Giveaway: We’ve Got Invite Codes for Ingress! Come and Get ‘Em [Update: Winners Announced]

| November 23, 2012 | 501 Replies

Over the past week or so, there’s been so much publicity about this new game from Google. In particular Niantic Labs, which brought us Field Trip a few months ago. The new game I’m speaking of is Ingress. It’s closed beta, and by invite only right now. All week we’ve been seeing people begging others on Google+ for an invite. I finally got mine yesterday afternoon, which made for a great Thanksgiving.

However we were lucky enough to get a few invite codes from the one and only Brandon Badger, who is one of the master minds at Niantic Labs. He has also been giving away codes on his Google+ page to those that show off some creative artwork using the Ingress logo. And I must say there’s been some great ones out there.

For those that aren’t aware of Ingress, or don’t know what it is; we suggest you take a look at a couple of great articles Doug put together earlier this week about Ingress. But to put in short terms, it’s basically a genius way to get fresh data for Google Maps and Street View. And it’s very addicting.

How to Enter:

We’re going to make this pretty easy. There are a few ways to enter, highlighted below. The contest will end at 11pm EST on Sunday, November 25th. We will announce the winners the following day.

  • +1 our post on Google+
  • Tweet about the giveaway
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Leave a comment below, stating why you want an invite code to play Ingress


So this means you can have up to 5 entries into the giveaway. Which means you’ll have more chances to win. So good luck to everyone. And in the meantime, check out Ingress’ official website to see what the game is all about and help you decide which faction you’ll be joining. You’ll also want to download the game so you’ll be ready to go, if you’re one of the lucky few to win a code! Will you join the Resistance? Or go Enlightened? Here’s a quick video about the game.

YouTube Preview Image

Update: The Giveaway is now over and we have our 8 winners. Thanks to everyone who participated, and congratulations to the following people:

Jesse Wolfe
Ivan Polonevich
John Lazz
Micheal Love
Rick Seefeldt
Alexey Popodko
Bob McAndrew
Sahaj Chawla


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  • chris hollis

    I wanna be the first one of my friends on the East Coast to play Ingess, i really need this..

  • matt lorenzen

    The resistance is struggling and losing ground in my area. We must strike back with a vengeance. The invite would bring power to the resistance

  • Tyler Needham

    Love google products always enjoy being a part of their betas (from the CR-48 to google music beta to the old google labs) Ingress sounds like an amazing next step for Google! (plus I want to help them data mine my area for better data ;))

  • Joshua Jordan

    Game seems legit. I never win anything. So yeah be nice to win something.

  • Kevin Dot Jaypeg

    I want an invite code so I can finally see what all the fuss is about

  • Rohit Saklecha

    Seems like an awesome way to interact in the world

  • iMatty

    i work in LA and I think there will be many cool portals in and around my area. I am a gaming freak and I would love to play and so would my wife

  • Aldo López

    would love an invite :) need to augment the reality of newark nj

  • Manuel Müller

    Thx for sharing!

  • TJ Daw

    I want to play the game to win!

  • Stas

    Need that invite, looks like all around are playing already

  • Damon Meredith

    I would like an invite because every single one of my friends has an iPhone.

    I must #enlighten them all and #resist the Apple fan kingdom!

  • Steve DeGregorio

    Seems like fun.

  • Skylar

    I want an Ingress invite because I think that this is the most interesting thing that Google has ever done, and I’ve been waiting for one for about a week now. I just NEED that invite.

  • Farshad

    I really want to join the resistance and try to help them and I’m in Perth Australia. I don’t know how many people are playing it here right now, but I can’t wait to join the. So please send me an invitation which means a lot to me right now.

  • Paul Michael

    The world needs to be enlightened! Starting in the Philippines! With over 100M mobile users!

  • Bradley Albert Nemitz

    So I can procrastinate just a little bit more on school work. And cause it sounds awesome.

  • Tony Balboa

    Seems like a very original and innovative game. I can’t wait to try it out.

  • Jared Hendrickson

    I would enjoy being one of the first players on the ground in my area. I also enjoy being very deep in the Google ecosystem. If I can help Google improve their location data while entertaining myself, that’s a win-win. Please help me embrace this win-win opportunity, Android Headlines.

  • Paul Murphy

    I have never twittered or ever will. Guess that means I’m out.

  • Paul Murphy

    I don’t post as a facebook user either, what’s wrong with just Google+?

    • Alexander Maxham

      We added all 3 because some people use twitter or facebook instead of Google+. But each of these options gives you another entry into the contest.

  • Steven Watson

    I want a code to be one of the first to experience such a major shift since I believe this game will be a major milestone in augmented reality.

  • iandouglas

    I’m looking for an invite for my wife. She keeps asking me if this is a husband-only game because I got my invite code a week ago and she’s still waiting for hers.

  • Ryan Zentz

    I’ve been waiting to play for quite sometime; plus I’d really like to try it out on my new SIII!

  • Dave Henry

    Would love to see what this is like on my Nexus7….

  • bkmacdaddy designs

    I’m already playing but I’m the only person in my town. I’d like an invite code so I can get other friends (or foes) locally involved.

  • Jason Sweeney

    Ok the husband only game comment is awesome. I would like a invite just because. The game looks awesome, and and with the amount of traveling I do, I would get to mess with a lot of portals.

  • Paul Nguyen

    I’ve been waiting and sending my pics to Brandon Badger and still no invite . Today it’s my birthday and asked again and no invite. I’m so sad right now and drive to Texas from California and wanted to play ingress but can’t. please I would love an invite and start playing and explore.

  • Jonathan Lopez

    I want to see what all the hubbub is about


    I want an invite because i like the concept

  • Michael Gerberich

    To be on the forefront of the Android Gaming rEvolution.

  • Dan Thompson

    I never got mine from the preregister on the ingress site. really want to be part of this

  • Xavier Coleman

    I would like to try the game. It has a completely new concept and I would like to see how it works.

  • William Aguas

    I really would like to try this game, really curious to see what it is like.

  • Michael Mills

    I like this app because it sounds like a good reason to get the freak outta my house. I’ve been on disability for 4+ years and the only reason I leave is to drop off and pick up the kids from school.

  • Matt Janey

    Tulsa needs resistance!

  • Claude A Robinson III

    I really would like to be enlightened… I always strive for enlightenment in my life…

  • Ian Marrero

    Feel free to hook up a US Army guy here!

  • William Ollivierre

    i want to play, and it will be my first new game this year lol not a big gamer but its this or a wiiu i want to play this more lol power to android

  • Rohan Varma

    I live in Plano, TX. i need an invite simply because i am an avid fan of Niantic Labs. They have been able to shed light on some of the most spectacular games and AR applications. I want to join and become enlightened.

  • Bozhidar Sokolov

    I want an invite because I have been obsessing over google. I have also been waiting for an invite for the past 2 weeks.

