Google looking to become Google Wireless?

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Tired of these carriers and their high prices? Well you could have another choice coming soon. And if the coverage is right I’m almost certain you’ll switch to them. It’s been rumored since before Google purchased Motorola Mobility last year, that Google might be looking to become a wireless carrier. Perhaps Google Wireless? So far they already have Motorola Mobility for the hardware, and they have Google Fiber as an ISP (Internet Service Provider). And this evening the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google is in talks with Dish Network in possibly launching it’s own Wireless carrier. So they can compete with the greedy carriers like AT&T and Verizon.

To add, Dish Network did confirm that they were in talks with several potential partners “who would like to be in the industry”, looking to launch a cellular service using it’s current collection of spectrum. So a wireless carrier run by Dish Network and Google? Sounds good to me. It may not be as cheap as the latest Nexus devices have been, but I’m sure we’d see the return of unlimited data on many other carriers as they would try to compete with Google in the wireless industry.

Who wouldn’t want their carrier to be Google? Android is already built by Google, we already use Google Chrome everywhere, and soon (hopefully) we will have Google Fiber with it’s 1gbps connection, so why not get Google Wireless on board as well? It could definitely compete with AT&T and Verizon since they both offer home internet, and TV (U-Verse for AT&T and FIOS for Verizon). It could make for some seriously great competition, especially since Google usually puts it’s customers first, although given the current Nexus launch many might disagree.

So if Google Wireless (or a Google wireless carrier under a different name) did come into existence, would you switch? What would it take to get you to switch? I’d switch if they offered everything T-Mobile does for less, or even faster speeds.

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    • Daz

      Get it in the UK too and im on it….

  • Carlos

    I’d switch the second they do.

  • K

    bye bye att&verizon

  • Dennis Windsor


  • Anonymous

    I would switch the second they opened up!

  • Sid Burgess

    Well, of course I would switch but just one question, would I have to get all my support through Google Groups? Cause that is kind of getting old.

  • adam treier

    Oh… so they didn’t actually launch yet? I already called Verizon to cancel and paid the early termination fee, so I’m ready when you are Goog

  • Jason McLane


  • Kurt

    Without a doubt I would drop sprint to go with Google in a heartbeat. True competition is what this industry has been lacking

  • Olivier Boss

    I’m all in favor. The more choice, the better. And at this point in the US there is NO choice: it’s a quasi monopole (only AT&T and T-Mobile for the worlwide-used technology, GSM).
    I hope Google does it.

  • Sammy

    Id Have to wait and see what the coverage area is like. I Live in Oklahoma, lots of Flat dusty land out here. And Right now Verizon is about the only carrier that covers pretty much everywhere in Oklahoma.. AT&T is horrible.. Spotty at best… and Sprint.. well dont get off the main Interstates else you wont have sprint.. T-Mobile’s coverage areas pretty much match up to AT&T. And US Cellular is spotty. So id just have to see the coverage area first.. But if its as well rounded as Verizon, then sure I will switch.

  • Joshua Talley

    I heard T-Mobile was for sale recently.

    Any way you choose to approach it, this is a very risky move, because it would put Google at odds with the carrier partners that support its ecosystem.

    How would Android fare if Verizon stopped selling all those Droid whatever 4G LTE phones? But they wouldn’t do that to themselves, right?

    What I want from as carrier is coverage and reliability. Unless Google can match one of the big players out of the gate, this is a no-go.

  • Jonathon L. Haar

    I would switch the minute it became available and I would gladly pay the early termination (greed) fee.

  • Frank Allen Combs III

    same here Carlos

  • rahim

    I would switch right away. i am just hoping to see google fiber in Nashville Tennessee.

  • John Smith

    Customers first really? You ever had a misfortune of having to get through to google support on anything? I love their products, but “customer first” is a serious misunderstanding of their model. Technology first would be right :)

  • http://na Robo

    I believe is the usual refrain to such excellent news as this, if it turns out to be true.
    GoogleVoice/SMS/MMS/Hangouts all integrated for one fee for fast connections? Yes, yes, and thrice, yes.

  • Kevin

    I have been thinking they would buy Sprint but seeing Soft Bank had just aquired 75% of Sprint recently I’d say that wasn’t an option anymore. Google buying dish to get it’s TV contracts would help with its Google TV push its been trying for years to get off the ground with. I’m sure Google is under tremendous pressures from all sides lately. The FCC is changing Department heads and the exiting office is trying one last ditch effort to make a name for itself before its out the door on Google’s wallet. The large lobby moneys provided by the carriers such as Verizon, AT&T and Comcast are about to come to a realization that data is not cap able. Days CAPs are felonious. Its not like the concept of a limited resource like water or natural gas. It can be increased at a very negligible cost. Hence the Gigabit fiber project in Kansas City. Think how many obscure services provided in this country that are over priced, mismanaged and or over regulated that the entry for competition is stifled at many levels so these companies can have effectively, monopolies over our services. Electric companies, gas companies, airline companies, telephone companies, insurance companies, US postal (not so much anymore) and any other service that has either government control or a large lobby group. These services we use daily are over charged and under powered and do not have to be this way. Good on ya Big G for sticking your nose into it.

  • Curt

    Yup… Goodbye Verizon. Hello Google…

  • Tom

    I am sure Google will be cheaper and be much better at serving their customers. I will definitely switch to Google, so please hurry up. I agree with the others, At&t and Verizon will be scrambling to keep customers.

  • theSuperStar

    I’ll switch.

  • Jaime

    I will switch AT&T or Verizon are too spensive tired of giving money away plus is a Google World Everything is going to be power by Google even your vehicle in the near future thanks Google

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