Featured: Pictures of Perhaps the Next Nexus Device, LG E960, Surface

October 8, 2012 - Written By Alexander Maxham


The guys over at Android Central got some nice pictures (below) hitting their inbox tonight. It appears to be a device that resembles the LG Optimus G build, but we don’t have any confirmation on that. And it appears to be running stock Android.

So let’s see what we’ve got here. According to the about screen we’ve got Android 4.1.2. Now the model number says “Full Jellybean on Mako”, not sure if that’s the full codename of the phone or if it’s just Mako on Jelly Bean. It’s also running Linux kernel 3.4.0.

Ok, so now we do we believe this is the LG E960? Well just last week the LG E960 took a visit to the FCC, and we were able to tell that the LG device at the FCC was not the Optimus G because the Optimus G has LTE and this device is just HSPA+. Also if you look at the pictures in this article, it looks very similar to the LG Optimus G that was just recently announced. And so far all rumors are pointing to an LG Optimus G-based Nexus coming from the South Korean manufacturer.

So could this be the next Nexus? The LG Optimus Nexus? We have no idea, but it’s always fun to speculate isn’t it? Feel free to discuss in the comments below your thoughts on this device and if it’ll be the next Nexus.

Source: Android Central, XDA