  • Chris

    I want an invite code to play Ingress : )

  • Christof Sperl

    Because then I could stop being sad and be awesome instead playing Ingress. True story.

  • Jake

    I really want to try this game and see what it is all about.

  • Matteo Bonora

    To become Enlightened!

  • Sourjya Sankar Sen

    I’m always enthralled at the prospects of exploring the unknown. I’m also a die-hard fan of RPGs and this is a terrific chance to totally immerse yourself in a RPG, unlike ever before.

  • Audio

    I must fight and help the resistance!

  • Zachary White

    I NEED a code because unless I help the enlightened, those resistance scum will prevent the evolution of our species. They fear progress!!!

  • Brendan Conron


    And because I’m in college and bored.

  • Dany Alex

    Seems legit

  • nevda

    i want to #resist in 3.2591° S, 109.7028° E

  • Neal

    In order to see that which is unseen.

  • geoffrey myers

    Must join the resistance

  • William Garcia

    I would like an Invite because Nicaragua needs resistance!!!

  • Hayden Vespucciano

    Funny that they did not say how many invite codes Brandon gave them. A few could be 2 and so far 52 people who has followed all of these unnecessary rules to get one will be S.O.L. I would suggest also following Joe Philley on G+ because he’s been giving out codes randomly for the past 3 days now.

  • Christiaan Conover

    I really want to help my area gain numbers in the game.

  • Konstantin Keller

    Because it sounds like an amazing concept, and I’m bored out of my mind a lot of times.

  • Cliff

    I want to Enlighten the world

  • Naveen Bhat

    Because i heard its awesome

  • Brock Norman

    My area is small, and needs help for the resistance.

  • Gerry Borger

    I would love to get an invite code. This game sounds like an awesome excuse to get out and explore.

  • Evgeni Kirilov

    Ingress was first pitched as “Google’s MMO” to me, and I love the idea. I’ve been wanting to see something done with augmented/virtual reality for a while now, and this looks like it!

  • Saumya

    I want the invite because the concept is brilliant and I want to see what its like in India. :)

  • Maurice James

    I will retire from the USMC in April after 20 years, so I would like some enjoyment now. Ingress is a good start

  • eromine

    I need to defend my area! the enlightened is overtaking it and people are gloating online.

  • MangoHorse

    Because all the cool people have them…

  • Jurist Chan

    It’s unlike anything any game has ever tried to do.

  • Nyloneeeeeeeee

    Because I’m having a nerdgasm

  • Philip Edmondson

    I must fight. For who, is yet to be determined. Both sides have their arguments. Whichever one persuades me will be the one I choose.

  • John Catral

    Because I’ve tried every avenue and still nothing. You guys are my only hope! :)

  • Patrick Ryan

    I just bought 3 Nexus 7′s and this could be a great “Dad + 2 sons” thing to do with them!

  • Barbara L. Scott

    Because I want to play!

  • jim

    It seems like an interesting game.

  • Rob rollings

    I’d like an invite because I’m sure th Resistance in the OC needs help

  • Chris Wolverton

    I’d like, nay, need an invite. There are strange things afoot in the city of sin, and I require the tools for enlightenment!

  • Paul_Werner

    I want an invite because that’d make me the 1st of my friends to play this. I’d get them involved in it & add new points of interest. I’ve been following them on G+ since they had a sign up page but they didn’t send me an invite just yet. I even made a meme about it in hopes to get an invite but no such luck. Please send me an invite

  • Tony Alteparmakian

    I would love to confuse the high school kids on the campus that I teach at by becoming a clandestine member of the resistance…gotta keep ‘em on their toes.

  • Ben Buckman

    to play ingress…

  • Denali

    Ever since I purchased my HTC One V, I’ve been looking for the one game app that would hold my attention. Everything points to Ingress being the app and I’d like to see if I’m right.

  • Andrew L

    I want it because I’m curious about it

  • Adam Harvey

    I would like to win as just got back from the birth of my first child and a code would. omplwte the best weekend of my life

  • Steve Thomason

    I would really like to have an invite please so I can get in on some of this hot Ingress action.

  • Matthew Boudinot

    I’ve been trying like mad to get an invite and haven’t received one yet. Please pick me! Watching everyone else playing is TORTURE!! :(

  • Himell

    I want to know more about the game and experience it

  • WilliamStern

    Why do I want an invite? Because I just got a new HTC Droid DNA, and I wanna see what it looks like, and plays out on my new 1080p phone. Nuff said? I hope so….

  • Shane Fera

    My reason, in haiku form:

    Earth needs a hero
    To Prevent Catastrophe
    I am that hero

    Shane Fera

  • Giles Cooper

    Wow, this looks really interesting. I’d like to see it with Google glass or similar! Augmented reality is the future. Definitely sign me up.

  • Tim

    I’m really interested in this, It sounds very interesting so far so I’d love to see what all the hype is about!

  • James Brough

    I’ve been a Google follower for a long time I love being on the cutting edge with their new technologies and being a part of launching them. This game is a huge step in connecting the real world with the digital one (even if it is just for fun) and I can’t wait to try it out.

  • Eric Figueroa

    This will allow me to forget I have no real life friends.

  • Scott Matisko

    I need a reason to leave the house.

  • Thomas Mock

    Because I want to give crowd sourced data in my area.

  • Daniel Hiltz

    I want to fir in with the cool kids. Plus my job has me driving around the city a lot so I’d be able help the cause

  • Patrick Boake

    Can’t wait to create new portals here in the Toronto area and deliver millions to #Enlightenment

  • Jonathan Jowers

    I’ve been looking for something new to get addicted to an Ingress seems perfect.

  • Emanuel deJesus

    I believe I need to be an early part of this amazing project. May I please have a code. The app is downloaded and waiting.

  • Daniel Hiltz

    I want to fit in with the cool kids

  • Cory Steinmetz

    I need to help the enlightened in Idaho!

  • Jon Zidle

    Resistance is futile . . .

  • Marian Smith

    I need to get out more

  • TrueBlue312

    I’d just like to try it out, honestly. It seems pretty interesting.

  • Joshua Perkins

    I want a code so that I can play the game.

  • Govner Moba

    To play with my friends raiding enlightenment portals.

  • Brian Johnston

    I want an Ingress invite so I can be the coolest teacher in the school.

  • travis Breidenbach

    I’m always the last to know! Plus I have lived in Portland all my life and think it’s time for an alternative reality. It would be nice to be one if the first!

  • GR GR

    What’s this Game going to do to keep me entertained for more then 5 mins?

  • Ambrose L.

    Id like a code because without one my smart phone doesn’t seems as exciting. I gotta use my galaxy s3 for something.

  • Kiettisak Angkanawin

    I want to play it for the among the first in Thailand

  • Erik Phinnessee

    I’m very interested in innovation and moving forward in todays social world and technogy and this, experience is definitely pushing forward. I want to be a part of it.

