Featured: Leaked Documents Reveal Samsung Note II Coming October 24th for T-Mobile

October 22, 2012 - Written By Christina Gardner


It has been confirmed within the last few weeks that T-Mobile will be getting the Samsung Galaxy Note II. For those who don’t know the Note II is the successor to the Samsung Galaxy Note, but better. It is the new generation “phablet.” Phablets are becoming increasingly popular. It was spotted recently in some leaked documents that the Galaxy Note II could be arrive as early as October 24! That isn’t too far away!

So far details are suggesting that the Note II will be priced at $299.00 for those with “new” contract plans, but for those who choose a “Classic or Legacy” plan will have a price set at $399.00. However, pricing still remains at bay and could be subject to changes.

Another important detail noticed is that the T-Mobile online site is only sporting the 16GB device version. It will also be available in two different colors, white and gray. Samsung is expecting the Galaxy Note II to sell like “hotcakes.”

Apparently, the Note II will consist of features not available on the SIII, which may start to raise eyebrows as to something newer and better. Just to touch on some specs of the device again, the Samsung Galaxy Note II will contain:

  • Quad-core Samsung Exynos processor
  • LTE
  • RGB Matrix display

This device is definitely causing heads to turn! Will this be a device that will be popular? I’m thinking it just might be. With more news confirming the LG Nexus 4, I think many disappointed Nexus lovers may shift gears to the Galaxy Note II for refugee. What are the thoughts of community?


Source: Android Authority / Phone Arena