Featured: Top 10 Best Shooter Games for Android

November 20, 2012 - Written By Tom Dawson

As I’m sure a lot of you will know, this week marked yet another release of one of the biggest first-person shooter games in history. Call of Duty: Black Ops II has been unleashed unto the world and this weekend will mark the launch weekend of the multiplayer madness. I’ve got the game and I’m loving it but, like many of you, I might not be able to spend all time at home in front of the Xbox and so I need to make sure I keep my skills honed for when I can return. There’s no easy way of doing that of course, you can’t exactly strap your PS3 or Xbox to your back so, why not take a look at some of the best offerings Android has when it comes to shooter games? Read on to find out the best ways to keep your eyes sharp and your reflexes quick while on the go.

10. Frontline Commando

The first of a few entries from Glu Mobile is Frontline Commando and while it might feature the same sort of level progression that we’ve come accustomed to in other games, it’s got a good structure to it. More importantly though, if you practice your aim or just throw some bullets out there, Frontline Commando will see you right. It’s a free to play game and actually comes with a lot out of the box making it real easy to pick up and play whenever the hell you like. It’s a nice sort of blending of a third-person shooter and an old school arcade game like Time Crisis. Well worth a look!

9. N.O.V.A 3

It’s no secret that Halo 4 is now upon us for those of us of the Xbox persuasion and it’s been one of the biggest launches for the franchise since Halo 2 on the Original Xbox. That fully fledged game for the Xbox is an absolute masterpiece but what it you want to take a piece of that with you on the move? It’s not as hard as you think as once again Gameloft has filled the gap with their N.O.V.A series that’s been running for some time now. It’s got a lot of what you expect in Halo and comes with some stunning graphics but at the end of it, it’s still just a poor copy. The game plays well and there are some good moments to it but when it comes down to it, it reminds you too much of a Halo copy and that really cheapens the experience, if you ask me.

8. Contract Killer 2

Another entry from Glu Mobile here and this one is a sort of homage to the great Hitman, sort of. It plays a lot like Frontline Commando and relies on the same free-to-play model that game does. These aren’t neccesarily bad points but the game does feel quite similar. There’s a little more tactics involved here as you have to figure out just how to take out your target, which normally ends up with you just taking him out first. There’s some weapon customisation involved here and again, this is a good way to improve aim and your reflexes but, don’t expect too much from the game.

7. Shadowgun

The game that has taken Android gaming to new heights is still alive and kicking but it has seen better days. That’s not to say that the game doesn’t still look good as it still looks as good as it ever did but, it’s at that point now that everyone who wants to play it, has played it. However, if you’ve yet to get around to it then this is a great game to go out and download. There’s some good graphics involved, a cheesy storyline and some pretty cool boss battles. It’s a third-person shooter and you should expect gameplay to be something like that of Gears of War, just don’t expect anything that amazing. There’s a lot to love about the game and if you haven’t played it before, then now is your chance to do it.

6. Max Payne Mobile

It’s been some time now since Max Payne 3 hit consoles but, the original and in some cases, best, Max Payne has finally made its way to Android. After some delays from Rockstar it’s finally here and it’s ripe and ready to be reloaded and fired up once again. The game features controls similar to that of the GTA III transfer on Android and while they take some time to get used to, once you do, you’ll be flying through the air, spraying bullets everywhere. If you missed the boat when the first game came out then now is the perfect opportunity to pick it up second time around!

5. Mass Effect: Infiltrator

This one right here is a doozy and if you’re a fan of the brilliant Mass Effect series then you have to pick this game up right away. It came out not long after the game hit consoles and the PC but now, you can take a little slice of it with you wherever you go. I’m not quite sure whether or not this will appeal to those that haven’t played any of the games in the series but, it does have some brilliant gameplay and plays a lot like it would on consoles. If you’ve been a huge fan of the series for some time now, this is a great game to pick up and perhaps one to recommend to your friends to get them involved in Mass Effect!

4. Shadowgun: Deadzone

When it comes to down shooters one of the things we want to do most with them, is play against other people and see how good we really are. It’s easy enough to get down waves and waves of AI but the human mind can really change the way a game plays. This is something that makes multiplayer games infinitely replayable as no two matches are quite alike. Madfinger games have done it again, and bought us something truly fantastic in the gaming world. Deadzone is the first time that you’ll be able to play against other human beings in real time, making multiplayer alive and well on Android. It’s recently gotten an update to take it out of beta and bring it with it voice chat so, have fun with that and, keep it clean!

3. Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

For a long time now, fans of the series have been wondering when they can get their hands on the brilliant Zombies game mode that they’ve been enjoying for a few years now on the Treyarch side of the Call of Duty river. Glu Mobile have come to answer these prayers and release Black Ops Zombies early on in the year but at the time it was exclusive for Sony devices, something I couldn’t quite understand but, nevertheless it’s now available for all and if we’re honest, it’s a little disappointing. It’s great for those that have spent hours and hours on the first Black Ops’ zombie mode but it’s nowhere near as good as it could have been and when it comes down to it, we’d have liked a lot more polish and a graphical bump wouldn’t hurt. For those that love Call of Duty Zombies though, this is a good offering!

2. Dead Trigger

There’s no denying that Dead Trigger has been successful and not only because of it’s brilliant looking graphics but because it’s so much fun to play! There’s nothing quite blowing the head off of a Zombie with the huge array of weapons available to you in Dead Trigger. For me, I think that Madfinger has gotten the free-to-play just right with this game and it encourages people to play everyday as well as put money into it. Also, let’s not forget the awesome update that game for the Olympic games, we’re hoping that there is an appropriate Zombie-fied Christmas ready and waiting for us soon. The controls take some getting used to and at times it can get quite difficult, quite quickly however, it’s a whole lot of fun and if you haven’t played it before than you need to play this, NOW.

1. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation


As much as we all enjoy shooting the hell out of things, one after the other it’s always nice to have a little story or a little progression in there, even if it is cheesy as hell. Gameloft have been bringing us the Modern Combat series for almost as long as there’s been Modern Warfare on the consoles but, with their latest and greatest they upped the bar. There are stunning graphics, fun gameplay and a challenging atmosphere for players to break their way through. There have been some niggles with the game but they appear to be all worked out now and it’s the best offering for someone who wants to take Call of Duty on the go with them. It might not be completely perfect but, it’s the best game on offer here and if you’re late to the party it’s still very much worth taking a look at.