  • Israel Lai

    I want to dominate my city!

  • korockinout13

    I would like to get a head start for the resistance!

  • Micah Stevens

    So I can meet chicks!

  • andrew gonzales

    I want an ingress code to be part of history with this groundbreaking game!

  • Ismael J

    Ingress it’s an existing game. Well it’s more than a simple game, it’s a reality game which makes it awesome! And most important, it’s from Google. :-)

  • phillip mcgough

    let’s do this!

  • phillip

    Because this business model is almost exactly how faceboik got started and i am in the app business, i want to be a part of this history!

  • Steve Malech

    Wow – I made it through all the hoops to get an Ingress invite! I hope it works and really looking forward to playing – it right up my alley.

  • cody

    Because it seems very exciting and I’m a big fan of google

  • Thomas Romanelli

    I want a more engaging mobile game that will get me out of the house and give me a reason to explore more of the city I live in >:0 I’d REALLY like an invite!

  • Chris Seim

    I would like to try it out and help with input. I work a job where I cover a lot of ground on foot in the core of Spokane. I always have my Android phone with me. Game sounds really interesting

  • Ervin Esteban

    I want to help the shapers to enlighten mankind. Humans are destroying the earth because of their greed. Enlightenment needs to ensue!

  • Keven Gélinas

    I will be the first in my city to have it and try to take over every portal

  • Ric Dill

    Looking to get into the action.

  • Gustavo Alfaro

    Because its from google and I love the idea behind the game!

  • Andrew Coffman

    I travel to a variety of construction sites in the greater SF Bay Area, this allows for a more fluid game play experience for both my self and my future teammates and opponents.

  • Kevin Holkeboer

    To play the game

  • Chente Reyes

    So I can join either side depending on witch ones the under dog. ;-) and I’ll be able to fight in my area (AZ).

  • Ro Engebretson

    Huge Android Fan. Don’t have any console systems so I need more games for my Galaxy Nexus. This sounds like the best game ever. #PleaseInvite

  • DanielCampbell

    I would love a code to get in on the Action. I am in CA and plenty of people I know have gotten an invite. being left out sucks. Let me take on the battle and experience the full extent of Android for myself. Edit: I also forgot to mention that my job makes me travel A LOT so this would be so sweet to use when traveling. Thanks

  • Jamie Smith

    I would like an invite because this game looks amazing! Google never ceases to amaze me with bringing seemingly impossible ideas in to reality. The creativity and dedication that goes in to creating things like Ingress, or Google streetview, or many of the other google products is astronomical. I look forward to actually stepping in to this game.

  • Albert Westra

    I would like a code. I’ve never played an augment reality game and would like rto give it a try.

  • Frater Unipheas

    I would like one because I have been following Google since they first started. I beta tested their chromebooks. I am an AdWords consultant and have an account with just about everything Google does. I am also apart of a company that develops android applications.

  • kimberly mitchell

    I recently heard about this awesome game from a friend of mine. I’ve heard how great n fun this is, and I’m wanting to try it, join the resistance..go Google!!

  • Sheila C. Barber

    I need an invite because my daughter & I were just discussing this. Now I see a giveaway. Awesome!

  • Anthony

    I would like to have an invite code please.

  • Brian Morford

    Would love to take part and join the Resistance to protect the gateway to the west… Thank you for the opportunity.

  • David White

    Would love an invite … sounds really fun!!!

  • Jojo Grospe

    I’ve been waiting for quite some time for the activation code. I really want to play this game.

  • Yeison Galeano

    I just want a code because some of my friends have the game… :’(

  • Manoj Nair

    I’ve tried getting an invite through the official website and im still waiting for it to arrive… :(
    Would love to get an invite and play the game…

  • Marc Lanouette

    Would love an access code to try this cool game out. The puzzle keeps getting better.

  • Chulo Fernandez

    Game looks great and seems like a game my fiance can get into to.

  • Eric S. Vanderpool

    I would like an invite code because I want my business card to say “Mind Hacker” as my occupation. I’m serious. No really. I am. How rad would that be?!

  • Leon Mathew

    To help the data mining movement!

  • Angel Ybarra

    I don’t want an invite, I need an invite. The only other games I’ve wanted to play this bad have been Halo 2, 3, 4 and Diablo 3.

  • MissMoo

    After watching my friend play Ingress for the past few days, I’ve fallen in love with the game. I would be grateful for an invite code for this game. I love how this is a game that gets you out and about, and can help you discover new and fascinating places you might not have even known existed.

  • Isse Nur

    I want an invite because I been obsessed with street view before it became a game ;-)

  • Randall Klein

    The game looks like a much improved version of the iPhone game shadow city’s and ever sense I switched to android I haven’t had a good Geo based game

  • Chuan Hua

    I want a invitation because i support google

  • Muhammad Arshad Ghazi

    I would be pleased if you want me play the game by sending me the code. Thanks.

  • Derek Perry

    @a82654db2a2a17fac9f77e458a59f815:disqus I totally agree! From what I’ve read I should have an Ingress invite because it sounds RIDICULOUS and I would love to participate. Besides there are only a few members in Idaho. We need to get a headstart while we got the chance!

  • Mike Everett

    I want to see what #googleglass may look like

  • Sahaj Chawla

    I’d love an invite, and enlighten the inhabitants of the tiny island of Singapore!

  • Jdban

    I want an invite so my friends can play with me!

  • Robert Mabry

    I want an ingress code because….you have created a demand with the limited supply, simple economics, being on the demand end as I am, it would greatly satisfy my need to participate in the Ingress economy by supplying me with a code…or 6 :)

  • GrimAngelKuro

    The reason why I need an invite? To fight. The resistance is strong in my fair Orlando and the Enlightened are steadily becoming more and more outnumbered. I have a friend fighting out there on the front lines all by himself without anyone to cover his back. Once I’m in we can paint of path of radiance for our Enlightened brethren.

  • Andrei

    I want an invite because i think is a new type of game who worth trying

  • Chris Hutchinson

    I just wanna play.

  • Mikeofmany

    Need to begin the enlightenment of Arizona!

  • ইউক্যালিপ্টাস সীমানা

    Its going to be the first Augmented Reality game.. So by all mean i want it to change the world

  • Paul Sierra

    Because the world and our minds need defending from the oppressors that are the shapers! Viva la resistance! My town is being controlled by the enlightened.

  • skillett

    You need more females in the game…….please give me a code….enough said! :)

  • Chris

    Because my phone isn’t going to generate pedestrian data for Google on it’s own now, is it?! I kid, Ingress looks awesome.

  • Asbjørn Grandt

    If anything it looks like an interesting way to get some exercise :)

  • Mehrdad Mgh

    I’ve been bragging about my android phone to my iphone user friends for years and this activation code can be proof that i’m right. And beside I really want to see what the game is all about

  • Steve Davies

    The whole experience looks amazing and I can’t wait to get out there and get my son involved. I think he will enjoy it just as much as me, discovering new places and exploring. The interaction should be stimulating too, as well as providing some new bonding opportunities.

