Featured: Wish Lists Rolling Out in the Play Store Right Now

October 17, 2012 - Written By Alexander Maxham

We’ve asked and asked Google to give us Wish Lists in the Play Store. And now we have them. When the Play Store was updated, the folks at Android Police tore down the apk and found that codes for Wish lists were there, but they weren’t activated yet. It looks like Google has just turned them on for us.

It’s pretty simple to use. Simply find something in the Play Store you want, and tap the bookmark icon. That adds the item to your wishlist. But it doesn’t look like you can send that wishlist to anyone as of yet. But the best part of these wish lists? They aren’t just limited to apps. You can add music, movies, TV shows, books, and everything else in the Play Store. Who’s seeing the Wishlist feature in their Play Store app? I don’t see it yet on my Galaxy Nexus.

Pretty cool little feature added to the Play Store right? Well who knows what we’ll see in a couple weeks from New York City. Any thoughts on future features for the Play Store?

Source: Android Police, Android Central