Featured: Motorola to Get Consideration for Nexus Device; Do They Deserve It?

October 3, 2012 - Written By Christina Gardner

The reading world has started to get a bit more exciting for Android lovers! Talk of the next Nexus device have started to fly. Along with who is going to be the “flagship” are prevalent, and let me just say it makes reading rumors all the more fun! The latest rumor is that Motorola has a shot at being a manufacturer of the Nexus, but even though they are Google’s partners they won’t be receiving any “special treatment.” I will be one of the many who agree that they definitely don’t deserve a shot.  The fact they have cut off so many devices from updates already is shameful. Not to mention their “timelines” for updates are horrendous!

Now,  let it be known that Motorola hasn’t been involved in the official rumors of being an “potential” Nexus device manufacturer.  However, it doesn’t leave them out of the running. The senior vice president Rick Osterloh of Motorola’s Product Management stated:

“they will absolutely be considered the next time Google delivers its Nexus phone.”

Hmmm, now I might be a little more convinced if there was something released by Google, but then again Motorola is Google’s partners now, so he may hold truth to this. Osterloh also made sure to state that just because they are being considered doesn’t mean they will receive any “special treatment”. Even though Motorola is partnered with Google the Google and Motorola teams are still “separate.”  This enables them to be an “independent company.” It would seem that they would agree that this a good move on both parts.

They are speculating that Motorola has a “good” chance or “honor” to be in the next Nexus lineup. Yet they are not in any of the rumors this year? Do you think Motorola deserves such an honor to be a Nexus device holder? Discuss….


Sources: Droid Life