  • raphael reyes

    i want an invite because this is a game you can play while travelling

  • Simon Pitt

    I’m Google bonkers and want some G love! Give it to me baby, yeah! Oh and my input would be awesome from where I live in the UK!!

  • Steve Davies

    The whole experience looks amazing and I can’t wait to get out there and get my son involved. I think he will enjoy it just as much as me, discovering new places and exploring. The interaction should be stimulating too, as well as providing some new bonding opportunities.

  • ckgarside

    Because I am very interested to see what this game is about.

  • doomspork

    Im south of the US border and would love to see how the game is implemented in my city

  • Wenceslaus Dsilva

    i would like an invite because i want to be a part of something great

  • r00teniy

    I want it because a game made by google should be epic

  • Wesley Robinson

    I want an invite because I’d prefer to live in the future, not the past!

  • QwietStorm

    The game seems pretty interesting. I’d like to try it out.

  • julien roche

    I need an invite tous enhance the potentialités of the résistance…

  • Kristóf Bába

    I would want an invite because Im really interested about this game and I really want to try out!

  • Sanzhar Surshanov

    I want an invite to check out does it work in my city. I am from Almaty, Kazakhstan.

  • Reuben

    because i love everything google and i love games. and this is both.

  • Michael Jones

    So that I can play Ingress around boston!

  • LLothar

    Invite! Invite?! Invite? Invite :(

  • Dewald Noeth

    I will not allow the human mind to be high-jacked like this, the scum needs to be brought down HARD!!!

    Give me an invite so I can close the portals and F%^& them up!

  • Pyratic

    Always was interested in world domination .. never knew it’d get so real.

  • Quinta Das Abelhas

    Interesting concept

  • Russell Viola

    Viva la Resistance!! Munich is lousey with enlightened! The little drones MUST be put down. #ingressinvite #ingress

  • Gal Buki

    Have to try the next step in gaming technology.

  • magor

    Need to help resistance fight enlightened – they rule our country!

  • Markko Toppi

    Sesistance in Tallinn needs help

  • ycb04

    Would love to join in and see what is hiding in the world around me

  • Rob Mellor

    I’d love an invite as I’m a massive Google fan and have written a game which is android exclusive and in beta (although admittedly is lame compared to this) and would love get out and about playing ingress so I could help spread the word over here in Cheltenham.

  • Taka Tachi

    I would like an invite because i want everyone beside me will join me in the resistance to fight the enlightened who is hiding beside me as well

  • Joe Gagne

    Maine needs a resistance!

  • Keith Milner

    I wans an ingress invite so I can start to build a stronghold in my town

  • Tony David

    I want an invite because I’m awesome and Ingress is awesome too. This is a match made in heaven, you can’t deny it!

  • Petr Šanda

    It looks so interesting and new.

  • Tooty Mahooli

    I would like an invite because I live in London but never go outside, I need a regular excuse to go site seeing.. and to save the world!

  • Евгений Михеев

    It looks really interesting. I want to try this game.

  • Al Ho

    I would like to play Ingress because I am very active and travel a lot around cities

  • hasstef

    I’d like one.

  • Yuri Vashchenko

    Read about this game a lot. Want to try it myself

  • Jenny Averly

    I’d like an invite code so I can be the master of space, time, dimension, AND Ingress

  • William Chase

    I would like an invite because my brand new Verizon galaxy note two comes in the mail in a few days and I want to make all the Apple fan boys in my office twice as jealous by showing off #ingress !

  • ivana.pravcova

    I would like to play ingress because my boyfriend play it to, and i would like to play with him

  • Hans Bickhofe

    Ich versuchs mal auf diesem Wege! ;-)

  • thedudeabides

    it’s a fresh new way to bring peoole together and it just looks so dam cool. I’m also an excellent team player.

  • Ryan Doyle

    I love to travel and I love using Android!

  • shuja mikal

    I want it because it’s fun to be resistance. . . .

  • Filipe Seiça

    This will be the future of the games… And I want to be “there”… :-)

  • Ankush Jadhav

    The story created around the game is pretty amazing.. And the game itself seems to be awesome. Would make my day if i got the codes.

  • Micha Okkerman

    It’s amazing to get out and play a game, thats how games are supposed to be.

  • Julien Amelot

    Because people need to be enlightened!

  • stephane peeters

    i need to defend my little city in france !!

  • dizzo

    I would like an invite because someone stole my pic and got an invite instead -.-

  • Daniel Crombie

    I fear the minds of my town may fall victim to the shaper indoctrination, i want to join the fight..

  • Aniri Hime

    because my boyfriend asked for it, he wants to buy smartphone with android to play this, and we will go for a walk more then now, so it will be fun i think.

    • Tet Rox

      it’s realy funny )

  • psivius

    Must get a portal.

  • Goutham Kumaran

    i would like and invite because i want to be the first person to play this game in chennai and i like arg gaming :P

  • Ryan Stephens

    Because when it comes to Google even their farts smell good.. What can I say other than I am in love. They complete me. Take me to bed (this is code for the resistance) or loose me forever.

  • Danny B

    I want to welcome the shapers. They will help humanity rise above its sordid history and embrace the future.

  • Zune Gransbury

    it sounds great! :D

  • Herman Hamson

    I work around government buildings and many public spaces which would allow me to become a recognizable force through out the game.

  • Derek Firth

    I need to get out more and this looks like a good way to do it!

  • Twill

    I need an invite code. I need a code to take me away from this mundane chattering I hear in my mind. The questions are on a carousel; going round and round. I know there is more to life than this, I understand the importance of the resistance. We need to stay undercover, work in the shadows. I need an activation code to help save the world

  • Jeff Songster

    I deliver things… The perfect cover job…

  • Jeff Songster

    It is unimportant…

  • R0d3ricK

    because I think is an awesome idea of killing the time in an interesting way…

  • Charles Queen

    Real life has lost its luster and my digital ego yearns for exposure…

  • Jefferson Arese Vilar

    I dont want the code, I NEED the code and the #resistance needs me!

  • alisa

    Gives me a reason to leave the house!

  • Joe Diamond

    Because this game has me completely intrigued. I can’t wait to give it a try.

  • Sophie sdadasdad

    I would love an invite because I want to be one of the first in Amsterdam to find the portals!
    The Netherlands needs me to fight the englightment!

  • Rotem Akerman

    I would like an invite because Israel has many special places for portals, fucking holy land!!!

  • Roderick Shuman

    I want the codes for ingress because i made 4 emails just to see which one would get an invite first. This is a cool idea from google and i really want to be apart of the game

  • Arkadiusz Piasek

    Deep inside, you guys know you want to give the code to me. Don’t fight it ;)

  • Nilti

    I would like an invite because every single one of my friends has an iPhone.

