Panasonic Eluga Gets Updated to Ice Cream Sandwich, Not Via OTA but a Play Store App?

November 1, 2012 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Now this is something interesting and something we don’t see everyday. It appears that Panasonic has taken a new way to update it’s Eluga to ICS. They have a new app in the Play Store called “ELUGA ICS Update”.  And according to the app’s description in the Play Store, “connects to Panasonic download server [sic] and downloads the Ice Cream Sandwich software update.” Now isn’t that just plain awesomeness? Just skip right over the carrier and get your official Android update that much quicker.

For those that are thinking “what on earth is the Panasonic Eluga?” It’s a device that was announced at Mobile World Congress this past Spring and was touted for being waterproof and having a dustproof chassis. It also only made it’s way to Europe and Japan.

So if you own the Eluga, go ahead and hit the Play Store and download this app so you can enjoy Ice Cream Sandwich. But Panasonic does say “the update can take approximately 100 minutes.” So you still might have quite a wait on your hands.


Download: Play Store