Featured: LG Nexus or Not, Take a Closer Look at These New Leaks

October 11, 2012 - Written By Tom Dawson

There’s so much happening right now when it comes to rumors of this year’s upcoming Nexus that it’s a little hard to keep track of. There’s not a whole lot we know right now and whilst we’ve heard a lot from differing leaks there’s not a lot we can call out as being fact. For instance, the idea of 4.2 becoming Jelly Bean is something that I didn’t think we’d see under Matias’ reign when it comes to branding but, it’s no secret that Google are going to have to do something about so many changes lest the media bring out the “fragmentation” banner once again.

Whether or not the leaked phone that came out of a Balrusian forum is in fact a Nexus or not is something we won’t find out for a few weeks but, it’s now been giving a full hands-on treatment with some quality press shots. Video would have been really nice but, considering it’s taken so long to get hold of some quality photos I doubt the video would help all that much. In the images – inserted in a gallery for your convenience – the phone is compared to an iPhone 5 as well as taken from every different angle in high resolution. There’s no new info on just exactly what features are part of the “full Jelly Bean” build on it but it certainly does look similar to a Galaxy Nexus in these photos.