    I must #enlighten them all and #resist the Apple fan kingdom!

  • Serena Mejías Vázquez

    To play with my boyfriend

  • Oren Merhav

    I am a hardcore fan of android and google and I basically worship their products.
    Also, as an android minority where I live, I need more reasons to convince iphone users why they’re incredibly stupid

  • this guy

    Because it’s something new from Google which means I must have it!

  • Francesco Carbonaro

    I’d like an invite well ’cause I won’t sit this one down. lol

  • Agus de G.

    I want an ingress invite, so i can enlighten Spain. Also because I have a friend playing and he wont shut up about this spectacular game haha.

  • Phil Crossley

    It looks like great fun, can’t wait to play it on my new S3 LTE.

  • Phil Crossley

    This doesn’t work!

  • Mayank Shekhar

    i want a ingress invite code because I’m in india and i don’t think many people here know about this cool new game, so basically i want to show off and piss off my iphone peers. I would also like the invite because i get bored a lot playing normal games on android and want something new.

  • Trevor Redhead

    I use Google for everything.

  • mark Perkins

    ive been trying to get an invite to this forever!!!

  • mark Perkins

    I have been trying to get an invite for this one since day one I really want to run it though its paces I have been a beta tester for 2 sucessfull augmented reality games on android and would love to really get into the fight

  • Tyalis

    Let me me an enlightened, extavaganca !

  • Stephen Harris

    I would like to win an invite because I’ve been trying everywhere to get one without luck! Hopefully this is it! :D

  • ProphetAeolus

    My wife has become #enlightened and wants to join me in my efforts. Between the two of us I’m positive we can secure our area before the #resistance is able to gain a foothold.

  • Porkhihat

    I need a real reason to go outside!

  • Guest

    I want an invite because i need this code! I really want to play ingress!!!

  • Nico Pihen

    I want an invite because i’m single and i must have fun with something ;)

  • [email protected]

    I wanna new way to play a game without my girlfriend knowing or giving me crap about it

  • Dustin Brewster

    Last night was a cool crisp evening in Calgary, Alberta. As i walked all I could think of was the light skiff of snow that had recently fallen and I couldn’t help but wonder what has been covered up? I could feel the #resistance around me energized with excitement that this crisp layer of frost may be hiding something from us #enlightened. I must find what they are hiding, and where! Soon this entire city will be blanketed in snow and the #resistance will show their strengths. We must #enlighten Calgary!

  • Marc

    The Enlightened presence is strong in the Philadelphia area. Join the resistance, save mankind!

  • Dmitry Shatohin

    Want invite nao.

  • James Roberts

    i would like an invite because of my amazing use of both digits on my dual hand setup

  • Brent Itmakesyoufly Prieur

    i need it!!!

  • Brent Itmakesyoufly Prieur

    i need it!

  • Rares Gaga

    Because i cannot sign up without an invite

  • Christina Gardner

    Because I’m an Android freak and I want to play!!!!!!!!! Oh, did I mention I’m a Ggogle fan girl and love Google :-P

  • Cesar Gutierrez

    I need an invite because i go on walks everyday and it will be fun to play with while im exercising.

  • Cory Moulder

    I want a code because I want to see if there’s that awkward moment when myself and another person find that we are both brought somewhere by ingress, and we’re on opposite factions…

  • Mark Pittam

    To take part in something that may change augmented gaming in a big wau

  • triggerhappier

    So i can play it of course!

  • Angelo

    Just had a bad day and wanted to think about something else…

  • Vishal

    Because I have more energy to add to the grid.

  • Giorgio

    I want to be first

  • Chuckie Canuckie

    I would like to enter a code into the app I downloaded. ;)

  • Karla

    I can’t let my husband go around #enlightened all alone!?!?

  • Jim

    Because I have too much free time and one more game, especially one that gets me outdoors is a good thing.

  • mike quinones

    I want an invite man! !

  • theshadow62

    to save the world!!

  • mike quinones

    And just to plain show off the cool game

  • Rob Collier

    Can’t wait to try this. #TheNextBigThing

  • juan diazfuentes

    It sounds like a great game and I could expand the leads here in Germany

  • Adrian Aguilera

    I would love to get a code because I’m from Colorado and there’s nothing fun to do over here. It would be also a project to participate in.

  • Dave

    I would like an invite because I travel the U.S. and I am eager to get started!

  • Shawn Paul Neckelmann

    I’m in south Houston and have yet to meet anyone that has heard of the game much less playing it. ID like to spread the word.

  • Paul_Werner

    I would love to play this because I’d be the first of my friends on it. I’d like to test it out and invite them. I know I’d add more points of interest in the WI area near Milwaukee and in the suburbs of Chicago. I’ve been following them since they started the website on G+ and have submitted my contact info for an invite but still have not gotten any. I’ve even made a G+ meme for it too. Please pick me

  • Joshua Haug

    I want an invite to fight off the enlightened scourge that plagues man kind.

  • CamSlam

    I want an invite because the resistance is weakening.

  • Perec Dekueller

    Wanna get an invite cuz I will be the first in my town who gets it )

  • Jacob D-Lish

    So I will have a fun way to put down the last few twinkies I have, get off my lazy butt and lose the weight gained from years of hostess twinkies!!

  • Demastafer del

    Shapers must come to Moscow!

  • Lauren Hathaway

    I’m not a big gamer but I love a good story, which this looks like it will be. I need something that intrigues me, gets me moving, and maybe I can get my husband to play too! That won’t take much arm twisting.

  • Anthony Maciel

    I’d love an invite

  • crazz

    i would like an invitation to play with all my friend in my engeneers school! let us fight !

  • William Peterson

    My son and I are looking to #enlighten those around us to join the resistance. Just seems like another good time & way to bond with my son.

  • Илья Смелянский

    Hi. I do want an ingress invite becouse:
    1) I love Google
    2) I love gaming
    3) I love walking
    It’s perfect game!

  • Carlos Freund

    A fellow student already got his invite. Game is awesome! Let me in!

  • Artyom Sakharov

    Cos every single day i checks four mail accounts and waiting for miracle invite intervention

  • MrSerbious

    An #ingress code for for me would be INVALUABLE in the small town of which I reside. The few people in my area that would play will with out question join the resistance. I however am looking only to #enlighten. That and I travel for work making my reach very far. Help me #enlighten my community

  • Oscar Ko

    because now I will have a cool reason to walk around and check out places I otherwise won’t go

  • Matt Ingrouille

    I’d like an invite as I live in a medium sized town with a few people I know wanting to play. I think this town would be perfect to setup portals and encourage team playing events.

