available on other carriers, this number is likely to grow. Recently, tech personality Chris Pirillo sat down with Desmond Smith, Product Manager for the Galaxy Note II, and they walked through the device and all of its features.

You can give it a watch below or bookmark to watch later as it is a little over 30 minutes.