Here are the Play Store Apps on Sale For This Black Friday

| November 23, 2012 | 2 Replies

It’s that time of year where we all go crazy over technology deals and, it would seem, pretty much anything with a price cut. Every year there are a lot of good deals floating around and it seems that the internet is the best place to get them. Phones are reduced across the country, as are tablets and yet there nothing without a fresh batch of apps and games to mess around with. Thankfully, Google has you covered and there’s a Black Friday sale going on right now. With tons of apps on sale throughout the store, it might be a little difficult to find something you like so, take a look at the handy list below to see what’s on sale right now:

[Source: Reddit]

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  • Michael Schmidt

    FYI: Goodnight Moon (in Canada) is showing as $2.99, NOT $0.99. All the others _do_ show as the prices you list above, however, so it can’t be the case that I am in Canada, and not celebrating Thanksgiving. ;-)

    • Tom Dawson

      Thanks, I’ve fixed this now!

      Have fun with the apps!