  • Rashad Florence

    I’d like one to help join the fight of the Enlightened. Most of my town is run by the resistance so it’s time to fight back. Not to mention this is going to be the talked about app for many weeks to come. #ingress

  • Cassandra Rosaline

    BECAUSE I THINK INGRESS IS ONE RAD-TASTIC GAME. You even need to make up a word for how awesome it is. (PS. I know that its awesome because I played it once on my friend’s phone ;-])

  • Floyd Brinkley

    I need an invite so I can go out and get some fresh air.

  • Phillip

    I would like a code because none of my friends play this game they all have iphones ):

  • Jeffrey Tarman

    I’m already playing but if I win, I will give it away to someone that wants it

  • Morgan Preston

    VI have a keen interest in AR since I read Daniel Suarez ‘s book daemon

  • Luis Martinez

    I want one because I commute every single day and find this game interesting enough to help me with the boredom.

  • Andy

    Having Ingress will pretty much be the only way I stay with an Android phone and not switch to an iPhone

  • chronosk

    I want to play and feel the experience of this amazing game

  • makoto

    I want the invite to play this new game, i have great hopes that this includes my country and I want to see all the places to discover here!!

  • Michael Zulyniak

    I caught up on a tonne of work this week and intend on taking a few days off next week before the craziness picks up again, and I hope to make those days off a blast. Help me have a some sweet awesome fun. Thanks!

  • Chris Zelenak

    I want an invite cuz I work selling Verizon phones and tablets. Several employees have codes already. I feel left out lol

  • Vishnu Pradeep

    I want this activation code to invite my friend to the game. No one playing in my city. I am bored playing alone. I want my friend to join ingress.

  • Eu-Jin Ooi

    I love google and everything they do and want to be a part of it.

  • Tennouji Teradachou

    i live in a non american city, with lots of potential Portals, but relatively few potential players, yet. I shall make myself useful in estaflishing a forefront in our fight against the [REDACTED].

  • Bernardo G. da Silva

    I need invitations for Ingress to strengthen the resistance! Here in Brazil there are already several people following the “Ingress Brazil – Resistance” on Facebook and also on Google Plus “Ingress Brazil – Resistance.” Let’s make a difference!! The resistance needs help!

  • Nichole Roberts

    I live in the boonies and need something to save me from insanity!….Pwease…O-O

  • cfultz

    To delve into the REAL world and see it for what it truly is

  • Neal Gallagher

    I need something while waiting for jellybean on my s3. Should be getting the update sometime in 2014

  • Jonathan Chemla

    They might already be there. I feel french enlightnened in every streets, there should be a lot of portals out there. I should join the French Resistance. Sure want to fight back.

  • Spencer Thornock

    Because all your base are belong to #ingress

  • Julie Magal

    Because i want to have something to do when my bf forces me to go outside… and why not controling people’s mind

  • Lawls

    I would love to get my hands on a code! Been playing the invite dance all week now with no luck, and I find a lot of the things Google do exciting. I see a lot of potential for this to integrate into Project Glass in the future and its a brilliant way of crowd sourcing some great landmarks around the world!

  • Jean ba

    Coz it drives me crazy to see the app on my phone and not be able of playing !!!

  • Landon Call

    I want an Ingress invite because I want something my older brother doesn’t have. He got the free google laptop when they were handing those out for testers and he wants an ingress invite more than anything. And I would love nothing more than to be playing it before he gets to. Also it just looks like an amazing fun game I’ve always wished there were more like this.

  • mikeGsays

    I want an invite code because this looks amazing!

  • Doug Sprowls

    Ingress sounds awesome! I wanna try it!

  • Manas Karambelkar

    I want Ingress code because Copenhagen is heavily dominated by resistance..I would bring some enlightenment to this place!

  • JD

    Great interactive concept!!!

  • Kayla Branch

    This haiku will explain everything:

    Fools call themselves the
    “Enlightened”; I must Resist.
    Help me to enlist?

  • Usman Siddiqui

    need one please!!!

  • Keith Lessert

    I have the new Galaxy Note 2 and want to impress my Apple fanboy friends with Ingress and all of its awesomeness.

  • David Sigsworth

    I want an invite because it seems that this going to become a game with true global interaction, and I want to be part of it!

  • Omar Morales

    I deserve an ingress code because I work at tmobile store and every day I get to impress and excite Apple converted fans into buying Android. This would only add on to the already rising buzz over Android here in Austin, TX. :-) been a fan since the G1.

  • Kurt Glatt

    Need to defend my home!

  • mrzoom

    I would like an invite as it would be a great experience to test this game and help to improve it

  • Vlad A. Fuica

    i just wish to play the most captivant game i ever heard of on my life :)

  • Gahx

    I already walk everyday in my town throughout the whole year

  • Eduardo Castro P

    I have not Play game since 1985. This could be a good one to come back…

  • Kevin Jackson

    Because I just want to play!

  • Julian G

    I NEED an invite because I can’t stop thinking about the game! T_T

  • Matt Desilets

    I would like an invite to give to my brother so I have someone to hunt portals with! This is a game best played with company when you drive from portal to portal.

  • Weather Cat

    I need an invite because my cat said I needed one.

  • Daryl Beman

    I want to see what all the fuss is about

  • Jim Schnepp

    Who wouldn’t want an invite to an innovated game with unique game play. Cannot wait to get in on the fun.

  • PaulCarlton

    I want to be included!

  • Stephanie Schnepp

    I want one to give to my husband.

  • Tia Noel

    Because I’m a beta whore… if it comes in beta form. I want it! Plus it seems pretty wicked.

  • Triox

    I would like an invite because I just moves to San Diego 2 months ago. I’ve spent most of the time in my apartment and haven’t really had a reason to get out and check out the city. if I was playing Ingress, it would give me the reason to go see what this city has to offer.

  • cseslam

    i want to be involved in the game

  • Ben VB

    I’m interested in seeing how this works out.

  • Carson Kerr

    I just want to get out and see things I haven’t seen before.

  • Damian Kenny

    This is amazing. I’ve been thinking how good an idea this is for a while to the point where i thought having different avatars for people aswell. it would be ausome to lift your camera up and see a the person infrount of you all dressed in armor with a turret next to him.. any way good effort i’ll do my part up hear in yukon, canada.

  • Jason Fortune


  • Sam Montana

    Because I need to fight the Resistance. Zero enlightened in my city!

  • Andy smith

    I wont a code because this game sounds awesome I bought my samsung smart phone just for this game… please let me have a code thank u….. a smith

  • Joshua Norris

    Im a google head……Need I say more?

  • Chris Dewis

    Another Droidite from the other side of the world wanting to have a go

  • Trent Milam

    Because I am going on a trip next week and would like to experience the game during the trip

  • Gerardo Sanchez

    I believe I can make a difference in this game.

  • disqus_GxFUJxT2m3

    I would like an invite because I am a complete nerd and this game sounds amazing. Do I need a better reason than my obsessive dedication?

