Did you Pick up a New Nexus 4, 7 or 10? Don’t Forget your free Music, Movies, TV Shows and Magazines

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Remember back on June 27th, 2012, when Google introduced us to the Nexus 7? Not only did they introduce us to a 7-inch, quad-core, Android 4.1 (now 4.2) tablet for just $199 and $249 for the 8GB and 16GB (now 16GB and 32GB models) that was built by ASUS, but they also informed us that we would be getting Transformers: Dark of the Moon for free from Google Play, in addition to a $25 Google Play credit. So basically you’re getting the device for $174 and $224. It was a “mind = blown” moments back at Google I/O. Now the Google Play Credit did expire back in September. But Google was awesome enough to give us more free stuff with the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10.

Although this is only available in the US and other countries that actually have access to Google Play Music, Movies, TV Shows, and Magazines. If you live in a country that doesn’t have some of these services, you may not be able to get all the free stuff we are about to name.

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Now onto the free stuff from Google. These do vary per device. We’ve seen reports of Transformers: Dark of the Moon being on the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 10 having Ice Age. Planet Earth is available for the Nexus 4 only, and you also get a 2-hour series premier of Falling Skies. It appears Falling Skies is on both the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7. You also have some Music and Magazines waiting in Google Play for you to find them. So go find them!

You can also pin these movies and TV shows onto your device(s) if you want to watch it somewhere that has no data connection, or you’re not on an unlimited data plan. For instance, pinning Transformers 3 will take up 2.7GB of space alone. Good thing for streaming right? Have you ever heard of iPhone users getting free stuff like this from Apple? Didn’t think so.

If you find anything that’s available for free from Google Play for these devices let us know in the comments below. Please add what device you’re on as well to help us out.

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  • Jjrn1248

    Just got a nexus 7 and it came with ice age, and blue planet. Also has bunch of music and 3 magazines and I think 4 books all preloaded in the tablet and it allows to move them to the device for offline viewing. I didn’t know about it until I read your article thanks for the heads up.

  • KyoKeun

    I like that Google is giving us some free stuff, but I’m still very pissed about the fact that they can’t sell devices properly using Google play…

  • samee

    I bought a nexus 10 a while ago from staples from USA but shipped it to another country here in Bangladesh. How do I get the free stuff plz help