  • abaris

    Because im from rome, illuminati needs some stunning portal

  • Maxim Zinoviev


  • Patrick Cinderflame

    Heard a lot about the game, and I want to know more.

  • Cornelius Smith II

    Because I’ve got Tokyo, Japan covered. :)

  • Alex Jarvis

    I want an invite because I think this is a very cool concept for a game and is an interesting way by Google to capture walking data to improve maps.

  • Fernanda Millan

    I really love the new tecnologies, please choose me :D

  • Thein Lin Aung

    I would like to get one because it is Google’s and it is not like a usual game and it sounds fun!

  • Jamr

    I want to let all of my friends know how this reality is.

  • Daniel Perea Ström


  • Serin

    I’d like to get all spacial with my real-world-itude

  • Rul Ro

    Because I like a lot all that google do

  • zach barker

    I would Love an invite for about 20 square miles my friend is the only resistance member and desperately needs help. Help me help him! Thanks, Go RESISTANCE!

  • Yash Bhat

    Cause I’m a diehard Android fan and Ingress should be interesting.

  • ZakMckracken

    #Ingress sounds like a great way to encourage myself to exercise (walk/run) more. It also seems like a good way to meet some of the other “plussers” around here.

  • Tony Cerda

    I’d like one because I never get invited to anything.

  • Scott Berken

    Because I have no friends and I want to rule the world! Or I will start killing rabbits and other small varmin.

  • Stephen Harris

    I’ve been trying everywhere to get an Invite to #Ingress I hope this is it!! :D

  • Joshua Neeley

    The reason I would like a Ingress invite is I absolutely love conspiracy games. That concept mixed with augmented reality make it appeal to me even more. Plus I want to bring honor to all the enlightened out there.

  • Howie and Tawny


  • Nasko Hristov

    I want the code, because the world around me it is not what it seems.

  • Ron McFarland

    Sounds like a fun reason to get out of the house.

  • Michael Crone

    Please can I have an invite! I need to support the resistance in South Africa :).

  • JBK

    This is such an awesome game concept! and I can’t wait to get a piece of it!

  • Anthony

    To enjoy doing some exercise

  • David Gifford

    I am looking forward as a dedicated android and AR fan!

  • Daniel Allan

    The game sounds interesting.

  • Phil Bo

    I’m from Germany and you’ll need support and team members over here in Europe/Germany.
    Start your network all over the world. Starting in the centre of Europe. Germany wants to start and will join your site to fight for the right site!

  • Jordan Dunning

    I’ve been searching high and low for an invite code! #ingress

  • Michal Fligl

    Because it looks just amazing! By the way…it’s from Google, that’s meant to be awesome :)

  • Muralidhar Natarajan

    Just give me one

  • Ron

    It’ll give me a reason to get out of the house :D lol

  • Nathan Stanley

    I want a code so I can start to play. (Not so) brutally honest reason.

  • Mario Viviani

    I need to backup #enlightment forces in Italy. The battle outside is raging, we need people out there!

  • lol

    I’d like to get this inivte because [enter your wish here]…

  • Alexey Popodʹko

    To gain absolute pooooooooweeeeaaar

  • LordFanny

    Because we must take over the world with androids and because I’m a mighty pirate!

  • Jenny

    I have been following everything that is to do with Ingress since the day I found out about it. Studying abroad in Madrid, I have even searched the city for the best possible potential portals. I am excited to play this game and have been waiting patiently for an invite, just like everyone else. What makes me different from everyone else is that I plan on fighting the resistance and playing with the enlightened. It seems to be the most fun and interesting game on an android device that I have ever seen. I cannot wait to play. I am ready to move.

  • Shane Copen

    Because resistance is futile.

  • Florian

    I already got an invite for the game but I would like to get one for my girlfriend as well. She is really eager to play it with me. I like the game a lot and cant wait to play it with her!

  • Fabio Lima

    Because I have an Android phone, and now I can rule the world!!!

  • Niklas

    I would use my code to open new portals all over thailand, having a 1-month vacation there in december

  • Rookie75

    I need to be the Nexus

  • sergimartin

    cus i wanna play!!!!!

  • Juan Kilian

    I would like a invite cause i am a android fanati and like playing games on my S2

  • Kyle Armour

    I would love an invite because I’m a big fan of the location based game idea. It’s made by google so I know it’ll be awesome and I just can’t wait for me and my roomates to start controlling our whole town! GO #Enlightened!

  • RLAlchemist

    I would love an Ingress code because this game seems of offer a unique experience, unlike most of today’s games.

  • Gerald B.

    Because I’d be the first player in my city

  • Bashar Al-Ba’noon

    because i am from kuwait and i really want to know if we have a portal somewhere around

  • R0d3ricK

    I want to be aware about what’s around us and we don’t see with the naked eye, to be a part of the game ;)

  • Taher Assaid

    I want an Ingress Invite because I want to show off how superior Android is.

  • hip3rray

    I would like an invite because this game sounds really interesting and innovative. I really want to try it.

  • strahil

    I want an Ingress invite, because I need to change my life and I think this game could help me do that.

  • kyle peterson

    id like an invite to explore the world around me on two wheels

  • SliQ S

    I would like an invite because I have friends that already have activation codes in my area and are building a strong base for the Resistance. I want to strengthen the Resistance further.

  • sandyadam

    I want to be a part of something bigger. I think this is the beginning. ;-)

  • sean

    I really want Ingress because i want to fight for the all mighty power of the resistance and wipe the enlightenment off of the earth. But also it looks like a amazingly fun game to play and it would force me to exercise!

  • Georg Lagner

    Looks like a cool concept and I’d like to try it out and post me thoughts about it

  • Alex Brusegan

    Because I’d like the atmosphere of game and reality mixed together, I would use my code to open new portals In Venice, and expanding the game at my friends and also in other places in Italy. Thanks !

  • Josh

    From what I’ve seen this game is fascinating. I am itching to see how well Google does at producing a game. Also, interactions with the real world are lacking in the mobile industry which makes this more exciting.

  • yupanquid

    I would like an invite to check if it’s available in my city and if it’s as addictive as they say.

  • David

    I NEED an invite because I live in the best city in World – Kassel, Germany – which has far too few Ingress players…


  • JustGotRobbed

    I want an invite because I’m impatient and this game looks amazing.

  • Nick Clark

    Because my area only has one other player and without another player , well… need I say more.

  • Mel Gold

    I would love to be a part of the hottest, latest, innovative thing.

  • seb

    Me wanna plaaay XD

  • Socaltim

    Because the resistance is losing in my area and my friend is asking for help but I can’t help until I get a code. #resistance #ingress

  • Valera Trubachev

    It sounds like a really good way to explore the less-known areas around where you live or are visiting.

  • Hooman


  • boogie_monster

    I can’t #resisit not having ingress anymore!

  • Mike

    Wanna try it

  • godzillapimp

    I need a map to keep track of it all and be prepared for interdimensional rifts

  • Kaleid0s

    Because real life isn’t that entertaining anymore.

  • Rick Seefeldt

    It just looks awesome fun and addictive !!

  • Alex Perez

    I want an excuse to go outside again! :)

  • Joe Larose

    I would like an invite because this looks really cool and I’d like to show off to my iPhone friends.

  • Hansi

    because its intresting

  • mohammad

    I’m 14 and I’ve had android phones for the past three years, I’m really into them and now I’ve started developing. I’m really into going full Google, and I want to get closer to the android community. If I had this game I would be so happy and it would make my year to know that I hold a huge honour in smartphone gaming. .

  • Tom Lindert

    Most of my friends are playing and need help for our area!!

  • Wizardy

    Why not?!

  • Abdulaziz

    Because it is the kind of games that I would love to try

  • Pari Fogelquist

    I would love an invite due to my recent purchase of an android phone has made me a believer!

  • Martin Hajný

    Hi there, I would like an invite because I must #resist all the #enlightened

  • Topo

    Coz it’s a cool differentiator to apple a windows phanboyz

  • Bugthought

    I have the urge to discover portals in my area… And without a code, I can’t be neither enlightened or be resistance! *sob*

  • Rich – Tricks

    I’d love an invite to be the first in my area to experience this :)

  • Gustavo Moraes

    I want the invitation because i know that this game is amazing and i am a super fan of android. And i think that will be very funny

  • Romain

    Hi I’m from france ^^ can I have an invite please ? Thanks

  • Ed Jaegler

    I’m getting ready to head to Hawaii, I would love to help the resistance secure the island.

  • Aaron Szteinbaum

    Because google is only 3 letters away from God?

  • Jean-François Laporte

    I would like an invite because a white Rabbit told me it would win me a Red Pill.

  • Michal Porubsky

    please invite me, it compel to walk more :)

  • Mike Arnold

    I would like to receive an invite because its time to make a difference

  • Andrew Stoginski

    I’d really like an invite code so my friends and I can do more outside instead of being indoors all the time.

  • Ray Hendershot

    I hike, and bike alot but not much in the city, I would love an invite to be able to see my city in a new light :D

  • Ryan

    I want an invite so that I can expand my world

  • Mantas

    Want ingress invite code because I just want to try something new thats all

  • AgentJung

    I would like an invite so I can start exploring and interacting!

  • alban pinari

    I would like a code to control the mind of my habitants.

  • Kyle

    Viva la Resistance!

  • Jen Johnson

    I’d love to help Google take over the world, #Ingress will help achieve that goal. :-)

  • Dirani

    There are mysterious forces active in the world today, I would like to discover the secrets
    and master them.

  • Michael Nelson

    Ideas. Would be cool to add a virtual gun that you can use against opponents that are within a certain distance to temporally disable them.

  • Sia

    Because that trailer gave me the chills. I live in Minneapolis/St Paul, MN and the Resistance is taking over and the Enlightened need some back up and two of my co workers are enlightened and introduced me to it yesterday I think it looks amazing and because I don’t have Facebook :P

  • coolair

    please pick me.

  • Doug Arnberg

    Because AndroidHeadlines is COOL and Google is COOL, Ingress Sounds COOL, and I want to be COOL too!!

  • Elliott Street

    Because the planet must be saved from the Shapers!

  • Kurt Wurmser

    Because it sounds like a great game.

  • Uryldor

    I would like an invite for the France !

  • 邱柏榮

    I’m going to take over my hometown.

  • nmwhit06

    I need to protect our race from the Enlightened! We can’t lose!

  • EleiRah

    I want an invitation cause i want to create a squad in mi little town, anda improve the pover of the enlightened >:)

  • Rp White III

    Hook a brother up, been waiting for eva… :)

  • mtony75

    Besides just wanting some motivation to take 2 mile walks the game seems great. Wednesday I was actually decoding ciphers like from a 70s to 80s era cereal box. I don’t have a code and am already geeked out.

  • Wes Spruell

    Gimme gimme gimme gimme Google gimme…please

  • Stephanie S. Garza

    This looks like something amazing and I want a code so I can be a part of it.

  • John Moore

    I’m looking forward to being a part of Ingress’ innovative social gaming experience!

  • Matthew Townes

    cause its simply cool.

  • koridawn

    Because I am a nerd who gas been indoctrinated by the other nerds on Google plus.

  • Josh Barrett

    I would like an invite because I love Google products. A friend has Ingress and it looks amazing. I would love to be part of this amazing new game.

  • Matt Curry

    In want to bike around my town and play this game with my friends.

  • Jack Harmanian

    This looks like an amazing game. Would love the opportunity to play!

  • Nate Pointer

    I’d love to start playing because I live in a really small town in Indiana and getting into this as well as getting my friends invited could make our little town fun again.

  • Alexander Tsui

    I would like an invite code because I would like to see what the hype is all about in this “Ingress” thing.

  • Jacob Luna

    Mostly because the marketing for this game is brilliant. I’m also a big fan of the behind the veil type stuff. Augmented reality is spreading rapidly, I definitely want to participate.

  • Dustin Lu

    because it looks fricking awesome!

  • Steve Timms

    I would like an invite because I get tech envy when people have access to things that I can’t. Make me feel whole again…

  • Kira Kroger

    This is something fun and awesome that my husband are already doing together (with his code) I want my own so I can really help instead of just being the driver.

  • Eme Walker

    I would love an invite because Apple needs to be obliterated and the best way to do that is to outshine with Android awesomeness.

  • Oscar Azevedo

    Because i would like to make part of this awesome game

  • Elliot

    It’s life changing.

  • Michael Zulyniak

    An invite would be not only huge, but Niantic, and an Ingress-ible event. Fingers crossed. :-)

  • Eternity

    It’s going to be huge in the handheld gaming industry and I’d actually do what you’re supposed to do during beta tests: Give the devs feedback about issues and gameplay mechanics. :)

  • chris

    to play with my friends

  • David Pagan

    I would like an invite because my sister has the game, and is filling my ear with her amazing exploits and how she has taken over campus and on and on, etc. I would like to be able to play with her.
    Plus, it sounds like a really, really fun game.

    Plus, it’s alternate-reality. I mean, who doesn’t love that?

    Plus, it’s Google.

  • Joshua Ballenot

    I would like an invite because I am curious

  • Hendrik Meyer

    I World like an Invite to explore Ingress in Switzerland! Thanks.

  • Duccio Tassini

    I think this can gonna be one of the most beautiful game experienze

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  • Alexandru Constantin

    I would like an invitation because all of my friends told me about the game, and how cool it is. So i wanna play it too. Thank you

  • alexandruyzh18

    I would like an invitation because all of my friends told me about the
    game, and how cool it is. So i wanna play it too. Thank you

  • Tibi

    I would like to play this game with friends. Big fan of Android Games.

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